7 Explorers: Sumatra 2017 Expedition Invitation
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The main objective of this inaugural newsletter is to make you aware of the details of this second expedition, due to take place late Summer 2017, and offer you the chance to be part of that team: please read on and enjoy.
‘What is the point of having dreams
if you don’t take the steps to make them happen…’
Hello – it’s Chris Barrow here & I wanted to introduce you to the first issue of the 7 Explorers quarterly newsletter.
As you know, I’ve partnered with remote expedition expert Andrew ‘Sandy’ Sanderson & Expedition Doctor Tino Solomon to create 7 Explorers; a bespoke remote travel & expeditionary company that specialises in ‘off the grid’ journeys for individuals who have minimal experience of this kind of environment but who want the opportunity to explore their capabilities and potentials.
Our inaugural 7-member strong expedition is a 22-day trip to the remotest wadis, deserts & coastlines of Oman in early 2017. The other four members of the team have been selected from individuals new to the field, people like yourselves, who recently took their first steps with us on a training weekend in Northumberland.
Our next expedition, which we are offering you the unique opportunity to be an integral part of, will be to the remote volcanic mountain jungles of Sumatra, Indonesia in late Summer 2017.
7 Explorers - Find yourself in unexpected places
7 Explorers offers you the opportunity of joining the team to explore the remote volcanic rainforests of Sumatra, the 6th largest island in the world and the largest of Indonesia’s 18,000+ islands.
The team’s objective is an area of volcanic landforms and high altitude lakes and here, amongst the ‘cloud’ rainforest you will be surviving off the grid as an integral part of the team, learning both wilderness and medical survival skills and gradually gaining responsibility and awareness whilst immersing yourself in one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet.
If you are successful at the selection process, which includes a 1 to 1 meeting with the team, you will take part in the pre expedition training course over 4 days in Northumberland before taking your first and often the VERY first steps into sections of remote mountain rainforest, in an area steeped in legend and history.
The journey is one of incredible contrasts as you leave the UK and in a short time progress from the urban jungle to isolated rainforests; every hour taking you further away from familiarity and closer to being truly off the grid.
  • Expedition departure: mid to late August
  • Expedition duration: 16 days from London Heathrow
  • Expedition cost: £5750 including Northumberland 4 day pre Expedition training course and Expedition internal flights (does not include personal kit, Northumberland transportation, personal insurance or international flights)
  • Expedition team: Core 7 Explorers team + 4-5 additional, selected individuals
  • To receive more information and to put your name forward to be part of this unique team email with a brief introduction to yourself and we will be back in touch.
7 Explorers Ltd is formed of 3 diverse individuals; Andrew Sanderson, Tino Solomon and Chris Barrow, all of whom have unique experiences in remote travel and exploration.
Focusing and expanding upon the ongoing journeys of Andrew and Tino, the three have come together as a team that, with their combined talents and experiences, will take and incorporate small groups and individuals with minimal or no exploratory/remote travel experience to venture into ‘off the grid’ environments.
For the last 15 years, Andrew has been pursuing evidence of new species in the more remote parts of the planet whilst Tino, has accompanied groups in his role as an expedition doctor, as well as advancing his own mountaineering and photographic interests.
A 7 Explorers expedition is not a holiday, but the opportunity of a lifetime to be truly ‘off the grid’ and part of this team. It will be a unique journey with purpose and an opportunity to not only survive and thrive as a group in a variety of unique locations with expert support but also to re-evaluate both individual priorities and purpose.

The minimum of life-sustaining kit combined with a high ratio of team to clients provides the personal and practical development that is unique to 7 Explorers and a ratio that is unparalleled outside of private guiding.

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