Tarantismo : Odyssey of an Italian Ritual
Tarantismo : Odyssey of an Italian Ritual
FLEE Project 002 
Book + 2 vinyl LPs

Female hysteria, exorcism, and music as a cure. In front of Chiara Samugheo (Pier Paolo Pasolini's photographer)'s lens, the suffered ones take on a fictional charm of the Neorealismo, yet the suffer is true. Tarantismo : Odyssey of an Italian Ritual dusts off the almost terrifying elements to Pizzica, the antique music used to heal people suffering from poisonous spider bite, by presenting a contemporary attempt to reflect on this extraordinary phenomenon involving frenetic rhythms and maniac dancing. 

The publication gathers contributions by artists, sociologists, anthropologists, scientists, and priests, and features a large ensemble of photographs. With nine essays focusing on various dimensions of the ritual, this bilingual publication gives the voice to artists, photographers, sociologists, anthropologists, and catholic priests.

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Cavallino, Apulia, 2018
In 1954, commissioned by Italian newspaper Le Ore, Chiara Samugheo travelled to Galatina, Apulia for a photo-reportage on the "Tarantate," most notably women, suffering from tarantism.
The "Myth of Saint Paul" was created around tarantism as "a divine intervention, a miracle."
Still from 2001 film Sangue Vivo, directed by Edoardo Winspeare, who has been pivotal in defining the cinematographic aesthetic of tarantism.
installation with leccese stone, galvanized iron with powder coating, book, photographic paper, 168*44cm
Pamela Diamante for FLEE, 2019
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Graphic & Editorial: Sixuan Tong

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