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An Indianapolis couple decided to start wearing their faith on their feet and ended up spreading joy. When Scott and Elisabeth Williams founded Sock Religious, designing and selling Catholic-themed socks, they discovered that the unique footwear sparked lots of laughs and led to new conversations about religion. Today their lighthearted line-up includes Francis For Your Feet, Pier Giorgio FraSocky and St. Thérèse of LeShoe.
Speaking of Saints . . .
Fulton Sheen is one step closer to SAINTHOOD. Pope Francis recently gave his stamp of approval for a miracle attributed to Sheen's intercession. To celebrate this wise and beloved teacher, we have been releasing videos inspired by his audio recordings. All of these video lessons can be shared and downloaded, free-of-charge. Help us spread this near-saint's timeless wisdom with the world! Watch the videos.
Lightning bugs and stars... just magical.
Our producer was experimenting with long-exposure and timelapses, and these little insects made the perfect subjects. Watch the video.
Pro Tip From Our Producer
There are an incredible amount of stars - we just can't see most of them. That's what I discovered while making the short timelapse featured in this newsletter. When our eyes look up at the sky, we only see some of the brightest stars because our eyes only take in some of the light. But the camera can "see" much more - each of these long-exposure images shows the sky as if the camera's "eye" was opened for 20 seconds, and all of that light was composited into one image. Even the smallest, faintest stars are captured, and the resulting images show a sky teeming with brilliance.

 #ProTip: Video has an uncanny way of revealing the hidden and overlooked.

A small mom-and-pop tire store is suddenly noticed and overwhelmed by customers after they are featured in a news report. Consumers finally understand how to use a product after watching a tutorial video. No one has ever heard of an amateur singer until a friend posts a video that goes viral. Capturing, revealing - It's just what video does. So, do you have anything that needs noticed? Let's get your video rolling.

- Katie Rutter
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Teenage Missionary . . . Ninja . . . Turt- . . . Wait . . .
These midwestern high school students may not be very good at battling crime, but they have learned how to encounter and build community at a week-long summer camp. The Missionary Disciples Institute is hosted by Marian University of Indianapolis and aims to help young people learn how to evangelize. Organizers say that the first step is meeting, and understanding others where they are. The teens had the opportunity to visit several community ministries and make new friends in the process. Their nunchuck skills still need work, though. Watch the Video. 
Things About Things
A new school year is about to start. Soon, young scholars will be back behind desks trying to remember odd facts, but summer brains can be rusty and may need help. Perhaps the teachers will pass out peppermint candies. That always helps . . . or does it . . . and how? What's the link between mints and memory?

In 1990, the University of Cincinnati and the Catholic University of America co-authored a paper suggesting that the smell of peppermint, as well as lily of the valley, could improve attentiveness at certain tasks. Their study included 36 people . . . which is not a large number of people. Nevertheless, their soft, soft, squishy, pre-chewed, baby-bottom science inspired other papers that have likewise drawn correlations between the smell of peppermint and memory or attention. One such paper from 2008, suggests peppermint aroma actually has no affect on alertness but can somehow improve memory through "pharmacological, cognitive, and emotional effects" . . . possibly.

Hard evidence on this matter is lacking. There is some evidence that the menthol in peppermint oil can relax smooth muscles in the intestine, and peppermint oil can repel certain insects. So mints may help if a student has an upset stomach or if they're being attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes. Any other benefits are likely due to the sugar in the mint or a placebo effect.
Scripture Inspiration
Stay grounded with verses that inspire. Here are the two Picture Scripture images that we will post on our Facebook page in the coming weeks.
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At Thing in a Pot Productions, we believe that everyone has immense value. We are committed to helping others--large and small groups alike--communicate through the language of video. By doing so, we are helping even the "least of these" share their value with the world.

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