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New York Tour at Bungee Space
10/9/2022 Sunday

Editors-in-chief Saúl Baeza and Book Designer Ariadna Serrahima in Conversation, briefly introduce the topic of Material Cultures, VISIONS BY project and VISIONS BY Issue No. 3, its content and contributors. From the Berlin Wall Fall to the Coca-Cola and Mentos experiments in YouTube, the cocaine process or the Rosetta Stone. From the ice cream round shapes to the Ford T, Heinz Ketchup bottle or Abba’s primitive software.

Installation by DOES
Live Performance and Dj set by SKULPTOR

VISIONS BY Issue No. 3 is conceptually organized around a spiral, representing the distance that the featured content presents in relation to the human body. From “deep” to “under” we find Dr. Naomi’s surgical work and understandings. Going from “under” to “between” Sara Bastai explores the relationship between objects and bodies and all the way around. Arriving at “on” we find Carlos Sáez and his Techno no aware hardware. Passing from “on” towards the unknown “?”, Luca Dobry presents a future sameness. From the “?” to the ununderstandable we have Riccardo Badano’s naturing borders and Toni Navarro’s proposals and challenges for a planetary politics, what a future to be alive in.


Proposals and Challenges for Planetary Politics, Toni Navarro
Naturing Borders, Riccardo Badano
Future Sameness: The Techno-Communist Drive in Luxury, Luca Dobry
Tecnho no Aware, Carlos Saéz
Bodies as Objects, Objects as Bodies, Sara Bastai
The Fetishisation of “Natural” is Old News, Dr. Naomi
We will also present VISIONS BY Issue 1&2
available for reading and purchasing.

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