June is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month. We are celebrating with the first newsletter provided by the Lewis Headache Center! Keep reading to learn about all of the exciting things happening here at Barrow. 

Jan and Tom Lewis Transform Headache Care at Barrow Through Philanthropy

Jan Lewis had been suffering from chronic, and often debilitating, migraine attacks for years. Then, in 2012, she came to Barrow Neurological Institute and met Kerry Knievel, DO. That's when her life changed for the better.

Thanks to Dr. Knievel's comprehensive approach to migraine treatment and prevention, Jan is now able to live most of her life without headaches. She is also able to enjoy traveling, spending time with friends and family, and playing with her grandchildren. "Dr. Knievel has helped significantly reduce the frequency and severity of my attacks and has allowed me to lead a full and happy life," says Jan.

To honor the impact Barrow made on Jan's life, and to help others suffering from the same condition, the T.W. Lewis Foundation, founded by Jan and her husband Tom Lewis, established the Jan and Tom Lewis Migraine Treatment Program at Barrow with a transformational gift. Led by Dr. Knievel, the Program aimed to expand multidisciplinary care options for patients and lead research to pinpoint causes and find improved treatments for migraine and headache disorders.

"The T.W. Lewis Foundation is all about partnering with outstanding organizations that are trying to improve and push boundaries of their field," says Tom. "We believe in supporting projects that are going to make a real difference, and that's exactly what Barrow does - that's what this migraine program will do for many future headache sufferers in Arizona."

When the Program was first created, it had a goal of seeing 800 new patients. Every year since then, it has increased its number of new patients by over 20 percent. By the end of 2021, the Program had seen a total of over 5,500 new patients and had enrolled over 175 patients in clinical trials. It also expanded patient care services to include a comprehensive wellness program offering physical therapy and yoga specialized for headache, dietician consultations, and social work.

In 2022, Jan and Tom Lewis committed an additional $3 million in support of headache care at Barrow. In honor of their longstanding partnership with Barrow, the Foundation and Institute have renamed the Jan and Tom Lewis Migraine Treatment Program as the Lewis Headache Center, to reflect a broadening of research and patient care for migraine and headache disorders.

"Our family's support of headache care at Barrow over the years has helped increase the quality and quantity of patient care. This gift will further that, leading to more patient care options and research to find innovative treatments," says Jan.

The Lewis Headache Center aims to become a premier destination for comprehensive patient care. This includes expanding its wellness program to provide more individualized and diversified care for patients.  The Center also aims to become a renowned leader in headache research, as well as become recognized for opportunities to train with the best headache specialists. "We are very fortunate to have world-class headache care right here in Phoenix at Barrow," says Jan. "Our family feels that it is a privilege to continue to support it for the benefit of the community."

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Lewis Headache Center at Barrow, to support innovative research and unsurpassed patient care for migraine and headache disorders.  All gifts will be matched by the T.W. Lewis Foundation for double the impact.
Click here to view the calendar and register for upcoming In-Person Yoga for Headache classes! 

All classes will be held at Barrow Neurological Institute, 240 West Thomas Road, Third Floor Suite 302, Phoenix, AZ 85013

Classes are held on Tuesdays and Fridays (on opposite weeks). Tuesday classes will be led by physical therapist and yoga teacher Mindy Holleran. Friday classes will be led by physical therapist and yoga teacher Juliana Kroese. Please see the calendar for specific dates and times.  

Please note that you will have to register separately for each class you wish to attend.

If you are attending a class for the first time, you will need to sign a liability waiver when you arrive. 

Please email to be added to the separate Yoga for Headache email list for the most up to date class and event schedules.
Zoom Online Yoga: Miles for Migraine with Juliana Kroese
  • Thursday, June 30, 2022, 4:30p.m. Phoenix time
  • Sign up for the Zoom link here 
Stress is a big trigger for migraine and headache.  When we learn how to better manage our stress, we can generate a direct change in our response to pain. Research has shown that mindfulness and meditation may be helpful for individuals suffering from headache and migraine.

Try the eight-minute meditation video on the Barrow Neurological Institute website.  Click here, then scroll down. Notice how your body and mind feel before and after the practice.

Over the next month, try meditating for 10-15 minutes each day. If needed, use an app like Insight Timer where Karissa Secora, PA to Dr. Knievel, put together a headache playlist. 
The migraine brain thrives on routine. Making small lifestyle changes is a simple way to reduce headache onset and better manage your symptoms. Our provider, Dr. Jennifer Robblee, worked together with Dr. Amaal Starling of the Mayo Clinic to develop a mnemonic to help implement some positive changes to your lifestyle to better manage living with headache and migraine. This is called "SEEDS" for success!  

S = Sleep: Aim for seven to eight hours with a consistent bedtime and wake-up time.
E = Eating and drinking: Consistently having three meals a day with eight glasses of water is suggested.
E = Exercise can worsen a migraine attack, but long-term exercise actually helps.
D = Diary: Tracking your headache in a diary can be helpful for your treatment and follow-ups.
S = Stress: Stress does not cause migraine, but it doesn't help it either. Techniques like relaxation therapy, mindfulness, biofeedback, and cognitive behavioral therapy can help migraine.

If you want to read more about SEEDS, click here.
Clinical Trials Currently Enrolling
1.  Eli Lilly 15Q-MC-B002 Preventive Treatment of Migraine: Outcomes for Patients in Real-World Healthcare Systems (TRIUMPH): The purpose of this study is to collect information about treatment patterns, effects, and outcomes in patients with migraine who are switching or initiating a pharmacologic treatment for migraine prevention. READ MORE 

2.  Lundbeck 19386A Cluster Headache:  Interventional, randomized, double-blind, parallel-group, placebo-controlled, delayed-start study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of eptinezumab in patients with episodic cluster headache. 

Upcoming Clinical Trials
1.  Relivion:  Prospective observational study of 3 month response to eCOT-NS in patients with headache.

2.  Nerve Block:  Long-term efficacy of occipital nerve blocks compared to placebo.

3.  Abbvie M21-307:  A Phase 3 Multi-Center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of BOTOX(R) (Botulinum Toxin Type A) Purified Neurotoxin Complex for the Prevention of Migraine in Episodic Migraine Patients.

4.  Abbvie M22-418:  A Phase 3 Multicenter 24 Week Open-Label Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, and Efficacy of Atogepant When Added to OnabotulinumtoxinA (BOTOX) for the Preventative Treatment of Chronic Migraine.

For any questions about the clinical trials  being conducted in the Lewis Research Center, please talk to your headache specialist, or email the research team at

Find information about other upcoming clinical trials by clicking here!

Jan and Tom Lewis (centered), founders of the T.W. Lewis Foundation, continue their generous, record-support of Barrow with a $2 million gift to establish the Lewis Headache Center at Barrow Neurological Institute. Barrow employees gathered at the Neuroplex to formally celebrate with Jan & Tom Lewis for the naming of the Lewis Headache Center.
Karissa Secora, PA-C in the Lewis Headache Center, presented to other physician assistants at the national American Academy of Physician Assistants conference in Indianapolis, Indiana on the topic of "10 Things You Didn't Know About Migraine."
The Lewis Headache Center team raised $1912.34 for the local Miles for Migraine fundraiser, of which Barrow was a beneficiary.
Did you know you can find other headache specific resources on the Barrow website?  Click here to learn more!
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