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Welcome to the June E-Newsletter

Is it me or does this year seem to be racing by?
It was a really busy month at Portmore last month which saw us welcome another addition to our team. Sabiha (Sabby) began her career with us as Trainee Dental Nurse and will be assisting our Hygienists and Therapists for the next few months under the supervision of Adriana. Throughout her training, Sabby will also be mentored by Dvija (one of our Therapists) to ensure that she receives ongoing one to one support and guidance from the practice whilst undergoing her formal training course at college.

Please take the time to say hello and welcome Sabby at your next visit.
For those tech savvy patients who carry smart phones and use social media, have you ‘liked’ the Portmore Facebook Page yet? If not, please do so and leave a review if you have time.

Portmore Movies - Did you know that you can watch your favourite film or TV show at Portmore?!
In our ongoing quest to make sure that our patients have a relaxing and enjoyable experience at Portmore, let us know what your favourite film is and we will arrange for you to watch it on our overhead TV’s during your appointment ☺

Naomi’s promotion - As you will have seen at your recent visit or from past newsletters, Portmore is growing rapidly at the moment. After reviewing our current team structure, we decided to promote Naomi to Assistant Manager.

Naomi's career progression at the practice has been rapid due to her thirst for ongoing development and personal growth. Naomi originally began her career as Eben's dental nurse, which means that she has in-depth clinical knowledge of the treatments we provide at the practice and is able to talk to patients in 'layman's terms' about their appointments. Naomi is calm, thorough and has great attention to detail so patients can relax and enjoy a stress-free experience when they visit Portmore.

Naomi will continue to see new and existing patients for consultations but in addition, her sound clinical knowledge means she is able to assist with Compliance, Health & Safety and the operational side of the practice.

Feedback! – You may have received an email (or 2!) from us over the past few years asking you to complete a digital/online survey and to give us your feedback. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time, we find the feedback really valuable and always act upon it wherever we can. More importantly, it’s crucial for us to consistently improve on our standards and to keep moving towards excellence. Since we began using this system, we have had over 2250 ratings from patients and our overall score is a wonderful 9.5/10!

Thank you so much – we are really thrilled to know that our patients rate us so highly and we have had some truly wonderful comments. Please do keep the feedback (good & bad) coming!
27th June - 9th Nov Portmore Practice Development Programme
27th June Ashley Latter (The Selling Coach)
20th July Tracey Stuart (NBS TRAINING)
31st Aug Luc Wade and Ross Martin (Hive Business)
21st Sept Nick Peters (BTi Implants)
12th Oct Alex O’Neill (CODE)
9th Nov Ian Buckle (The Dawson Academy)

3rd & 4th July Nikki and Eben attend Enhanced Leadership Training programme in London

21st July Team Summer Party

15th June / 24th Aug / 19th Oct  FREE open event

for all patients interested in dental implants or cosmetic dentistry. Come along to the practice between 5pm-7pm for a FREE mini-consultation and 20% discount for patients who book treatment on the night.

10th & 14th October Eben, John and Johann attend The Dawson Academy
3 days TMD conference

2nd & 4th November  Johann attending annual AAID  
(American Academy of Implantology) conference in San Diego

The Moonwalk
Congratulations and well done to our lovely girls who have raised a MASSIVE £2,210 for Breast Cancer by taking part in the Midnight Moonwalk on Sat 13th May. The 27 mile walk was long and tough, not helped by the rain which swept in at about 2am for a few hours and made the last 10 miles very hard.

Haribo, bananas and energy drinks kept us fuelled, as did the endless chatter and laughter. We saw some wonderful sights around London in the early hours and were privileged to walk alongside some truly inspiring women, many of whom are still in recovery themselves.

We started at 10.30pm Sat night, and finished back at Clapham Common around 7.30am on Sunday morning. The last mile into the common was extremely moving as husbands and fathers lined the park waiting for their ladies to return, there were many tears from both walkers and supporters. I think I speak for us all when I say that the enormity of the challenge and the meaning behind it was very overwhelming at this point.

By this time, the sleep deprivation combined with a solid 9 hours walking meant that we were all slightly delirious and couldn't feel our toes! All of a sudden it was over and the walk seemed slightly surreal, we collected our medals and gave each other a teary hug. 

Looking around I noticed that the sun had finally come out and a cooked breakfast was imminent and so off we trotted to fill our tums not quite believing what we had just achieved.

Monday morning at work was a toughie! A few aches and pains, sore feet and extreme tiredness, BUT, we have managed to absolutely smash our target which made every moment worthwhile.

