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Early Voting Turnout is Trending Like It's 2016


But younger voters are holding out still...only 11% of all votes received so far are from those 37 years and younger, with the mean age being 60. Want to make a difference? Ask a young person if they are registered and planning to vote! They can still register and vote at the same time at early voting sites through November 3rd at 1pm, (bring proof of residency and ID if registering to vote).
Vote By Mail (Absentee Voting):
  • No excuse needed! Any registered North Carolina voter may request an absentee ballot by mail before Oct. 30th.
  • College Students may register and vote where they attend college if they plan on staying there indefinitely. OR they may register and vote in their home district by requesting an absentee ballot. 
  • When you receive your ballot, complete it fully, and sign the sealed envelope along with two witness signatures, and mail it back right away, before election day! By far the easiest and most efficient way to vote. 
Your polling place may have changed!
Handy Non-Partisan Voter Guides: 

All of this information and more is available in our post: NC Voter Resource Guide.

About Those Amendments...

By Aylett Colston, corporate attorney, voting rights advocate and advisor to StrongerNC:

I was asked to give a talk about the Amendments –
and I was told to keep it under 5 minutes.

So I’m not going use fancy words to explain –
This is a time when we need to speak plain.

On our ballots this year there will be 6 amendments,
They’re a legislative power grab with a vengeance.

On the six Amendments I say, “no way” –
‘Cause none of them actually mean what they say.

Some seek to merely create confusion.
Any rights they claim to give is just an illusion.

Like the “right to fish and hunt” –
That amendment is just a stunt.
There’s no threat to hunting & fishing as of this date,
It just gives legislators more to legislate.

The amendment on tax to cap the max
Will shift the burden to the people’s backs.
The tax amendment won’t bring your tax bill down,
At best, it will just move the burden around.

Our state already has Victim’s Rights in its constitution
The “Victim’s Rights” amendment doesn’t offer any solution.
It may treat people as guilty before trial,
& won’t protect the privacy of a juvenile.
A “victim” does not have to be a real person
When a corporation is a victim, it could be worrisome.

Another Amendment changes the Board of Elections,
To fill it with people with the RIGHT connections.
The same Board would review ethical complaints,
So politicians & lobbyists have fewer restraints.
With an even eight members on this combined board
Deadlock may mean problems are ignored.

This legislature also wants to appoint judges for Court
Whenever their term in office is cut short.
They will give two names to the Governor for selection,
& then their judge gets to SKIP the next election.

On this day, I am DONE with being polite
I am just going to say what I think is right.

When America was founded for the people to be free,
Let’s be real –  they weren’t talking about me.
They weren’t talking about Black men, the young, or the poor
But we didn’t stay quiet, we fought for more.

Now let’s talk about the so called “Voter ID”
Because what’s on our ballot is our right to be free.
Requiring a photo ID for the Voting Booth,
Will disproportionately affect African-Americans, women and Youth
When politicians control who is allowed to vote,
They can put their jackboot right on our throat.

No rights of the people do these amendments guarantee,
It’s a ploy for them to stay in power, even if we don’t agree.

The problems we have, these amendments won’t fix
So make sure you vote – and Nix The Six.

My comments from “Value of the Vote,” October 20, 2018. Hayti Heritage Center, Durham, NC. ~ Aylett Colston
Originally posted at EveryVoiceNC

Please remember to share the word as you talk with voters to #NixAllSix and visit for more information.

When Everyone Votes NC Wins 

If you are speaking with someone who is new to NC, or not familiar with some of the political history of our state, pass along the link below to them. They can learn about What's At Stake in this election, read about Issues and actual legislation passed by the supermajority, and meet some of the candidates in key NC races. There's also information about What's on the Ballot and Voting Resources. Everything you need to share in one place!


Other Ways You Can Get Involved

It has been shown that direct communication with voters is the best way to increase voter turnout. Nothing beats knocking on doors and reminding people that their vote is crucial, especially this year. But we understand not everyone can canvass, so we've included a few other ways in addition to knocking that you can be a part of this nationwide effort to protect our democracy and bring balance to our state and federal governments. 

Neighbor 2 Neighbor: was created to make those GOTV efforts easier in your own community, with information pulled directly from the public voter rolls. Just type in your name and address, click on "Details" under your name and then click "Make Walklist" for your street. Then give them a call or drop them a personal note!  

Help Your Candidate:

Reach out directly to your candidate and offer to help these last two weeks! If your candidate is in a fairly safe district, then find another campaign you can help with. One in particular that has not been in the spotlight with groups working to break the supermajority is Rep. Joe John, NC40, in northern Wake County. 

Rep John is a retired judge and a crucial voice in our legislature as he advocates for an independent judiciary and fair maps especially. He defeated Marilyn Avila (primary sponsor of HB2) by less than 400 votes in 2016. Learn more about his campaign here, and sign up to canvass or help this weekend if you can!

Early Voting Volunteer:
Wake Co. Early Voting Poll Greeter 
With DemocracyNC's Truth Team to educate people about the amendments
With You Can Vote to make calls and convert their thousands of new voter registrations into actual voters

Election Day Volunteer:
Protect The Vote as a non-partisan poll monitor. Sign up here.

With Common Cause educating people about the amendments

Notable Mentions This Week

For data crunchers, this tool from, a project of the Civitas Institute, is useful for diving deep into the vote count by district and precinct.

Early Voting Sets Presidential Pace, via WRAL

Franklin Co poll worker removed amid allegations of voter intimidation, via News & Observer
Please be mindful as you vote or volunteer at a voting site that intimidation comes in many forms. If you witness something concerning, you can report it inside to the poll supervisor and also call the Voter Hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE (687-8683).

IndyWeek has released its 2018 endorsements

We've been invited back to the International Civil Rights Center in Greensboro to give a repeat presentation on the history of voting rights, the amendments on the ballot and your rights at the polls. If you missed us in September, join us at 6pm on Friday, Nov. 2nd. Come earlier for a tour of the Center if you can! Youth and other groups encouraged. RSVP Here.

Do You Have Events to Share With Us?

We are updating our web calendar with events for the fall and want to hear from you! If you know of publicly posted events please email us a link!
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