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At the end of Matthew, Jesus gives His disciples a call to go and make more disciples from Jerusalem to Samaria to the very ends of the earth. I'm sure we've all heard and read the verse thousands of times.

As Gabi and I step towards marriage (finally have some exciting news on that below, by the way 🎉) and moving to a new city, the final phases of disciple-making have become very, very real in my life.

If you break down Jesus' example of disciple-making to the absolute basics, you can see three major themes - following, equipping, and sending. Over the past year and a half, I've walked the guys I've been working with through lots of following and equipping. Now, especially for two of them, it's time to be sent.

One, Marek, just graduated high school and will likely be moving to a new city to start university in the fall. I've had the privilege of discipling Marek one-on-one pretty much since I arrived to Bielsko-Biała two years ago. Marek is an incredible young man with a great heart for both evangelism and worship. I'm excited to see how his faith will impact others as he steps away from his family and out onto his own.

The second, Kuba, as we have been praying - has agreed to take over leadership of our guys' small group as Gabi and I move on. Kuba has incredible humility, a hunger for God's Word, and a desire to see those close to him growing deeper in their faith.

Jesus didn't wait to send His followers out at the last moment, but instead sent them on smaller trips, followed up with them, and taught them further. Even as He was among them, He readied them to take up the mantles of the ministry after His departure. I'm doing my best to walk in that example with my guys. Kuba is already taking over leadership of our group, even while I'm still here, so I can mentor him as he leads others for the first time. And I will continue to mentor him and Marek even as Gabi and I move on to the new city God is calling us to in Poland.

I am praising God for Kuba and Marek, as well as the rest of the guys from our group! It's an honor to play even the smallest part in their stories. May God continue to lead and call these young mean towards faith that changes the lives of those around them!

What Happened
    • JV Poland's "Port Lidera" project has officially come to a close!...except not fully 😜 We are in the middle of a soft-launch our website, and I am finishing up the last couple videos this week. At the same time, I'm incredibly proud of all that our team has done, while also looking forward to getting this project off my plate and out in the real world!
    • The last few weeks have been VERY eventful when it comes to Gabi and I's long-suffering marriage adventure. To keep a very long story mostly short, we finally had our court date, everything went great, but then we had problems with some papers. God worked a logistical miracle to get new papers to me from the US via family, friends, and a JV Poland teammate in less than one week. Gabi and I then (out of almost desperation) tried to file our paperwork in an office in a village neighboring Bielsko-Biała, worked! There's even more info below, and more to come about details and what this means for us - just know that we're deeply celebrating how God pulled this all together ❤️🙌🏼
    • Have you had a chance to check out our pierogi tutorial? We've had great feedback so far from some of you. We promise lots of laughs and good Polish food if you click/tap the image below 🇵🇱 Subscribe to our channel here 😉 
Future Family on Mission

After our wedding Gabi will finally be joining the JV Poland team!

We are both so incredibly excited for that moment. After all of the up and down of our adventures with the Polish bureaucracy, we're finally starting our lives as the Phillips' on mission!

As God's call on my life becomes God's call on our life, our recurring support need increases by $2,200/month. The response so far has been an overwhelming testimony of God's faithfulness, as our need is down to only $1,700/month 🙌🏼 If God is leading you to support us financially, click/tap the button below or simply reply to this email and I'll get back to you!

Join our financial support team!
What's Next

What's coming around the corner:

- Our WEDDING! The moment we've all been waiting for! Everything with the court is open and shut. Our papers have all been filed, and we have everything set and taken care of to legally get married. We are incredibly excited to finally be starting our lives together on June 25th! We're still organizing details with the ceremony, but are planning to pull together a live-stream for y'all. I'll be in touch closer to the date with more information. Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers, support, and kind words over the 11 months that we've walked through this process. We are praising God for His faithfulness together with you! ❤️🙌🏼💍

- Summer camps! Technically our involvement in camps doesn't start until July, but at the start of the month we'll be on our honeymoon, and soon after we start our first camp, so I don't anticipate the July update being on time...just FYI 😉 Gabi and I are excited to have our first opportunities to serve as husband and wife at camps in the Baltic port city of Gdynia, as well as at a multi-church "Master Camp" (which our church in Bielsko-Biała is helping lead) at JV Poland headquarters in southern Poland. Please pray for many opportunities to share the Gospel with Polish teens as we serve alongside these local churches!

Thank you as always for your continued prayer and support. It's a joy to sign off my final email as just myself - I won't miss being the only name alone here ☺️

In Christ,


PS! Fun Mail Info
A handful of you have asked about sending care packages, which have been HUGE blessings to me. Even if it ruins the surprise, please email me when you send something. My ministry and work schedule means I'm often out of my apartment for long stretches of time and I need to keep an eye out for incoming packages so they don't get sent back to you 😉
My home address in Poland:

Timothy Elliott Phillips
ul. Szkolna 25/2
43-300 Bielsko-Biała

If you write it just like that, I should get your letter or package probably within 4-6 weeks of you sending it. Reminders of home like Wisconsin/Dallas/Texas-themed things, Mexican or BBQ spices, handwritten letters, and fun Stance-brand socks are always appreciated 😀

FYI - a handful of people have sent us shirts/sweatshirts. These are also wonderful gifts for us! We particularly love the sudden abundance of Cowboys, Mavericks, and Aggie gear we have. I wear XL, and Gabi M - she prefers a looser fit and any collar cut except v-necks 😉
Prayer Requests
Here are some current prayer requests for the ministry and for me personally:
  1. Please pray for Kuba as he takes over leadership of our small group. I'm praying that he would have bold faith in the face of discouragement, trial, success and joy - whatever may come! Life is a long race, and I'm excited to see how he grows and matures.
  2. Please be praying for our search for a new church home as Gabi and I continue visiting with churches and pastors. We're doing our best to follow God's call to the right church, especially if that ends up not being the most "attractive" city, church, or youth ministry!
  3. Please pray for Gabi and I as we start our journey as a married couple on mission! We are praying that the last 11 months of waiting, trusting, and relying on God's timing and faithfulness will pay dividends as we seek to glorify God and witness Jesus in this new season.
Don't forget to sign up for a one-hour time slot on Josiah Venture's prayer room website. This is a great way to play an even greater role in this movement of God in Poland.
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The weather is finally consistently good out here in Poland. Spring is done and gone - bring out those summer vibes!

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