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Welcome to the May E-Newsletter

We hope you are enjoying the warmer weather and lighter evenings.
It’s great to be spending more time outdoors and wonderful to think we have another 3 or 4 months to look forward to!

There is lots happening at Portmore at the moment, in particular, we have welcomed another new team member to our growing family. Katie joined us at the beginning of May as our new Treatment Coordinator and Receptionist.
Katie has a vast amount of experience in the dental industry having worked in a similar role in her native USA before relocating to the UK 12 months ago.  At Portmore, Katie will be responsible for welcoming new patients into the practice whilst ensuring all existing patients continue to receive excellent standards of patient care, she will also be assisting our great reception team, Mandy and Mel to provide a slick journey for patients.
For those tech savvy patients who carry smart phones and use social media, have you ‘liked’ the Portmore Facebook Page yet? If not, please do so and leave a review if you have time.

As part of our ongoing development and commitment to innovation, Portmore is delighted to announce the launch of the Practice Development Programme (PDP) in June. The PDP is aimed at Dentists throughout Surrey and North Hampshire who wish to grow and develop their practice to a whole new level in terms of patient care and clinical skills.

The partners at Portmore have a combined clinical experience of nearly 75 years, their commitment to ongoing training and education combined with their multi-disciplinary approach to dentistry means that we are uniquely placed to share knowledge and skills with other like-minded practitioners.

In addition, our reputation and long-standing relationships within the industry have allowed us to attract some of the best speakers in the UK to lecture at our events which will be held monthly at the Oatlands Hotel in Weybridge.

Watch this space for event photos!
Our lovely Dental Therapy Nurse, Caley, will be leaving us at the end of May to start her maternity leave. Caley and her partner Chris, are expecting their first baby at the end of June. He’s a blue one, and they have already named him Charlie Theo! Caley has had a wonderful pregnancy and has continued to care for our lovely patients with ease, although regularly stopping for a mug of hot chocolate mid-afternoon as she has gotten bigger.

We would all like to wish Caley and Chris much luck, love and happiness as they prepare for the safe arrival of their little boy. I’m sure there will be plenty of photos in our next newsletter!
13th May Midnight Moonwalk 2017
A 26.2 mile midnight walk through the streets of London to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. Please support all our lovely ladies taking part in this event.

24th May Radiation Protection Training for whole team 

27th June - 9th Nov Portmore Practice Development Programme
27th June Ashley Latter (The Selling Coach)
20th July Tracey Stuart (NBS TRAINING)
31st Aug Luc Wade and Ross Martin (Hive Business)
21st Sept Nick Peters (BTi Implants)
12th Oct Alex O’Neill (CODE)
9th Nov Ian Buckle (The Dawson Academy)

3rd & 4th July Nikki and Eben attend Enhanced Leadership Training programme in London

21st July Team Summer Party

15th June / 24th Aug / 19th Oct  FREE open event

for all patients interested in dental implants or cosmetic dentistry. Come along to the practice between 5pm-7pm for a FREE mini-consultation and 20% discount for patients who book treatment on the night.

10th & 14th October Eben, John and Johann attend The Dawson Academy
3 days TMD conference

2nd & 4th November  Johann attending annual AAID  
(American Academy of Implantology) conference in San Diego

Midnight Moonwalk 13th May 2017

The 13th May is very nearly upon us and the girls are super excited to take part in the Midnight Moonwalk, a midnight walking marathon through London. As usual, a lot of the conversation has revolved around food… What are we going to take to fuel us when walking? What is the first thing we are going to eat when we finish? (a full english breakfast is currently at the top of the list!)

Adriana, Lara, Emma, Liz, Dvija and Nikki are walking the Midnight Moonwalk to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. It’s all too common these days for most people to have been touched by cancer, whether it be a family member, a friend or a dearly loved work colleague.

With your support, this is our opportunity to raise some money for Breast Cancer Care and give something back. Many of you have very kindly donated already and we have almost reached our £1000 target, with online donations at over £500 and cash donations in practice reaching £400.

If you would like to help us raise some money please click on the link below to donate, even if you just donate the cost of your Friday night glass of wine we would be truly grateful.

Spotlight on…
...the Fresh Breath Clinic.  Lots of small signs can show that you may have bad breath. Have you noticed people stepping away from you when you start to talk? Do people turn their cheek when you kiss them goodbye?
Bad breath is a common problem that can affect anyone at any age and yet there is still a real ‘taboo’ around the subject, when there really needn’t be.
Our ‘Fresh Breath Clinic’ means that patients who are concerned about their ‘less than fresh’ breath can come along to get tested and treated in a friendly and positive environment.

Bad breath can be the result of numerous things, the most obvious being relaxed oral hygiene. If bacteria is allowed to flourish in your mouth, it can cause your breath to smell as it breaks down pieces of food left in the mouth, releasing whiffy odours.
Eating strongly flavoured or very spicy foods, such as onions and garlic, can also cause your breath to smell, as can both alcohol or smoking.

