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The fifteenth session of the Conference of the Parties (COP15) of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) was held in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, under the theme, ‘Land. Life. Legacy: From scarcity to prosperity. For the first time ever, a day was dedicated to discussing food systems and reflecting on their importance to future land-use sustainability. 

COP 27, 'the African CoP' is looming ahead and we have released an expectations paper, framed around ambition - stronger commitments on mitigation and adaptation from all stakeholders, including non-party ones; access and equity - to finance, technology and capacity building and addressing the needs of the most vulnerable; and shifting to implementation.

We hope you enjoy these and other stories especially curated for you.

Looking Ahead To The African CoP

With the completion of the Paris Agreement rulebook at COP26, work under the Paris Agreement must now focus on implementation that delivers ambitious climate action aligned with 1.5°C. COP27, to be held in Egypt, is a perfect opportunity to shift the focus to urgently needed on-the-ground implementation supported by increasing and accessible finance, technology and capacity-building support, with a spotlight on Africa’s unique needs and circumstances. The IPCC 6th Assessment Report provides a deeper and more detailed understanding of the science of climate change and the increasingly disruptive impacts in all regions from a warming world, as well as clarity on solutions.
Read About Our Expectations

Voices From The Field

WWF Tanzania Working To Save Lake Natron

In collaboration with Tanzania People And Wildlife, WWF Tanzania is implementing an initiative called ''Land For Life''. to save the lake Natron and reinforce the protection of the corresponding environment.
Read more

WWF CAR Celebrates Birth Of New Gorilla

The new individual was born in the Mayele group at the Mongambe field site in the WWF-supportedDzanga Sangha Protected Area. In open vegetation, the female Mapoki was observed with a baby in her arms on April 08 2022. The trackers named it “Moandja” in reference to this type of vegetation – a closed canopy with no undergrowth. Read more

WWF Gabon Celebrates Earth Day In The Forest

The Ministry of Water and Forests invited WWF Gabon to the Sibang Arboretum (located 8km from the centre of Libreville). This site gathers the main species of the Gabonese forest. 
In the presence of the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Water and Forests, Mr Stéphane Bonda, and other historical partners, including the FAO, the WWF team participated in a site visit and planted trees. Read more

WWF Kenya Unveils Pioneer Council of Ambassadors

This inaugural team of Council of Ambassadors are distinguished and influential leaders who have volunteered to be nature champions. 
On 20 April, five of the nine ambassadors signed personal commitments to support the achievement of our vision for “A healthy natural environment supporting people and sustainable development in Kenya.” The five are Dr David Githanga, Ms Maggie Ireri, Ms Joy Tirok, Mr Julius Owino, popularly known by his stage name Juliani and Ms Wanjiru Waithaka. Read more

WWF Madagascar Celebrates The Joining Of  SADC Monitoring Control and Surveillance Coordination Centre

Madagascar becomes the 10th State Party to the Charter establishing MCSCC, joining Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, United Republic of Tanzania and Zambia. Two-thirds of the SADC Member States must sign the Charter for it to enter into force. Read more

WWF Cameroon To Ensure Integrated Management Of Forest Landscapes In The South

WWF Cameroon will coordinate the Integrated Management of Cameroon’s Globally Important Forest Landscapes in the Congo Basin (GEF7) project. The tripartite memorandum of understanding related to the implementation of GEF7 was signed on 30 March 2022 in Yaoundé. Read more

WWF Uganda Welcomes Blue Heart Of Africa Members To The Pearl Of Africa

The Blue Heart Of Africa Initiative aims to ensure that Africa's freshwater resources are effectively managed and conserved to sustain locally and globally important ecosystems and biodiversity and provide a foundation for sustainable development and secure livelihoods. Read more

Endangered Species Day

20th May 2022 was World Endangered Species Day. The Wild Bonobo, found in forests south of the Congo River in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), are endangered. 
Along with chimpanzees, bonobos are our closest living relatives. Leaner than chimpanzees, they forage daily for leaves, stems, fruits, worms, and insects. At night, they sleep in nests newly built in the forks of trees. They're threatened by poaching, habitat loss, and civil unrest. Read more


WWF Convenes First-Ever Food Day At A UN Rio Convention COP

WWF organised a dedicated day for food systems events and discussions at CoP 15, reflecting the centrality of this driver to future land-use sustainability. WWF also issued a “food manifesto” for CoP15, highlighting how crucial the current food system's reform is to save soil for the future. The manifesto demanded to “implement large-scale restoration to re-establish ecosystem services and improve the livelihoods of over a billion people living on degraded farmland.” The #UNCCDCOP15 closed with these firm commitments:
☑️ Restore 1 billion ha of degraded land
☑️ Step up #drought preparedness
☑️ Strengthen land tenure for #genderequity
☑️ 2,5 billion USD for Abidjan Legacy Programme
Read more

World Economic Forum 2022

What's Happening In Davos?

