Our daughter Maya's biological village in Chajmaic, Guatemala
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Aid Needed for Hurricane Victims in Chajamic

In the past two days, we have just learned from our associate Ricardo about the devastation caused by Hurricane María in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.  This directly affects the village of Chajmaic, where Maya's biological family lives.  According to Ricardo, the government of Guatemala is in chaos, and is not aiding the region.

This is a satellite photo of the hurricane before it hit land:

The homes of the villagers have been flooded, leading to a widespread increase in intestinal illness.  Residents have no access to food.  Electricity is spotty and cell service is erratic.  There are no public buses.

Ricardo sent this video of residents trying to escape to safety.

Our plan is to send money to the bank account of our contact in the village of Chajmaic, Alfonso.  When he is able to get to the bank in Cobán (usually half an hour by bus) he will use the money to help with rebuilding and food and safe drinking water for people in the village.

If you have given towards our "Water for Life" project, this is a separate request.  Funds will be kept separate and sent immediately to the village.  100% of your donations will go towards aid.  Any amount, from $5 to $5,000 helps!  Even though Fern will lose her position at the university in three weeks, we are donating $100 to this cause on faith that God will bless the people of Chajmaic and all of us donating.

You can donate at:

Thank you for your support!

Fern and Ginny Remedi-Brown


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