Persistent bad breath can also lead to gum disease over a period of time which is why it’s so important to let your dental hygienist or therapist take a look. Gum disease caught in the early stages can be very simple to treat, however, if left undiagnosed, it can eventually lead to periodontal disease and ultimately, tooth loss.

Sometimes, bad breath can occur following an infection or illness, or as a result of taking certain types of medication or gastro-intestinal problems. ‘Dry mouth’ (xerostomia) is a condition that means your mouth produces less saliva. This causes bacteria to build up in your mouth and lead to bad breath. Dry mouth can be caused by some medicines, by salivary gland problems or by continually breathing through your mouth instead of your nose. Older people may produce less saliva, causing further problems.

Other medical conditions that can cause bad breath include infections in the throat, nose or lungs; sinusitis; bronchitis; diabetes; or liver or kidney problems. If after visiting the ‘Fresh Breath Clinic’ we find your mouth to be healthy, we may refer you to your family GP or a specialist to find out the cause of your bad breath.

Whatever the reason, bad breath can be the cause of much embarrassment and frustration for the bearer. Mouthwashes and chewing gum can certainly help, but these will only ever mask the problem.

The real key to treating bad breath is to get to the cause of the problem and know how to treat it effectively and for the long term. Your initial visit to the Fresh Breath Clinic is an extensive 1-hour appointment where you will receive:
  • Consultation, assessment and treatment plan
  • Peace of mind and confidence in knowing that we can treat your problem-
  • A professional Scale and Polish – (further visits may be recommended dependent on diagnosis)
  • Tongue cleaning using specialized techniques and mouthwashes
  • Bespoke oral hygiene education – showing you how to care for your mouth and oral health for the long-term
  • Diet analysis*
  • Social history analysis
  • Help with smoking cessation
  • Medical history
  • Halimeter test – Oral malodour testing machine
  • Bacterial evaluation
  • Fresh Breath Bag – to include bespoke floss, interdental brushes, specialized mouthwash, chewing gum and leaflets.
          Cost – £100

*If on examination, your mouth appears healthy and we believe the cause of your bad breath to be gastro-intestinal, we will refer you to your GP to investigate this further.
Click here for more information about the Halimeter
We think it’s important for you to get to know our wonderful team here at Portmore, and so every week we will post a guest blog from each team member, this week we start with our Head Receptionist, Melanie
Dream Holiday Destination

Let’s start with a holiday, a dream destination. I think I’d like to go Hawaii. I think what draws me to think of that place is the heat, I don’t like being cold, it puts me in a bad mood and also the people seem to be friendly, always dancing around in Hula skirts. Yes, I could certainly imagine myself in those beautiful surroundings.
I love breakfast

The most important meal of the day is of course breakfast. Everyone here always starts the day with a good meal. If calories were no issue I’d choose a massive bowl of Sugar Puffs but of course they do so I opt for yogurt and some muesli. Sugar Puffs, now there’s a guilty pleasure as well as an 80’s power ballad but lets keep that between ourselves.
Fave film?

I’m not really a film person, unless it’s a trip to the pictures. If I was at home I’d rather be watching a documentary about murders and crime, that’s if I could stay awake long enough. Anyone else fall asleep on the sofa most nights?
Dream dinner date...

Now I know that my choice of dream dinner date should be my husband, Trevor but nah! It’s a choice between Prince Harry or James May from Top Gear. I love James and always will but on this occasion I’m going to pick Prince Harry. I’d love to know more about him and I imagine him to have a wicked sense of humour. Someone you could kick back and have a beer with but also what an amazing young man he’s grown up to be. My Summer tipple of choice is... Gin is trendy at the moment and I’m a sucker for a good bit of marketing. If a package looks nice and all the cools cats are doing it, I want to do it too. Yep give me a trendy gin on a hot summers evening and I’d be happy. Give me eight and I’d be ecstatic.
If I won the lotto?

I’m not financially driven and pretty happy with my lot but if I were to win big on the lottery tomorrow my first luxury purchase would be a brand new Aston Martin for my husband. I know he’d love one and it might make up in some way that I have chosen to have dinner with two other men before him.
For the next few months I will be...

Now summer is nearly upon us and it’s my favourite time of year, it’s when I come alive. Long days and evenings. I’m an early bird so to sit out in the garden with a cup of coffee is, I think, the best way to start the day. I’ll be spending a lot of time in the garden over the next few months.
Me and Portmore...

I love working at Portmore because not a day passes that I don’t laugh out loud. The team we have here is by far the best I have ever worked with. The dentists are compassionate, caring and forward thinking. This isn’t your average dental practice and Portmore have big plans for the future and I for one feel honoured to be a part of it.
01932 855 011

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