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Destia OY and the operator Janne Törmänen with the New Rosenqvist SL550.

New product, Rosenqvist SL550

Pandrol AB proudly presents the new sleeper laying attachment SL550 with the capacity to lay 5 sleepers at the time. For projects where the sleepers are stacked 5 or 10 at the time, this unit is ideal. The attachment has the same working principle as the bigger SL650 and SL850, and it grabs the sleepers from the side. This is preferred when working on a slab track or when the track bed must remain undisturbed.
Destia OY in Finland is the first company to use the new SL550. The operator Janne Törmänen says that the main benefits of SL550 are that the sleepers do not move sideways when the grab is released and that it is possible to pick up the sleepers straight from the ground.
The Vortok SNOW DISPLACER reduces build-up of snow, sand and debris in switches. 

Pandrol installs the Vortok SNOW DISPLACER in several places in Sweden

The SNOW DISPLACER is a self-supporting water resistant PU foam insert that partially fills the gap between the stock rail and active switch rail in a standard railway switch.
Reduces build-up of snow, sand and debris in switches. 
  • Reduces switch heating power costs 
  • Rapid installation (approx. 20 minutes per switch) 
  • Minimal tools required to Install 
  • Easy to remove -30°C to 60°C operational temperature range 
  • No UV degradation 
  • Oil and chemical resistant 
  • Snow displacers can withstand 110 -120°C
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Rosenqvist front axle brake solution for Huddig.

Cooperation with Huddig

Huddig and Pandrol have started a cooperation where Pandrol delivers a brake solution for the front rail axle as an option for Huddig 1260 Rail with traction. A 4-wheel brake solution is required if the machine is to pull a rail trailer.
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