Hello again and Happy July my friends and art lovers!

I hope you and your families have been well and connecting with nature as it is one of the best ways to come back to balance and inner peace in these transformational times!  Maybe some of you have gardens as well and are enjoying the fruits of your harvest...I know I am and feel grateful to have and share such abundance from Mother Earth!

Besides being a wonderful revitalizing force, nature is one of my main inspirations in creating.  With this series of paintings that I'm excited to show a portion of (4 of 7 total) here,  I let the beauty of nature work with my ideas and become part of them. 

This series is based upon different mythic stories of Divine Feminine archetypes, some of which you many know such as Isis, Persephone, Kali, and more.  These stories are the theme behind and within these oil paintings with pressed flowers and part of the study and work I do in the Alumna Program at the Anima Mundi School in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
 "Gateways to the Mythic Garden Series"   
Oil paintings on wood panel with pressed flora 
  Each panel   - 7 3/4" x 20"
The inspiration behind the first panel from the left is the story of Inanna who was known as the Queen of Heaven, an ancient story that predates the myths of Zeus, she left the heavenly realms to meet her other half in the form of her sister, Ereskigal who was known as the Queen of the Underworld.  It's a story about going within to meet the shadow self and reclaiming it to complete wholeness...a very important journey that we are also in at this time on our Earth plane. 

The 2nd panel from left is relating the the myth of Persephone.  In this ancient Greek myth, Persephone is loved so much by her mother Demeter, but also pulled into the underworld by Hades in an arranged marriage approved by Zeus, so it is agreed she will stay for half of the year in the underworld with Hades (Fall/ Winter) and then return to Demeter above (Spring/ Summer) to bring new life and vegetation.  

The 3rd panel from the left is the myth of Isis.  This is one of the most influential stories of ancient Egypt where Isis's husband Osiris, is killed by his own brother Set, cut into pieces and thrown into the Nile river - pretty dramatic indeed!  Isis's search for the parts of her husband sends her on a quest in search of her own self and a re-membering of Osiris, her beloved whom she pieces back together.

The 4th panel from the left is the story of Kali.  This female archetype is related to the idea of creation and destruction.  Kali is the Hindu Goddess connected with death, destruction, and creation as well as being known as the dark mother.  Without destruction of the old, the new would not be able to come forward, very much a part of what we're currently experiencing in our world!
  Up close details of each panel 

On another note and as promised in my previous newsletter :)))  I've created the Triple Goddess card set hand-detailed in gold and signed by me with love <3  They would make a great gift and can be framed individually or as a triptych and are available on my Etsy store here:   

I've also just added this offering in alignment with the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, England coming up the 27th - Aug 1st. on the online marketplace which you can find here: 

I'm looking forward to sharing more creations + updates with you again next month!

Sending blessings of beauty, love, and radiance to you!

Laura Krusemark


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