Top Ten Issues - Week 8: Asks for LGBTQ Rights; Moms Demand Advocacy Day; Teachers' March; Notable News
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Our Top Ten Action List: Issue #8

LGBTQ Respect and Rights

In a week that saw Chicago elect its first openly gay mayor, yet heard Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) oppose transgender equality by saying that it could allow Donald Trump to declare himself “the first female president”, it is clear that with every step forward many in our country seem to determined to anchor themselves in the past. 

The North Carolina legislature is not known for its progressive attitude towards the LGTBQ community. “Crimes Against Nature” is still a statute in our laws. Other ways in which our state does not respect members of the LGBTQ community: 

  • North Carolina’s Domestic Violence laws do not offer equal protections to same sex partners. We are the only state that considers the sexual orientation of a victim when they seek a protective order against an abusive partner.
  • The case of Kanautica Zayre-Brown. For two years Kanautica Zayre-Brown, a trans woman, has been trying to persuade the state to move her from a men’s correctional facility to a facility that houses women.
  • The North Carolina State Employee Healthcare plan will no longer pay for hormonal treatments and surgeries for trans people.
  • PReP, pre-exposure prophylaxis, is an HIV prevention medication that when taken daily lowers the chances of becoming infected with HIV. PReP is covered by most health insurance plans but not available for people in North Carolina who are uninsured.
North Carolina should not be known as the state to boycott for its treatment of the LGTBQ community. With the introduction of bills that support and protect all of our neighbors we have the opportunity to change our reputation, to hold ourselves to higher principles, and to treat everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, with equality. We ask the NCGA to fully repeal HB2, to give equal access and protection to all citizens of our state, to provide the same protections to victims of domestic violence regardless of sexual orientation, and to provide funding for PReP to public clinics. 

Read our full post here on the new bills that have been filed by House and Senate Democrats which offer multiple protections and the necessary steps forward to protecting the rights of all residents, regardless of sexual orientation.

Brush up on "How to be an Ally in NC" here. After all, we could have our first openly gay President soon, so NC needs to keep up! 

Read more here about our Top Ten Action Plan on issues facing NC, and follow us on Facebook for more news and stories relating to our Legislative Action Plan.

Moms Demand Action NC Advocacy Day at the NCGA - TOMORROW

Photo Cred: Moms Demand Action NC

There is something for everyone to do tomorrow to support common sense gun reform in NC. Kick off will be from 9am - 10:30 at the Church of the Good Shepard, 125 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, with guest speakers and legislative training, then on to the General Assembly to meet with representatives, followed by sitting in the gallery for the legislative session at 2pm. 

Facebook Event Link

Agenda for the Day 

If you can not attend in person, please make phone calls to your representatives, share this post on social media, and/or have a conversation with someone you wouldn't normally about the need for common sense gun reform. Thank you!


Save the Date: May 1 for the 2nd Annual Teacher's March on Raleigh

Plans are underway for a second annual Teacher's March on Raleigh, for all NC public school teachers, staff and supporters. 

You can check out all of the details, including which school districts have already closed, which counties have teachers participating, and how to get your Red4Ed tee shirts HERE!

If you are able to volunteer for the May 1 Day of Action, please sign up here!

Notable News

Gerrymandering is not just about Congressional and State Legislative districts. It happens at the local level too. "A bill introduced Thursday by Forsyth County Republican legislators would force three black Democratic women on the Winston-Salem City Council into one district." 

"It’s been a sleepy session so far, and people who are drawn to political theatrics have turned their attention to North Carolina’s many non-legislative scandals."  Yet "as of April 5, a total of 1,298 bills had been filed." That doesn't sound too sleepy to us, although only a tiny percentage of those bills actually get a vote or even pass, especially now with Governor Cooper's veto looming large.

Why we need public campaign financing for NC elections - and why conservatives think it's better to open up the floodgates and remove donor limits for individuals.  To us that just sounds like a very bad, terrible, horrific idea. Why would we want to increase electoral inequities even more? 

On race, privilege, and responsibility, by Kyle Corver of the Utah Jazz
Thank you for your continued support and engagement! Watch this space next week for a discussion on Environmental Justice in NC, our 9th issue in our Top Ten Action Plan. 
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