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Audio descriptions - 
access to art for visually impaired people

In 2018 we were awarded funding from Creative Scotland to help us to promote and preserve the work of Hannah Frank. I  have worked with our four very talented and knowledgeable Glasgow Uni history of art students, alongside  Visibility, Scottish War Blinded, and arts disability consultant Fiona Greer, on developing audio descriptions of some of Hannah Frank's work. We are applying for more funding to redevelop this website to include audio descriptions of all the works. In the meantime here are a couple of audio descriptions as a taster  - written by Lisa Chamberlin and Sylvie Rowland and read by Sylvie.  Let us know what you think.


We need your help - can you suggest any established Scottish artists, dancers, poets, that you think we should  approach to produce a creative response to Hannah Frank's art? 

Our next funding application will include setting up a new exhibition in 2020 of Hannah Frank art PLUS 'creative responses to the art'.  Using the workshop models we have developed during the last exhibition, we want to encourage schools and art groups to make creative responses to HF work, and we will exhibit some of the works and include them on our website.
Since the amazing work  done by Myra Ostacchini, who did an exquisite full size embroidery of 'Wrap Thy Form in a Mantle Grey' which she has donated to us to auction at a future event (see pix below!),  we will also be seeking funding to  commission other established and emerging Scottish artists and other creatives to make their own responses to HF work - in drawing, painting, sculpture, but also creative writing, dance, poetry, installations...    So we'd love your ideas of who we should approach. Contact details below! 
The last activity we did as part of the HF 110th birthday exhibition was a minibus tour of 'Hannah Frank's Glasgow'.  We visited Westacres Care Home where she lived at the end of her life, we saw all the places she had lived and studied in Glasgow, we had a real treat being shown round Glasgow Museums Resource Centre which holds some of her original drawings: but the best part of the day was a complete surprise - the people who lived in the house where my aunt lived from the age of 11 until she got married at the age of 31, allowed us in to see round .  What a treat!  . Here are some of the people who came on the tour!, on the steps of the chapel where we met. 

Scottish Refugee Council fundraiser

As many of you are based in Scotland I wanted to tell you about another exciting project i've been involved with this year which is not related to Hannah Frank art, but I hope that you will be interested and tell your friends.  

I saw an amazing contemporary dance group last year in Germany - three Syrian refugees dancing about the refugee experience. I don't even normally like contemporary dance, but this was amazing (you can see a little bit of it here  . It's an even more astonishing story because the director of their dance company is a Berlin-based Israeli - and those nationalities NEVER work together as you'll know.  So I resolved to try to bring it to the UK.My employer  SCoJeC, the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, is working in partnership with the Scottish Refugee Council on this project.  The group is going to be part of Refugee Festival Scotland at the end of the month, performing in Edinburgh on 27th June and in Glasgow on 30th June. (The Glasgow event will take place at the University Chapel, which also hosted the Hannah Frank 100th and 110th Birthday Exhibitions).   Each performance is followed by a Klezmer Ceilidh or a Klezmer/Scottish ceilidh so you all get to dance as well as watch dancing  (and i will be calling the Klezmer part of the ceilidhs with my favourite Scottish Klezmer bands Kleyne Klezmer  -in Edinburgh - and Celter Schmelter - in Glasgow). - the events are going to be fundraisers for the Scottish Refugee Council  -  and I can totally say it will be an amazing evening. While they're here the group will do a workshop at a Glasgow primary school, and a dance workshop with refugee families.    Edinburgh event link is here and Glasgow event link is here (And there's a free dance workshop during the day on Sunday 30 June with Syrian, Israeli, Klezmer and contemporary dance during the day. . The link is here .  I would LOVE to see you and your friends at any of these events..). 

Our ‘four signed prints for £100’ offer has been very successful.  We still have a few sets available of our special limited offer for mailing list members and Facebook followers only.  This offer is not open to the general public. Follow the link here   Prints still available under this offer at the time of writing are Dance, Woman and trees, Night, Moon Ballet, Spring Frieze, In thoughts from the visions of the night, Girl at Window, Job, and Woman with Birds

Have you ever considered owning your own sculpture? A beautiful addition to your home: a bronze sculpture, recast for you with your choice of patina.  Prices range from £1845 to £2995.  Email or phone for full details and price list.  
best wishes
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