February 16, 2017

Watch the Accountability (Fidelity) Code of Ethics e-Learning Module

The College recently launched the Accountability (Fidelity) e-Learning module, which is the last module in the series of resources developed to assist you in understanding and applying the new Code of Ethics in everyday practice. All pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have to declare upon renewal this year that they’ve read and understand the Code.

The Principle of Accountability (Fidelity) requires you to be a responsible and faithful custodian of the public trust, accountable not just for your own actions and behaviours, but for those of your colleagues as well. 

This module explores the professional promise that all health professionals share – to always and invariably act in the best interest of your patient, not your own.

A variety of fun learning techniques, including whiteboard video and true and false questions, are used to keep you engaged throughout the module.

Watch the Accountability (Fidelity) e-Learning module and others in the series now!

A Shared Responsibility for Ethical and Effective Pharmacy Services

In the Winter 2017 issue of Pharmacy Connection, the article, “A Shared Responsibility for Ethical and Effective Pharmacy Services,” illustrated the importance of equal partnership between pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, designated managers, directors, and owners to ensure that all pharmacy services are provided appropriately with the goal of optimizing the health of patients. 

Healthcare providers must remember that their primary goal, first and foremost, is to the direct benefit of their patients and only secondarily to making a profit. This is outlined in your Standards of Practice. Practitioners must prioritize the provision of pharmacy services and use their professional judgment to determine which patients will most benefit from receiving a service.

In addition, the Standards of Practice require designated managers to develop and implement policies and procedures that support continuous quality improvement and to ensure that staffing and workflow enable pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to fulfil standards of practice and optimize patient care.

Learn more in the article, "A Shared Responsibility for Ethical and Effective Pharmacy Services"

How Can You Improve in 2017?

We can’t underestimate the importance of ongoing professional development. Now that the New Year is well on its way, are you thinking about which area of practice you would like to improve in? 

The Continuing Education (CE) tool on our website makes it easy for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to search through hundreds of professional development activities covering topics such as cancer therapy, diabetes, ethical, legal, and professional issues, geriatrics, women’s health, and more.

As a regulated healthcare professional, you’re required to maintain your competence and participate in professional development activities throughout your career.

Take advantage of these continuing education resources today!
In this issue:

‣  Watch the Accountability (Fidelity) Code of Ethics e-Learning Module! 

‣ A Shared Responsibility for Ethical and Effective Pharmacy Services

‣ How Can You Improve in 2017?
Reminder: Annual Membership Renewal Due March 10

Please remember to complete your annual online pharmacist or pharmacy technician member renewal on or before the March 10, 2017 deadline. Late fees will apply; if paid within 30 days after the deadline the fee is $100 and if paid after 30 days the fee is $150.

Complete Your Annual Renewal Now!
Practice Assessment Coming Up?

Designated managers, if you have received an email informing you of an upcoming practice assessment, please remember to do the following:

1) Inform all pharmacy staff of the upcoming visit
2) Complete the Community Pharmacy Assessment Criteria to share with your practice advisor when they visit
3) Have all pharmacists review and self-assess their practice using the Individual Practitioner (Pharmacist) Assessment Criteria
College Closed Feb 20 for Family Day

Please be advised that the College will be closed Monday February 20, 2017 for Family Day.
Winter 2017 Issue of Pharmacy Connection is Out Now

Read the Winter 2017 issue of Pharmacy Connection!

You can also access archived issues of Pharmacy Connection on the College website.
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