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Time flies when you're having fun! 2018 was a year full of growth, change, and of course, video. Here is a look at the highlights of the year, as well as some surprising facts.
Pro Tip from Our Producer
The best thing about my job as a video producer? That's a tough one, but I decided to think it through in the interest of looking back on 2018 and looking ahead to 2019. 

#TheBest: I get to help people share their story.

That is the best part of my job, hands-down. First, I get to be a sponge and learn so many cool things about people, occupations, passions, and about life. Then, like a gemcutter, I get to refine these ideas into their clearest form. Then, I get to share it with the world, often surprising and delighting my subject by revealing things that even they didn't know about themselves. Storytellers have played a critical part in collecting, preserving and sharing the treasures of humanity since the beginning of time. And I'm blessed to be one.

- Katie Rutter
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The Results Team

The wonderful ladies of The Results Team have been called a trailblazers - they are helping others build their dreams using a new model of doing real estate. We had the honor of creating their video to help them explain just what that means.

Coming Soon: SEEK2019
17,000 young people gathered in Indianapolis to celebrate their faith at SEEK2019 - a conference especially geared toward college students. And we were there to capture it. Here are a couple of images from the event - stay tuned for the video!
Things About Things
Odd facts about plants... just for fun.

Another new year means one more opportunity to start fresh, change for the better or, if you are botanically inclined, turn over a new leaf. But change is difficult and, if you are a plant, producing leaves can take some time. For biologists studying plants, the time it takes to grow a seed into a leafy seed-producing adult can be intolerably long. That’s why in 1987 Dr. Paul H. Williams’ New Year’s resolution was to speed up his scientific research.

Dr. Williams studied plant genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He worked with a plant called Brassica rapa, which is related to turnips and cabbage and takes six months to complete its life cycle. Plant geneticists spend a lot of time pollinating plants, collecting seeds and looking for different traits in each successive generation. Can you imagine waiting half a year to complete one step of an experiment? It was just too much! By crossing his Brassica plants with related species, Dr. Williams was able to drop the generation time of his plants from 6 months to just 5 weeks. His Wisconsin Fast Plants® were a huge hit and are publicly available as an educational tool for very young, aspiring scientists with short attention spans. Never before has turning over a new leaf been so quick and effortless . . . now about getting that gym membership . . .

Scripture Inspiration
Stay grounded with verses that inspire. Here are the two Picture Scripture images that we will post on our Facebook page in the coming weeks.
Join Our Mission
At Thing in a Pot Productions, we believe that everyone has immense value. We are committed to helping others--large and small groups alike--communicate through the language of video. By doing so, we are helping even the "least of these" share their value with the world.

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