For over 50 years, the World Economic Forum has been the international organization for public-private cooperation. The Annual Meeting is the focal point for leaders to accelerate the partnerships needed to tackle global challenges and shape a more sustainable and inclusive future. Convening under the theme,History at a Turning Point: Government Policies and Business Strategies, the Annual Meeting 2022 and its 450 sessions bring together global leaders from business, government and civil society.
More news below:

World Economic Forum Unveils Virtual Global Collaboration Village As The Future Of Strong Public-Private Cooperation 

4 Reasons Why Nature Should Be At The Heart Of Davos

AfDB Annual Meetings

Spotlight On The African Development Bank Group Annual Meetings

WWF will attend the AfDB annual meetings in Accra from Monday, 23rd May.

Over a decade of formal partnership has seen the AfDB and the WWF collaborate on producing two knowledge products: Africa Ecological Footprint and Africa Ecological Futures. The two institutions have equally collaborated on climate change, South-South cooperation, and fighting illegal wildlife trafficking, which saw the adoption of the Marrakech Declaration and discussions on the issues at the highest level at the UN General Assembly in New York.

AfDB Gears Up For Annual Meetings In Accra

What Could An Ambitious African Development Fund Replenishment Look Like?

AfDB To Leverage Its Equity In ADF To Raise Additional Resources For Development Projects

Africa Hosts SE4ALL Forum

Sustainable Energy for All Forum, 17-19 May 2022

The 2022 SEforALL Forum is the landmark global gathering bringing people together to take stock of progress, showcase success and identify solutions to achieve faster, broader gains towards sustainable energy for all. It serves as a platform to broker new partnerships, spur investment, address challenges and drive action towards realizing SDG7 and a global clean energy transition. This year, it was held in Kigali, Rwanda.

Here are some insights around the event:

African Leaders Present Unified Position On A Just Energy Transition

Rwanda’s First Cooking Gas Plant Expected In One Year

Reports We're Reading

The Nature Of Conflict And Peace

WWF and Adelphi launched a new report that explores the nexus of nature and security. Speaking at the launch were WWF Africa Region Director Alice Ruhweza and WWF Germany International Policy Advisor Florian Titze. 
The nature-security nexus shows that biodiversity loss and environmental degradation is a structural challenge for peace and security that must be acknowledged and treated. 
The scale of the environmental crisis and its critical importance in driving insecurity makes it imperative that the UN system recognizes and acts more comprehensively on this overarching challenge.
We must work towards a comprehensive global environmental security agenda, complementing the existing activities and initiatives on climate-related security risks with the nature-security nexus.

Download The Report

Fantastic Freshwater Report

A major new report has been published by the world’s leading conservationists, highlighting the diversity and beauty of freshwater species and the immense threats they face to their survival. The Fantastic Freshwater: 50 landmark species for conservation report, led by Shoal, the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC), the IUCN SSC Freshwater Conservation Committee, and the Global Center for Species Survival at the Indianapolis Zoo, emphasises the urgent need for freshwater species conservation, and highlights species from across the taxonomic spectrum that we are set to lose unless urgent action is taken to alleviate threats.

Download The Report

AfCTA Country Business Index Report

The ECA released their first AfCFTA Country Business Index, which looks at how easy it is to do business between African countries. The Index, an idea that has been brewing since 2018, analyses the competitiveness of 7 countries with a further 20 on the way. The Index aims to look at how easy it is to do business between African countries, to trade amongst each other and how easy it is for a Cameroonian, for example, to set up business in Kenya and vice versa. The report will help identify bottlenecks and address issues so that the African private sector can conduct business seamlessly in their country of origin as anywhere else on the continent.

