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November New Moon Newsletter

Dear Friend

As I write this, it is the day of Beltaine - High Spring (in Australia). Thunder and lightning seems to be the order of the day! (In fact Beltaine day came with a direct lightning strike which knocked out our modem and the simultaneous thunder truly felt like all the Gods and Goddesses were playing 10 pin bowls on our roof! A deeply disturbing way to be woken up!) 

I recently had a lovely massage with Angela from Awen Natural Therapies in Leura, up here in the Blue Mountains. Turns out she also creates amazing mandalas from flowers and plants that are provided to her. As it is Beltaine time in the southern Hemisphere were I live (high spring on the seasonal wheel of the year) I happened to have hawthorn flowers available in my garden, as well as some freshly unfurled oak leaves. So I sent her a photo of both.

Mandala created by Angela of Awen Natural Therapies
Hawthorn is very special to me - the thorn tree that graces so many sacred wells in Ireland and graced with white blossoms (over there, in May and here in October). And oak trees (I have so many, but the one named Sheela na Gig in my front garden is most loved!), so precious with their strength and connection to the ancestors.

I love Glennie Kindred’s work on the Tree Ogham and here is what she says (in part) about these wondrous plants:
"Hawthorn - Love, the Heart, Cleansing, Releasing Blocked Energy, Protection, Preparation for Spiritual Growth. 
The hawthorn has the ability on the subtle level to open the heart to spiritual growth and love. It continues and aids the process…of healing the inner child and resolving with love any areas where you might be manifesting a victim complex that will keep you vulnerable and lacking in power and energy.

Oak- Inner strength, endurance, courage, a doorway to self determination.
The Oak is a doorway to inner spirituality....she will lead the way to the truth, especially about past layers of action, and this revelation brings strength and vision, and a gateway to new understanding”.
Face-to-face and Online appointments are available.

Here in the Blue Mountains, Covid restrictions are lifting and I can finally see my family again! 

I am now also seeing people and couples face-to-face in my rooms in Katoomba (adhering to covid guidelines – physical distancing, hand cleansing and masks if necessary according to Public Health orders) - so please, when booking, choose 'Mental Health Individual (or Relationship) Counselling Katoomba' if you prefer face-to-face over Telehealth.

I will continue Telehealth sessions as well so please choose that if preferred.

I will also begin to see people face-to-face in Bondi from 9th November – numbers are very limited in Bondi, so do book early!

Psychodrama workshops are planned to recommence in Katoomba in November. Dates and booking for psychodrama workshops are listed below under Events. 

To book a counselling session, click this link: Individual and Relationship counselling appointments.
Events and Workshops in 2021/22

29 APRIL - May 2022
Spontaneity and Creativity - moving into the new.
An Experiential Psychodrama Weekend with Annette Fisher and Katherine Howard at Rydal.

Our experiential weekend in May 2021 was a great success and we plan to make it an annual event. For people with any level of experience in psychodrama (from none to lots!). There is a payment plan option if you want to budget for it! Here is more information and the booking link.

This workshop will focus on the range of responses the pandemic has created in our lives: some of the responses might include grief, rage, despair, or stoicism; there may even be pleasure, or curiosity. As we focus on our responses to what has been, we will also explore spontaneity and creativity and source these as we create and build on our vision for the next stage of our life.
Book Now or Find Out More
residential workshop for women
Only 1 Place left
Women Flourishing: The Shadow and the Light.

This nourishing residential workshop for women will be a weaving together of Shamanic Womancraft processes (see SSW) and Psychodrama (see AANZPA).

As women together we will each be teacher and student, the healer and the wounded, the listener and the expresser, the auxillary and the protagonist. There will be a deep dive into the underworld of Shadow and gently choosing what aspects of self will step into the light.

We will live in community for the weekend, with 3 hour workshop sessions commencing on Friday evening.

At the time of writing there is ONLY 1 PLACE LEFT so do add yourself to the waiting list if you can’t book a spot as changes may happen at the last minute. 

Date: Friday 14th - Sunday 16th January 2022
Location: Rydal Mount, Rydal NSW 2790, Australia
Fee: $500 AUD
Booking: Click here for more information and to book

Experiential Psychodrama Workshop in Katoomba


Saturday 11th December 2021, 1:00pm-5:00pm AEDT 


There is 1 more Experiential Psychodrama workshops in Katoomba prior to end of 2021. 

