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This is our last email for the Summer Launch of Mursion. We hope you have all the resources, information, and materials you need for a successful Fall semester. If you need any additional assistance, please reach out to our support team at or (855)-999-5818 Monday-Friday between 8am-9pm EST.

In today’s email, I’m sharing an exciting opportunity to engage with the Mursion research community around building knowledge related to teacher preparation. We are also highlighting one of our Software License Partners in our spotlight this week and I’ve shared the last few available slots to register for the Mursion Portal Webinar. Read below for more information!

Mursion Portal Trainings

If you will be scheduling sessions for your organization this year, there is still time to sign up for a Mursion Portal training using one of the links below. **Please remember, organizations can only begin scheduling sessions for this year after having attended a Mursion Portal training.**

Here’s what a few of our attendees had to say about the webinar:

  • “Thank you for the information session, everything you shared was so clear and easy to understand!”

  • “Everything in the webinar made sense and I liked being able to hear everyone else’s questions, especially since this is my first year using Mursion.”



    Registration Link

    Thursday, August 29

    12:30-1:00pm EST

    (9:30-10:00am PST)

    Click here to register

    Thursday, September 5

    1:00-1:30pm EST

    (10:00-10:30am PST)

    Click here to register

    Tuesday, September 10

    2:00-2:30pm EST

    (11:00-11:30am PST)

    Click here to register

If none of our training dates work with your schedule, please send me an email and we’ll work together to find a time for a one-on-one training in late September.

Research Partnership Opportunity

On September 19, at 3:30pm EST, Mursion will be hosting an interactive webinar on Using Simulation for both Instruction and Research in Teacher Preparation Programs, hosted by Dr. Julie Cohen and Dr. Vivian Wong, University of Virginia. This overview shares greater details about their research, as well as the opportunity for your university to partner in this study. 

Click here to register for the event.

Simulations have enormous potential as both a practice space and assessment platform. Teacher educators are able to observe prospective teachers in ways that are otherwise difficult to replicate in a university classroom or in student teaching, while facilitating the provision of feedback, with opportunities for “do-overs.” Simulated classrooms also standardize the context in which we observe teaching develop, enabling “apples to apples” comparisons across large populations of teachers in ways that are impossible in classroom settings. We will share our work capitalizing on both of these affordances. Over the past two years, we have conducted a series of randomized control trials to evaluate whether coaching between simulations sessions leads to more rapid development of skills. Scenarios have included content-focused skills like providing feedback in a text-based discussion, as well as classroom management skills. The webinar will highlight the potential value of simulated classrooms for both instruction and research, and detail some lessons we have learned about incorporation into teacher preparation program design. 

Mursion Partner Spotlight: Kennesaw State

Kennesaw State is one of Mursion’s Software Licensees. In this article, they share how they’ve applied Mursion to a wide variety of learning contexts - both within and outside of their school of education. 

**If your organization has been featured in a publication, please send it to me so I can include your school as a spotlight in future emails!

General Updates

Now that you have the Mursion Education Guide and access to our support team at your fingertips, along with your orientation to the Mursion Portal... I am sure you’ll have a great year of simulations! Please keep an eye open for more opportunities to engage with the Mursion community, including test-sessions of new scenarios later in the Fall, Partner Spotlights, and more. And, as always, please feel free to send me any feedback around what content you would like to see featured in our email updates.

Have a great week!

Sara Bokhari

Director of Education Services

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