Download The Report

Economic Report On Africa

Addressing poverty and vulnerability in Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic” is the 2021 Economic Report on Africa theme. The report provides a perspective of the causes and consequences of increased poverty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as from other shocks such as an oil price collapse, within a vulnerability–poverty–resilience framework, providing national estimates of people vulnerable to falling into poverty in different country clusters.
The principal messages of this report are that poverty in Africa is highly dynamic and that poor people move into and out of poverty because of consumption volatility arising from exposure to risks caused by shocks like the COVID-19 pandemic, and that their inability to manage uninsured risks only increases their vulnerability. 

Download The Report
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Other Top Stories

Africa, How Free Is Your Media?

Across 34 African countries that Afrobarometer surveyed in 2019/2021, six in 10 citizens (60%) said their country’s media were “somewhat” or “completely” free to publish without state interference. Read more

Deforestation A Major Challenge For Madagascar To Protect Its Biodiversity

Madagascar has lost 4,300,000 hectares of forest cover in the last 20 years, Tiana Ramahaleo, conservation director of WWF Madagascar, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua ahead of the May 22 International Day for Biodiversity. Read more

Ivory From At Least 150 Poached Elephants Seized In DRC Raid

A three-year investigation has led authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo to 2 metric tons of ivory hidden in a stash house in the southern city of Lubumbashi. Read more

Pink Pigeons In Mauritius Make Remarkable Comeback From Near-Extinction 

Disappointingly, the species continued to lose genetic diversity even as overall numbers increased during the successful conservation rescue programme. Read more

This Digest Is Made In Africa But Globally Curious! 

Here is a selection of global news that caught our attention

UN Commission On Crime Prevention And Criminal Justice Adopts Historic Resolution On Illicit Trafficking In Wildlife

This is the first time a UN resolution has mentioned a potential new global agreement tackling illicit wildlife trafficking. The resolution also invites the Member States to share their "experiences, good practices and challenges when preventing and combating illicit trafficking in wildlife, and their national legislation in this sphere." Read more

World Migratory Bird Day Illuminates Dark Side Of Light Pollution

Natural darkness has a conservation value in the same way as clean water, air, and soil. A key goal of World Migratory Bird Day 2022 was to raise awareness of light pollution and its adverse impacts on migratory birds. Read more

139 Countries Get Head Start On Efforts To Reverse Species Loss

With global biodiversity loss at dangerous levels, 139 countries have received a lifeline to fast-track efforts to conserve, protect and restore species and ecosystems as soon as a new global accord currently under negotiation is approved. Read more

Harvard To Issue Reparations For Its Ties To Slavery

Harvard University has released a report detailing the school's involvement in the U.S. slave trade, including faculty and staff owning slaves and professors teaching racial eugenics. Read more

WWF International Unveils SEE Shell: New Mobile App To Help Protect Critically Endangered Hawksbill Turtles

WWF collaborated with conservation group SEE Turtles on an app named SEE Shell, which uses machine learning and image recognition to discern whether or not a product is made from a hawksbill sea turtle’s shell. Read more

Wheat Importers In Asia Scramble For Supplies After Indian Export Ban

Wheat importers in Asia were scrambling to find new sources of supply after India banned exports of the grain at the weekend in a bid to keep a lid on soaring domestic prices, trade sources told Reuters. Read more

G7 Development Officers Address Missing Targets

G7 Development Ministers come up with some strong language at their meeting this week in Berlin, including a commitment to feminist development policy and climate action. Read more

What We Are Listening To

The Melodies of Rivers (With Juliani Kenya and Yvonne Mwikali) - WWF Africa Voice of Nature

Rumbles In The Jungle - Mongabay Podcast


What We Are Watching


Celebrating World Bee Day (20th May) with WWF Zambia's ZYCALA Bee Hive Project.

Graphic Of The Week

The United Nations Convention To Combat Desertification (UNCCD) published its second edition of the Global Land Outlook. 
This report is the most comprehensive UN-led guidance for sustainable land use and touches on a number of key issues on the Forests/Climate/Food agenda, such as community-led solutions, restoration, agriculture/food systems and sustainable development.

Coming Up


World Economic Forum - 22nd to 26th May

10th Meeting of the Malabo Montpellier (MaMo) Forum - 24th May 2022

48th G7 Summit - 26th June to 28th June 2022

Our Time on Earth Exhibition (UK) - Ongoing until 29 August 2022

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