Dear <<First Name>>,

God has been stirring Gabi's and my hearts for some time.

For the entirety of our 10 months of engagement, we've been praying and asking our Father to bring us together into the future, not just in our upcoming marriage, but also in our ministry together at the national and local levels.

Over the course of Fall 2020, we began to feel God calling us to explore the idea of moving to a new home here in Poland and create something together. Not for Gabi to join my church and ministry in Bielsko-Biała, nor for me to join hers in Mikołów, but to put down roots together in a new church and new city.

We began to explore this idea and confirm the calling with our mentors, and with JV Poland leadership. This was not an easy decision, as I love the church and the students God placed me in for the past two years - yet I would rather be in the center of His will than sit still in a place I already know.

That brings us to today. After months of confirming the calling and setting up boundaries for our search with our leadership team, after communicating with my pastor, youth leader, and students, and after two months of gathering data and watching previously-streamed services, we're finally able to make in-person visits!

We're searching for a new home where Gabi and I can serve together in the youth ministry, support the church with our creative gifts, and begin to lay down foundations for our life, family, and ministry for years to come.

We are so excited to follow God to whatever this new home is! We will be saying goodbye to Bielsko-Biała this fall, returning to the United States for home assignment (I'll share more on that in the coming months!), and then moving to our new city upon our return at the beginning of 2022. 

We welcome your prayer as we step into the next phase of this process and pursue God's call on our future together!

What Happened
    • The JV Poland Resource Hub project finally has a name! In Polish, it's Port Lidera - literally, "the leader's port." So far I've produced 8 videos, have 4 more to record, and have two on my computer waiting to be edited. Some of my favorite topics from the videos are 1) How to share the gospel with the "religious lost" - a massive part of Poland's population, and 2) Equip - an encouragement for leaders to give challenges to students to take the step from having personal faith in Jesus towards having faith that affects others.
    • Every April, all of JV Poland gathers together to fulfill requirements set by the Polish government. We also use this as an excuse for extra team building time! One focus of the weekend was the imagery of Jesus in Revelation as our victor. This time was an incredible blessing to me, as I was able to encounter our Savior - who is both so big and powerful, yet relational and close - in a way that deeply touched my heart. 
    • Gabi and I have continued putting out video updates on YouTube! We pray these little snapshots of our lives are a blessing to you and give a fresh angle to how God is moving here in Poland. Be on the lookout - next week we're uploading a video teaching you how to make famous, delicious Polish pierogi! 🇵🇱 Subscribe to our channel here 😉 
Future Family on Mission

After our wedding (we're praying that there will be more news there to come soon!) Gabi will finally be joining the JV Poland team!

We are both so incredibly excited for that moment. After all of the up and down of our adventures with the Polish bureaucracy, I'm tired of being just Elliott on mission, and we're ready to start our lives as the Phillips' on mission!

As God's call on my life becomes God's call on our life, our recurring support need increases by $2,000/month. We put together a short video below explaining more 😀 If God is calling you to increase your support commitment, or support us for the first time, simply reply to this email, or click the button below the video!

Find out more about our upcoming needs in just 2 minutes!
Join our financial support team!
What's Next

What's coming around the corner:

- Church visits! Already this weekend Gabi and I are visiting our first potential new home. Please be praying with us as we visit churches, meet people, and talk with pastors about God's call on our lives and the responsibilities that come with being JV missionaries. We're taking this process very seriously, but also want to enjoy this opportunity to network with new people furthering God's movement in southern Poland!

- New wedding court date (hopefully 😬)! Please be praying for us - currently our day in court (after which I as a foreigner can get married in Poland) is scheduled for May 13th. Our original March date was cancelled due to a COVID outbreak in the court. We're moving forward with tempered expectations, yet constantly praying that God is finally bringing this very long process to a close ❤️

- Supporting Polish missionaries! Gabi and I are recording support videos for our national Polish missionaries! We are consistently travelling around Poland, gathering material, and recording their ministries in action for this project. Gabi is also working closely with each Polish missionary to help them best communicate the calling God has given them to serve in their home context. We're praying these videos will be a great tool to help our Polish staff share stories of what God is doing here, and reach 100% financial support!

Thank you as always for your continued prayer and support. Stay safe and healthy, and know that I'm praying for you and yours.

In Christ,


PS! Fun Mail Info
A handful of you have asked about sending care packages, which have been HUGE blessings to me. Even if it ruins the surprise, please email me when you send something. My ministry and work schedule means I'm often out of my apartment for long stretches of time and I need to keep an eye out for incoming packages so they don't get sent back to you 😉
My home address in Poland:

Timothy Elliott Phillips
ul. Szkolna 25/2
43-300 Bielsko-Biała

If you write it just like that, I should get your letter or package probably within 4-6 weeks of you sending it. Reminders of home like Wisconsin/Dallas/Texas-themed things, Mexican or BBQ spices, handwritten letters, and fun Stance-brand socks are always appreciated 😀

FYI - a handful of people have sent us shirts/sweatshirts. These are also wonderful gifts for us! We particularly love the sudden abundance of Cowboys, Mavericks, and Aggie gear we have. I wear XL, and Gabi M - she prefers a looser fit and any collar cut except v-necks 😉
Prayer Requests
Here are some current prayer requests for the ministry and for me personally:
  1. Please pray for Kuba - one of the teenagers from my small group for guys. We have a meeting scheduled, where I'll be challenging him to take further leadership in our group. I'm hoping to mentor him in that role for the remaining few months we have in Bielsko-Biała.
  2. Please be praying for our search for a new church home as Gabi and I visit the seven churches we've got narrowed down on our list. We're doing our best to follow God's call to the right church, especially if that ends up not being the most "attractive" city, church, or youth ministry!
  3. Please pray for Gabi and I as we wait for the end of the bureaucratic process so we can get married. May this continue to be a time of soul-level growth in us, as well as a time full of opportunities to witness to others as we seek to be faithful servants of the Gospel while we wait.
Don't forget to sign up for a one-hour time slot on Josiah Venture's prayer room website. This is a great way to play an even greater role in this movement of God in Poland.
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