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2018 MidTerms Exceeded Expectations All Around

Votes are still being counted but it's clear that the Blue Wave generated some great results, both in NC and nationally. 

Unfortunately the Congressional races in NC couldn't break the gerrymandering seawall, and while Democrats had over 50% of the vote in the 12 contested Congressional races, the results remained as before, with just 3 seats won. Those districts were ruled unconstitutional just before the election though, so expect to see new maps prior to 2020. 

Read about our Election Highlights here, including:  
  • Record voter turnout in NC, led by youth and women's votes
  • Partisan judicial races lead to major Democratic wins
  • The 2 most egregious constitutional amendments were voted down; 7 counties inc. Wake nixed all six and 17 voted against PhotoID. 
  • Sheriff races across the state were won by African Americans, including NC's first female sheriff
  • And...the supermajority was broken in the House and Senate! What does this mean? 
    • Bipartisan support will be required for any additional constitutional amendments and special sessions
    • Governor Cooper's veto power is restored, meaning any bills sent for his approval will need bi-partisan support. Note: redistricting plans are not subject to approval by the Governor. Still working on that one...

The NCGA Returns to Session November 27th

Earlier this summer, the NCGA scheduled a continuation session to resume November 27th, once all votes had been certified, to pass additional legislation before the new assembly is seated in January.

Of course our mind goes back to December 2016, when a hastily called session meant to pass Hurricane Matthew relief resulted in the #CarolinaCoup and a flurry of bills stripping Governor Cooper of his Executive Branch powers and cutting the new Attorney General's budget among other things. 

There is no agenda available yet, and since this is a continuation of the last session it is wide open, meaning anything can be considered. We are asking anyone who is available to come to the General Assembly mid-morning on Tuesday, November 27th, to bear witness to their plans. The session is expected to stretch into the following week, so we will keep you updated on what transpires. However, the more public attention and pressure that can be applied the better, to demonstrate that we will not tolerate a #CarolinaCoup2.

In addition, the legislature has plans to write the implementation language for the 3 newly passed amendments which require more detail. Our concern is that they will rush through a bill concerning PhotoID without thoughtfully considering the consequences. Their 2013 voting law took 3 years of legal challenges before it was finally struck down. Any legislation passed now could feasibly take us past the 2020 election, so it's of the utmost importance that they do not pass another discriminatory law.

While voters passed a PhotoID requirement 55-45%, they also voted to bring back more balance and transparency to the legislative process. For this reason we believe this legislature needs to step back and wait until the new lawmakers are seated to consider any laws that concern voting rights. Part of that consideration should include an independent PhotoID commission, to take the responsibility of writing voting laws out of the hands of politicians, just like redistricting should be. 

Please join us at the NCGA, 16 W. Jones St, Raleigh on the 27th. There will be a press conference mid-morning and the session opens at noon. If you have any questions regarding next steps for ensuring a fair and equitable VoterID law, please reach out to us at


For more information on our thoughts on PhotoID, please read our latest post.

H/T to Srinath Jayaram for his analysis on how many North Carolinians voted in the 2018 Early Voting Midterms who did NOT have a NC Driver's License:

Notable Mentions

The Other 2018 MidTerm Wave; A Historic 10 Point Jump Among Youth; via The Conversation

The Year of the Women; Record Gains in the House; via NYT

Lawsuit Calls For New 2020 State Legislative Maps; via N&O

Absentee Ballots Give Democrat Hunt Lead Over GOP's Brawley; via Charlotte Observer

Do You Have Events to Share With Us?

We are updating our web calendar with events for the fall and want to hear from you! If you know of publicly posted events please email us a link!

We hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving filled with friends, family and thanks for our own special blessings. We will be taking the week off next week and will return rested to meet you at the NCGA on Tuesday the 27th!
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