The group will be very small (maximum of 6 participants). Covid restrictions will be adhered to according to the most recent Public Health Orders. Refunds will be issued for any changes related to Covid restrictions. Here are the links for more information.

Book On This Workshop Here
Psychodrama Workshop
Professional Development Psychodrama Workshop

There will also be one Professional Development Psychodrama workshop in Katoomba on 20th November. Again small (max. 6) and adhering to Covid restrictions.

Date: Saturday 20th November 2021
Time: 1pm-5pm (Sydney Time)
Location: Katoomba NSW 2780
Fee: $66 AUD
Booking: Click here for more information and to book

Shamanic Drum Making Workshop Expressions of Interest 

I intend to hold one of these in March 2022. Please email me if you want to be on the early notification list for booking.

Birthing a Frame Drum is a sacred process which will take you on a journey of exploring your own creativity. The workshop will give you the opportunity to explore how you birth within your life? This could be children, work, relationships, craft etc.

Register Your Interest Here
Upcoming Free Online Women’s Circles
Women’s Circle of Reflection and Connection Circle
Online weekly Wednesday mornings (at 7.00am AEST) and Tuesday evenings (at 7.30pm AEST)

I am continuing these groups currently with no end date (until I run out of books- which will be never).

Both groups are currently fully subscribed (maximum of 10), but please let me know if you want to be on a waiting list, as women occasionally drop out.  

These circles are for 45 minutes and focus on a reading which is sent out 3-4 days prior to Circle, followed by a sharing Circle. My hope is that we can be inspired together and connect with each other through sacred listening. And that this will stimulate and support each of us to bloom in our creativity and spontaneity as we continue through our days and weeks.

Payment will be on a “Pay what you can” basis- from $0- $10AUD. Numbers are limited to 10 (including me) Registration and expressions of interest are essential by emailing me:
The free of charge Online Sabbat Women’s Circles continue to book up fast. They are all fully booked up until May next year. However, going on the waiting list via the booking links is valuable-half the waiting list (of 14 women) managed to get a place at Eostar. 
LITHA (Summer Solstice): Virtual Women's Circle

This is the time of Litha-Summer Solstice. The moment on the wheel of the year when the light part of the day is at its' longest. It is the high point of the light and the heat of the sun - the tipping point at which the seed of darkness is once again born. It is the peak time on the wheel which represents the Mother.

This circle is fully subscribed with a waiting list (it’s worth going on the waiting list - mostly everyone who wants one gets a spot!).

Date: Sunday 19 December2021
Time: 7pm-9pm (Sydney Time)
Location: Online
Fee: Free
Booking: Click here to book
Lammas Women's Circle
Lammas Virtual Women's Circle

Lammas is the first point on the Wheel of the year which marks the returning dark. It is the time of the first harvest, and in times of old, the traditional time for people from near and far to gather  as a community to celebrate the harvest.
This moment is the moment when we remember that we are more than individual, we are interconnected, part of the whole, we are but one.
We remember the Maga Goddess Airmid- she of herbs and healing and in the Celtic Tree Ogham: the Holly tree as tree of protection.

This circle is fully subscribed with a waiting list (it’s worth going on the waiting list - mostly everyone who wants one gets a spot!).

Date: Sunday 6 February 2022
Time: 7pm-9pm (Sydney Time)
Location: Online
Fee: Free
Booking: Click here to book
Mabon (Autumn Equinox) Virtual Women's Circle 2022

Mabon or Autumn Equinox is the final Sabbat in the Wheel of the Year. It is the time when the harvest is fully celebrated. The time when the hours of light and dark are once more equal and the tipping point into the dark part of the wheel. 

This circle is fully subscribed with a waiting list (it’s worth going on the waiting list - mostly everyone who wants one gets a spot!).

Date: Sunday 20 March 2022
Time: 7pm-9pm (Sydney Time)
Location: Online
Fee: Free
Booking: Click here to book
Samhain Women's Virtual Circle 2022

Samhain (pronounced Sow-wen and known as Halloween in the Northern Hemisphere) signifies the New year on the Wheel. It is the time of the Crone Woman. 

This circle is fully subscribed with a waiting list (it’s worth going on the waiting list - mostly everyone who wants one gets a spot!).

Date: Sunday 8 May 2022
Time: 7pm-9pm (Sydney Time)
Location: Online
Fee: Free
Booking: Click here to book
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Thanks for reading, speak soon.

With love
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