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Spring is finally on the way and everyone is starting to think about lighter days, warmer weather (hopefully) and dare I say, summer holidays. Of course February brings us Valentine’s Days and to help you celebrate with a gorgeous smile, we are offering 20% discount on our Diamond Shine luxury polish treatment throughout February, make sure you call today to book.
Wouldn’t it be life changing if there was a simple and effective solution to your snoring?
You may have heard about the fantastic ‘anti-snoring’ technology that we offer at Portmore.
The SomoMed anti-snoring device works by gently and unobtrusively moving your airway forward slightly to change the way that you breath.

This SomnoMed looks and feels very similar to a sports mouth guard, however, the device is hand-made for each patient using the latest techniques at a specialist laboratory.
Construction of the device usually takes about 3 weeks, when ready, we will fit the device in the surgery and discuss maintenance with you to ensure that you get the very best from your Anti-Snoring device.
Often, couples sleep in separate rooms, a spouse’ sleep may be affected and relationships can lose intimacy altogether. Patients wearing SomnoMed...
- Regularly enjoy refreshing sleep
- Experience restfulness during the day
- Increase their health by reducing the chances of serious health complications
- Restore spousal togetherness
- Are free to travel because there’s no device to plug in
Patients wearing an anti-snoring device report a huge
reduction in their snoring in as little as 2 weeks!

Listen to Mark's amazing story - play video below
Mark explains how the SomnoMed anti-snoring
device has almost cured his snoring
If you would like help to finally stop snoring for good, please call us on
01932 855011 to book your FREE anti-snoring assessment TODAY.
Spotlight on… sedation
. For some patients, even the thought of coming to the dentist ignites a fear so strong that they put off having dental treatment for many years. Often living in pain or discomfort and suffering from a lack of confidence or social embarrassment because of a less than perfect smile

At Portmore, we can offer dental sedation to patients who suffer from extreme dental anxiety or who would simply like to feel more relaxed for their first few appointments.

IV Dental sedation is extremely safe, the drugs that we use do not have any nasty side effects. An added bonus is that patients often fall asleep during the treatment and/or lose track of time, so the appointment may only seem like a few minutes when maybe it has been a few hours!

Our sedationists are all qualified GP’s and deliver one to one patient care, literally hand holding and guiding the patient through the whole experience.

Most patients would be suitable for IV sedation, but we find it particularly useful to help patients overcome extreme phobia caused by traumatic childhood dental experiences, patients who have a ‘gag reflex’ or those patients needing a little extra support when undergoing more complex or lengthy procedures.

If you have been putting off your dental treatment due to anxiety or feel, you really are not alone! Please give us a call today and arrange a chat with Naomi, our Patient Care Manager about Dental Sedation.

Did you know?

That a dental implant is now classed at the best way of replacing a single missing tooth? All dental practices’ MUST give the option of a dental implant to those patients with gaps or who require extractions.

This is because dental implants have been shown to last a lifetime (with the correct homecare & maintenance), they cause no complications to surrounding teeth and are straight forward to place (you can often have the gap filled in the same-day) meaning little ‘downtime’ for patients. If you, or your friends or family have a gap in your smile that is making you unhappy, please come and see Naomi for a free consultation and to find out more about dental implants.
We currently offer single implant replacement
teeth for as little as £100 per month.
What is your favourite thing about spring?
You may have noticed our rather intense questioning at your routine oral health checks over the last few months! We pride ourselves on working to current guidelines and keeping abreast of changes at Portmore. One particular recommendation from the GDC, NICE and CQC (Care Quality Commission) is the robust medical history questionnaire and updates that we need to complete with all of our patients. Current guidelines state that you must complete a new medical history questionnaire at every 6-month examination and that we must verbally update your medical status at EVERY SINGLE visit. Included in the medical history, must be social questions such as alcohol use and nicotine intake.
We are not prying or judging, honest!

Both of these questions need to be addressed by law; as alcohol and nicotine use have a direct impact on the overall health of your mouth (we don’t just examine for tooth decay, we carry out discreet oral cancer screening on every patient). A few of our patients have found these questions a little intrusive, but they really are necessary in helping us to fully understand and diagnose your oral health, and to address any risk factors.
So please do be as detailed (and honest!) as possible when completing your forms and talking to the dentist, we are not here to judge, but simply to provide our patients with the very best care possible and protect you from any form of disease.

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