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Friday, August 04, 2022

The fascinating history behind Yarra Bend netball hub site | Latest news | News | Delivering for Victoria

First Climate Change National Adaptation Plan

Ed: The heritage objective looks comprehensive: 
'HBP4 Threats to cultural heritage arising from climate change are understood and impacts minimised
• Understand where cultural heritage sites are, their values, who they are important to and how climate change could affect them.
• Understand how the loss of cultural heritage can affect social, cultural, spiritual and economic wellbeing, including for Māori, and the positive role of cultural heritage in adaptation and wellbeing. 
• Improve disaster management for cultural heritage.
• Enable communities to maintain and protect their taonga and assets.
• Protect and conserve cultural heritage through appropriate regulation.'

Ed: The actions look undercooked though: 
• action 3.26: Produce guidance for disaster risk management for cultural heritage
• action 3.27: Develop a framework for assessing exposure and vulnerability of taonga/cultural assets to climate change
• action 7.1: Research how cultural heritage contributes to community wellbeing and climate change adaptation.

What It Was Like for Early Humans to Cook with Earth Ovens

On August 4th, the Polynesian Society will award Prof. Jack Golson with the society's Elsdon Best Medal 2022 for services to New Zealand/Aotearoa archaeology.  The presentation will take place in absentia with a short presentation of Prof. Golson's work at 7:00 in Fale Pasifika at the University of Auckland.
Heritage this Month
British geologist, 66, is reunited with his family after being jailed in Iraq for collecting stones and shards of pottery as souvenirs

After 350 years, sea gives up lost jewels of Spanish shipwreck
Marine archaeologists stunned by priceless cache long hidden beneath the Bahamas' shark-infested waters.  It was a Spanish galleon laden with treasures so sumptuous that its sinking in the Bahamas in 1656 sparked repeated salvage attempts over the next 350 years. So when another expedition was launched recently, few thought that there could be anything left – but exquisite, jewel-encrusted pendants and gold chains are among spectacular finds that have now been recovered, having lain untouched on the seabed for hundreds of years. 
World War II Archaeology in the Pacific (6 Iconic Sites)

Octopus lures from the Mariana Islands found to be oldest in the world 
TAIWAN - Archaeology Magazine
TAIWAN: A fisherman recently pulled up a surprise catch: a prehistoric hominin jawbone. The robust bone could have belonged to Homo erectus or to the Denisovan people known from a cave site in Russia, but its particularly thick dentition suggests it could be different from both.
4,000-Year-Old Shell Tool Site Unearthed in Taiwan - Archaeology Magazine (Fishhooks)

The reaction to council letters telling some West Coast landowners their properties contain sites of significance to Māori has generated more heat than light.
Step Back In Time At Heritage Destinations Across Canterbury And Beyond -


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