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Breaking: Federal Investigators from DOJ, ICE and DHS Subpoena NC State and County Boards of Elections for Millions of Voter Records and Actual Ballots 

Someone REALLY wants to intimidate voters in NC. Why? Because we are a growing swing state with the potential to change the balance of power in DC. If our votes weren't so important to them would they really be doing this 63 days before mid-terms?

"Federal investigators connected to the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security have subpoenaed massive troves of voter data, including executed ballots, from 44 North Carolina counties and the State Board of Elections."

The sheer volume of data requested over an 8 year period is astounding, and will place enormous burdens on the state and local county boards of elections which are already straining to get ballots prepped and printed after weeks of court enforced delays.

Melissa Boughton of NC Policy Watch boils down the significance of this request. If the DOJ and ICE get all of the records requested, they could trace 2.268,167 ballots back to North Carolina voters to see how they actually voted. One of our most protected and private choices would now be in the hands of the federal government. What they plan to do with this information is anyone's guess. 

Partial statement from the Southern Coalition of Social Justice
“The timing and scope of these subpoenas from ICE raise very troubling questions about the necessity and wisdom of federal interference with the pending statewide elections,” Interim Executive Director Kareem Crayton said in the statement. “With so many well-established threats to our election process from abroad, it is odd to see federal resources directed to this particular concern."

There will be an emergency meeting at the NC State Board of Elections this Friday, Sept. 7th at 10am. The public is encouraged to listen in at this number: 415-655-0052; Access Code: 351-906-266.

More on this from Brian Murphy at McClatchyDC and Ari Berman at Mother Jones.

Courts Make Final Rulings on Ballot Issues

US Congressional Voting Districts

Two major rulings came down just yesterday which have paved the way for ballots to be finalized and printed in time for the November 6 election. 

Unfortunately, even though a federal three judge panel ruled last week that 12 of our 13 US Congressional districts are unconstitutional due to partisan gerrymandering, the plaintiffs agreed that there just wasn't enough time to re-draw the maps, determine whether to hold new primaries or none at all, and try to hold elections for our US Congress representatives this year. 

So once again, for the fourth election this decade, North Carolinians will be voting in districts that have been designed specifically to muffle the free speech and equal rights of Democrats. 

We will now wait to see when SCOTUS decides to review the lower courts decision and hopefully make a determination that partisan gerrymandering is in fact unconstitutional. If, as expected, an appointment of Kavanaugh before that ruling means that unfair mapmaking will live to see another election, there is some hope that we can continue to fight against this issue using the protections of our own state constitution, which also has free speech and equal rights provisions. 

As long as we can maintain an independent judiciary which is able to interpret our constitution with the best interests of North Carolinians in mind, we may be able to take this issue out of the federal courts and into the state ones. That is just one reason why the race for a Supreme Ct Justice on the ballot this Nov. is extremely important. 

Governor Cooper Loses Final Battle on Constitutional Amendments

While the first round regarding two controversial amendments was struck down by the court for being misleading to the voters, legislators successfully re-wrote the amendments and the court has agreed that they may appear on the ballot as written, even though N.C. Solicitor General Matt Sawchack said at the trial that the elections board still believes the ballot questions could mislead voters.

Governor Cooper did have a win in an unrelated but relevant case last week though. In a lawsuit stemming from the Dec. 2016 power grab by the legislature just after he was elected, Gov. Cooper claimed that legislators had overstepped their authority in appointing members to several boards rather than allowing executive appointments.

The court agreed, saying “The separation of powers clause plainly and clearly does not allow the General Assembly to take this much control over the execution of the laws from the Governor and lodge it within itself,” the Supreme Court ruled."

This ruling is exactly the reason that the legislature has chosen to try and change the constitution regarding appointment powers instead of staying firmly in their own branch. Voters should be aware that these amendments are simply a way to circumvent the courts. Read on below to see how you can help share this important information! is Here!

StrongerNC wants to provide you with new tools to help share critical information voters need to know before they vote on the six constitutional amendments. gives you an opportunity to learn more about each amendment and share it with others, and also provides resources like printable flyers, postcards and social media graphics. 

Share the link on social media comment threads and with your friends who want to know more. You can also use the flyers and postcards to distribute across the community or within your precinct or other groups to which you may belong. 

Notable Mentions This Week

Barack Obama's and George Bush's eulogies to John McCain; via The Atlantic

Citizens of Goodwill, You Must Help Save America in These Midterm Elections; via The Daily Beast

NC Governors Will Still Fight Two Amendments; via N&O

Do You Have Events to Share With Us?

We are updating our web calendar with events for the fall and want to hear from you! 

If you are NOT a political party elected officer, candidate or campaign staffer, please e-mail us any publicly listed events with the relevant links and information and we will publish them on our site providing they promote progressive issues and/or provide opportunities to meet candidates who advocate for them.

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