Here's what is on offer at the final evening of On Line Clinics.  And don't forget the In Person Meet on May 27th to May 29th!

The May 26th Clinics at RMMBC 2022

The final evening of the RMMBC Online Prologue is upon us.  The clinic line up starts on May 26th at 7PM Pacific time with another series of great clinic presentations and virtual layout tours.  We will have two parallel clinic streams with something for everyone. 

And don't forget the In Person RMMBC May 27th to 29th.  On May 27th we have the Ops Session 1 (fully reserved); May 28th sees the In Person RMMBC at the Queensborough Community Center in New Westminster along with Ops Session 2 (fully reserved). On May 29th we have the In Person Layout Tour. There will be something for everyone.

We have more information below on "Meet My Layout" and the Display and "Meet the Modeller" along with the In Person Layout Tour.  Register today for both the On Line Prologue and In Person Meets!

So The Layout Has To Move...

The first clinic on Clinic Stream 1 will be Timothy Horton presenting "So The Layout Has To Move...". What if you have to move your layout? Can you incorporate certain design elements to facilitate a potential future move? What is involved in moving and reinstalling a layout?

Tim will share his experience in dismantling, moving and reinstalling his N Scale BCR Dawson Creek Subdivision in a new apartment. Learn how certain design elements paid off in facilitating the process, and what lessons were learned during the experience. This will be a very interesting presentation on a dilemma that many people face.  Don't miss this must see clinic.

LED Lighting – Much More Than Meets the Eye

The second clinic on Stream 1 will be John Geddes presenting on "LED Lighting – Much More Than Meets the Eye". LED lighting provides new opportunities for layout lighting design, but as with any new technique this new flexibility opens new design choices. John will take us on a trip down the LED lighting “rabbit hole”.

You will discover that like other aspects of our modelling you can make LED lighting as simple or as complicated as you want – depending on your objectives.  This clinic will cover such diverse elements as powering LEDs, sorting out the type of lighting you are looking for, and importantly for many, how much time, money and effort do you want to spend?  Join us on this interesting topic applicable to everyone from dioramas to basement filling empires.

Getting started with 3-D resin printing


Finally on Stream 1 we have Gary Hinshaw presenting "Getting started with 3-D resin printing". Gary will introduce you to the amazing world of 3-D design and resin printing for model railway parts and more.  The clinic is based on Gary's experiences using TinkerCAD for design and the Photon Mono resin printer for printing.

Gary started completely from scratch, and he was up and running with these tools in a matter of weeks. Gary will illustrate the design and printing process by walking through a few examples. The clinic will include tips and lessons learned from the experience so you can get a faster start when you start your own 3-D printing efforts. This promises to be a great introduction to a fast growing part of our hobby.

Sign me up

Over on Clinic Stream 2 we will have  Rich Mahaney presenting his clinic "Sign me up". This clinic looks at the use of murals on buildings to increase the visual interest in downtown areas. This presentation looks at the signs and murals that are painted on buildings that can be modeled to add more interest to blank walls of buildings or advertising. New "canvases" for model railroad painters to paint on!  This will be a great source of inspiration to add some additional visual interest to your layout.  Don't miss it!

Chris Dittmar's BC Rail Virtual Layout Tour



Next up on Stream 2 is a virtual layout tour of Chris Dittmar's N scale layout focused on BC Rail in Northern British Columbia.  Don't miss this great model railway of a prototype near and dear to many modellers: British Columbia Railway.   This virtual tour will be in depth look at a layout that has not been part of previous layout tours at the RMMBC.

Meet My Layout

There is still time to participate in "Meet my Layout".  Meet My Layout is an opportunity to share your layout without committing to a 30 minute virtual layout tour.  

All you need to do is send a brief overview of your layout plus four to five images that capture your layout to the Meet My Layout coordinator.  The coordinator will assemble them into a presentation for you. At the meet on May 28th, you will have an opportunity to introduce yourself and your layout to the assembled group in a short 5 minute presentation. Overviews of complete layouts and work in progress are both welcome!

In Person Layout Tours

Returning for the first time since 2019 are in person layout tours.  This year the tour will be visiting layouts in North Vancouver.  Some are new, and some are being revisited for the first time in many years.  Take advantage of this opportunity to see some great model railways up close and personal.  Please note that in order to participate in the In Person Tour you will need to be fully vaccinated and will need to abide by any additional requests from layout owners regarding masking and other requirements.  We thank you in advance for respecting any requests from layout owners regarding Covid protocols.  

Display and "Meet the Modeller" 

After a long wait, we are looking forward to seeing you in person at the live meet at Queensborough Community Centre on Saturday, May 28th. We will hold "Meet the Modeller" in person in the afternoon on May 28th at the Queensborough Community Center in New Westminster. This is a highlight of the meet for us and gives a low key way to meet other modellers, learn about interesting projects and to ask a few questions. Everyone displaying models or other projects will have a chance to introduce themselves, answer questions about the project we've displayed and chat with like-minded folks.

Come as you are; you do not need to prepare any speaking notes. It is relaxed and friendly, and uncompetitive. Everyone is welcome and encouraged (but not required) to participate. Even if you don’t bring something to display, join the audience and get to know the other attendees a little better.

Register today for either the Virtual or In Person Meets; there  is still time to be a part of the fellowship and fun. We'll see you at the Meet!

The RMMBC Committee

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