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Warehouse is an Amsterdam-based fashion platform that aims to create an open, engaging and inclusive environment that facilitates critical dialogue and the creation of a discourse that goes beyond treating fashion as a commodity.
Warehouse was founded by Elisa van Joolen, Femke de Vries and Hanka van der Voet and is run together with Anouk Beckers and Chet Bugter. 
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Press & Fold #0 | The Street Issue
Press & Fold #0 | The Street Issue
Press & Fold  #1 | The Luxury Issue
Press & Fold #1 | The Luxury Issue
Press & Fold #2 | The Resistance
Press & Fold #2 | The Resistance
Press & Fold is an independent fashion magazine that explores alternative fashion forms and narratives. The magazine provides a platform for critical fashion practitioners who actively seek out the cracks and fissures in the current fashion system to propose new opportunities for making and doing fashion. 
Press & Fold #0 | The Street Issue
For its inaugural issue, Press & Fold reflects on the relation between fashion and the street, as the street has always played a pivotal – but ever-changing – role in the generation, presentation and perpetuation of fashion. 
Press & Fold #1 | The Luxury Issue
Among a new generation of fashion designers, researchers, writers and curators, very different views on luxury, and fashion in general, exist. These new imaginations on luxury show a radical departure from the classical interpretation of the concept; a concept that is firmly rooted in the idea that luxury is above all about abundance and indulgence, and therefore is not absolutely necessary, but a privilege for the happy few. But what actually is a ‘necessity’ in contemporary society, and what do we define as ‘abundance’? 
Press & Fold #2 | The Resistance
Many fashion houses and labels have been incorporating concepts of ‘protest’ and ‘resistance’ in their clothing and collections over the years. However, considering fashion’s entanglement with capitalism, we must wonder: how seriously should we take these statements? 

For protest and resistance to become effective, it depends on community to generate, support and further it. This issue takes us further on these ideas of protest, activism and resistance in and around fashion, and not only in terms of clothing, and how it is portrayed in (fashion) imagery, but also in terms of how fashion is structured and organized. 
Editor: Sixuan Tong

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