Talk of Impeachment; Resignations at the Board of Ed; Silent Sam; DMV Lines; Tax Cap Crap; Poll Protectors Needed; Town Hall; #NixAllSix
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Lawsuits Over Constitutional Amendments Still Pending

And Dallas Woodhouse insinuates impeachment of Justices
who would consider striking amendments from the ballot.

It looks like the printing of absentee ballots will be delayed by several weeks at least, pending the outcome of two lawsuits challenging the NCGOP's misleading descriptions of the amendments for the ballot, and the general idea that a legislature that was elected through unconstitutional means should have the ability to dictate what changes are made to our state constitution. 

In a historic gathering of all five living former governors, we heard each of them make personal statements regarding their opposition to amendments which strip even more power from the Executive Branch. We have several favorites, inc. this one from Gov. Jim Martin (R): 

“This Republican majority today has not only tried to seize executive authority from a Democrat, but just a few years ago they were doing the same to a Republican. It would be a mistake to say this is a partisan fight — it’s legislators versus governors.”

And in the same week that the state legislature in West Virginia impeached its Supreme Court, the Executive Director of the NCGOP makes a statement that shocks many, saying that “Should democrats on the Supreme Court block the people’s right to vote, we will have a constitutional crisis.” He then went on to remind the attendees at the NC Free Enterprise breakfast panel last Friday of how many votes were required to impeach judges. The Republican supermajority has enough by far.

Resignations at the State Board of Education

Not only have former Republican governors stood together with Democrats to oppose the latest power grab by the NCGOP, but 3 Republican appointed State Board of Education members have recently resigned prior to their term ending so that Gov. Cooper can appoint their replacements before the constitutional amendment taking that power away from him is voted on.

Thank you to these patriotic Americans taking a stand against a tyrannical abuse of power by our GOP leaders.


Silent Sam Comes Crashing Down

Last night we got reports of several hundred people protesting again at the foot of Silent Sam, the confederate statue erected in 1913 (50 some years after the end of the Civil War) on the UNC Chapel Hill campus. 

This was not the first protest against Silent Sam, but hopefully it will be the last, as the crowd took direct action in the face of inaction by elected leaders and brought him to the ground. However, until the cause of the antipathy, systemic racism, is addressed and resolved there will still be unfinished business to address. 

From Karen Cox, a professor of history at UNC-C: “This generation of Southerners, of students, is saying something different,” she said. “They’re saying, ‘This does not represent us.’ ”

We felt this reflection from a friend says it best: 

"NC state law prevents removal of Confederate statues. There was no viable "legal" method to have the statue removed via petition or similar. Chapel Hill did not want the statue there, but the All White supermajority that rules NC would not allow for a legal way to remove it. So, it was going to be taken down by the people sooner or later.

Note for people who are about to write, "but violence is not the answer" or similar: DON'T.

A statue is not a human being. There is no equivalence between violence against actual people and a piece of metal. You may disagree with the way the statue was taken down, but it is NOT equivalent with "horse-whipping a n**** wench until her skirt hung in shreds" like Julian Carr bragged of doing in his speech at the dedication of Silent Sam in 1913. (See the speech here)

** It was not really a Confederate statue - it was a monument to white supremacy erected about 40 years AFTER the end of the Civil War."

There's No Excuse For These DMV Lines

Not only is a RealID a bad idea, but so is a #VoterID that hasn’t been defined yet.

We have a challenge for you: Ask your friends to ask their GOP legislator to provide a list of the free, acceptable Photo/VoterIDs they will implement after the November vote and we’ll bet he or she won’t answer.

But they will ask you to vote for it anyway. 

"The DMV might not be the most sexy issue for politicians, but it’s a critical one. Having a valid driver’s license is a necessity for most of us. And with state leaders seeking to reinstate a voter ID requirement, folks who don’t drive could soon be joining the long lines. Regardless of whether you support voter ID, making people stand in line all day in order to vote will ultimately disenfranchise some people."


Want To Hurt NC Public Schools? Cut The Income Tax Cap

Here's a great opinion piece from Duke student Leah Abrams on why the constitutional amendment to cut the maximum allowable income tax rate will hurt public education. 

We would add that in addition to negatively impacting our state’s ability to react to education needs, this income tax cap will force local and county taxes to rise, affecting our sales and property tax rates, and hurting the middle class and lower income populations the most.



Sign Up to be a Poll Protector!

From our friends at DemocracyNC:

Election Day (November 6) is coming up fast, and Democracy North Carolina is getting ready to help voters cast their ballots (and make sure those votes count). We need YOU to make it happen!

Sign up now to be a 2018 Nonpartisan Vote Protector (poll monitor) on Election Day.

As a Vote Protector, you’ll be on the front lines of democracy, helping to prevent disenfranchisement at the polls and making sure that eligible voters can make their voices heard. You’ll monitor a key precinct, connect voters with questions to our Election Protection hotline, and document any problems.

Vote Protectors have helped hundreds of voters, saved votes, and provided important evidence in overturning discriminatory voting restrictions in North Carolina. It is one of the most important things you could do to help voters this November.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to be a Vote Protector today!

Town Hall on Constitutional Amendments Has a Packed House

Rep Cynthia Ball (NC49) and Rep Joe John (NC40) hosted a Town Hall on the constitutional amendments on August 14th in Raleigh to a full house. Panelists included former Supreme Ct Justice Bob Orr, Common Cause Director Bob Phillips, and attorney and voting rights advisor Aylett Colston. 

StrongerNC member and new NC transplant, Michelle Guy wrote up her reflections of the event here. 

It was so successful Rep. Ball is hosting another in September, so stay tuned!

#NixAllSix Amendments Campaign 

Stronger NC's mission has always been to make civic engagement easier through voter education. We want you to know what's happening and how it affects you - informed and active citizens are the bedrock of our democracy. With six North Carolina Constitutional Amendments on the ballot in November 2018, we are redoubling our efforts to reach our fellow citizens and need your help. 

We want people to know what they're being asked to vote for or against. And in this case, we are very much against the blank check amendments our legislators are asking us to sign. As former Governor Martin stated, “It’s not about partisan politics - it’s about power politics and it must be stopped.” 

Democracy means we're in this together, so we're asking for your help with our #NixAllSix campaign, with a roll-out planned before Sept. 1st. We're developing a dedicated website, shareable resources, ads and other materials to educate voters about these ill-defined amendments. But we need your help. 

Join the cause and contribute here!

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