A HUGE thank you to our wonderful patients, who were beyond generous with their donations and very kind words.
Spotlight on…
...The Portmore Membership Plan  Did you know that we have a great monthly membership plan at Portmore that allows you to budget for your routine dental maintenance?

The membership plan is easy to join and at only £18 per month, it covers patients for 2 x dental examinations, all radiographs, 2 x Refresh & Shine visits with the Hygienist per year, PLUS a massive 15% loyalty discount on all future treatment (excl implants).

The plan also has the added benefit of emergency call-out cover at home or abroad and insurance cover if you accidentally break a tooth (T&C’s apply). As a plan member, you will also have priority on our emergency clinics, meaning that you will usually be seen on the same day if needs be.

By spreading the payments, you can budget for your dental health, making administration easier (no bills to pay on the day of your check-up!) and enjoy the added benefits of the loyalty discount.

The enrolment process is very simple and patients can start enjoying the benefits from day one. If you would like to budget for your dental health, please get in touch today on 01932 855011.

Digital Smile Imaging
Did you know that Portmore Dental have Smile Imaging software at the practice?

This revolutionary piece of software means that by taking a quick photograph of the patient’s current smile and manipulating the image, we are able to show the patient their smile makeover in a matter of minutes!

Patients are often unhappy with their smile, but don’t know how or if it can be changed. The Smile Imaging system allows us to digitally ‘play’ with a patient’s smile. We can move teeth around, make teeth whiter (or darker in some cases!), close gaps, make teeth bigger or smaller and straighten twisted teeth.

If you are worried about crooked teeth, or would simply like to see how whiter teeth could brighten your smile, then a FREE Smile Imaging consultation could be just for you.

If you would like to take advantage of this amazing software, please just give us a call and book in for your FREE, no obligation, Smile Imaging consultation.

Taking your security seriously...
We often have patients call us asking to alter appointments for family members, or to ask us questions about the nature of their husband/wife’s/sister’s treatment, or to enquire about appointment times.

Please do note, it is a legal requirement for us to comply with extremely stringent Data Protection and Patient Confidentiality legislation.

This means that we absolutely cannot discuss any aspect of a patient’s treatment with anyone other than the patient. Parents, if your child is over 18 years of age, we cannot discuss treatment with you, we will need to speak to the adult in question, even if they are living at home and you are paying for their treatment.

Please be respectful to our admin team who are required to follow legislation and are acting in your best interests. In this digital day and age, we need to be more careful than ever about sharing information and protecting our patient’s security.
We think it’s important for you to get to know our wonderful team here at Portmore, and so every week we will post a guest blog from each team member, this week we start with our Therapest, Dvija
Dream Holiday Destination

My dream holiday destination would be somewhere with some long scenic hikes, a great sandy beach and warm seas. I love a long walk if the weather is right when I go away, but also like to come back and veg out with a drink by the beach or pool. I’ve always wanted to go to Bora Bora but something tells me I’d get fidgety being so secluded!  If anyone has some recommendations, please let me know!
I love breakfast

I love breakfast because I am always starving in the morning! About 90% of the time I’m pretty boring and have the exact same breakfast - Weetabix, milk and a banana. It’s the only thing I’m a true creature of habit about. If I don’t have breakfast… well you’ll probably tell if I’ve not had breakfast, I get extremely grumpy. If I’ve got the time or on weekends I’ll have avocado and poached egg on fresh bakery bread - a real treat that isn’t too bad for you! 
Fave song?

My song of choice at Karaoke would be…? It would have to be Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams or Mr Brightside by The Killers. Both songs are associated with some great memories with friends and family.  Everyone knows in the words and you can’t hear too much if you’re singing off-key!
Fave film?

My favourite film of all-time would have to be ‘Bridesmaids’. I haven’t met a single person yet who doesn’t love this film. I can watch it a thousand times and never not find it hilarious! I’m still waiting on a sequel though…
My pet hate is?

When people don’t use their indicators and then get annoyed at you in traffic. They’re there for a reason people- just use them!! I can’t read your minds! Argh!
My Summer tipple of choice is?

An ice cold fruit cider or Pimms. Nice and refreshing! Ideally something berry flavoured.
Me and Portmore...

I’m just coming up to being here a year and I couldn’t be more glad to be a part of this team. I’m really lucky to be here full time, working with some extremely talented, caring individuals doing a job I thoroughly enjoy. I’m so excited to be part of Portmore’s big future plans and truly look forward to continue working here for many years to come.
01932 855 011

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