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Dr. Jessica Hite is working to save the birds that she calls the “dolphins of the sky.” Chimney swifts — tiny birds that are incredible aerial acrobats — are a threatened species because they can’t find enough nesting sites. The birds live in, you guessed it, chimneys, and the advent of chimney caps has made it difficult for the swifts to foster new generations. We followed Jessica for a day to see what she’s doing to save the swifts and learn more about this incredible species.
Chaldean Catholics' Carey Candlelight Cavalcade
Forced to flee their homeland, Iraqi Christians in the U.S. are holding on to faith and a beautifully vibrant culture. Thousands of these exiles gathered in the unlikely small town of Carey, Ohio for a candlelight procession and Mass. Watch the video.
Pro Tip From Our Producer
I take pride in being a one-man-band. For many of my shoots, I'm going solo and handling the lights, the visuals, the audio, the interview, everything myself. This DIY approach makes video accessible to many groups who would never be able to afford a crew. However, I urge my clients to, whenever possible, budget for more than one crew member. The crew always pays for itself in the long run by exponentially increasing speed and quality.

 #ProTip: Video crews make the shoot faster and of higher quality.

When there are more professionals on set, video setup, teardown, and maneuvering goes twice as fast. Often there can be two cameras running at once so you capture twice as much footage. But, even more importantly, there are multiple sets of eyes (and ears) looking to make the video great. It's easy to overlook, or just accept, a sub-par visual when you're trying to keep track of everything yourself. But when the work is delegated to several professionals, you can be sure that each aspect will be monitored and tweaked until it is perfect.

- Katie Rutter
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It Can Be Easy To Be Green
The students at a Louisville school are taking charge of making their campus greener. Kids care for a pollinator garden, help maintain a wetlands, managing recycling and composting, and take energy surveys of their buildings at St. Agnes School. For this Catholic elementary, it's all about caring for creation and honoring the God who made it. Watch the video.
Videography Is Not For The Weak
There may not have been blood or tears (this time), but there was certainly sweat. We were filming in downtown Cincinnati on the hottest day of the year and it was... hot. Have a look behind-the-scenes to see what we endure for our art.

Just please, don't smell us.

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Things About Things
Odd facts about plants... just for fun.
Survival of the fittest doesn't always have to be a vicious competition. Plenty of species grow and develop together over time by providing mutual benefits for each other. Perhaps one of the finest examples is the bee orchid (Ophrys apifera).

The bee orchid grows across Europe, stretching across the Middle East to Northern Africa. While it can pollinate itself, this orchid's distinctive look is the result of teamwork. At the top of a slender stalk, three pointed, pink sepals (tough petal-like structures that enclose a flower before it opens) form a triangle. At the bottom of the triangle is a large and hairy petal patterned in brown and yellow to look like a bee . . . or at least what passes for a bee among flowers. But the deception doesn't stop there. The flower also secrete a chemical compound called allomones that closely mimic the pheromones produced by a female bee. This ruse proves all too convincing to bees who, while attempting to mate with the petal, are gently patted with pollen from two drumstick like structures suspended over the mouth of the flower.

This might seem like a cruel trick on the part of the orchid. True, the bee will unwittingly carry its pollen to other orchids, but in return the bee gets nectar to eat, a coating of perfume that makes him more attractive to other mates and perhaps some much needed self-confidence. 

(image by Henry Hemming via Wikimedia Commons)
Scripture Inspiration
Stay grounded with verses that inspire. Here are the two Picture Scripture images that we will post on our Facebook page in the coming weeks.
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