FLEE Project
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Excerpt from FLEE Project 001: Benga, A Kenyan Kaleidoscope

Not many cultural platforms compare themselves with Miley Cyrus, but FLEE does this for a fair reason. FLEE confronts the question of cultural appropriation in their first issue with humor and sincerity.

As all three founders (all French white males) have background in political sciences and humanities, along with researchers and Kenyan journalists, the first issue begins with expressing FLEE’s point of view on the global distribution of niche music. Essentially, their goal is to “dissect this music, politically, socially, and technically.”

In the projects you can clearly see much more than the music, or everything that contributes to the music: locality, people, labor culture, reflections on capitalism. 

Read more about FLEE’s opinion on tropicalism, postcolonialism, and production in music here.

In this selection we let FLEE project presents itself and present three issues from FLEE project, along with other publications that associate with their content as expansive readings. 
Nahma : A Gulf Polyphony / نهمة: تعدد الغناء الخليجي
Nahma : A Gulf Polyphony / نهمة: تعدد الغناء الخليجي
FLEE Project 003

Born in myths and raised in endless stories of expeditions and endurance across long months sailing along the coast of Arabian Sea, pearl diving music is versatile in nature. Lead by a “monstrous” soloist or accompanied by percussions, the songs sing about fortune, sailing, and the depth of the sea.

Daniel Gustav Cramer: 01-72
Daniel Gustav Cramer: 01-72
Oceanic rhythms; water and its image. Or, more precisely, 72 photographs, each depicting a fragment of seawater, taken from roughly 30 meters above sea-level somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea. The lens is looking down onto the open water, each water portrait appears like the previous one, but each differs in nuances, since all 72 images are taken in chronological order, in about a span of 18 minutes.

Tarantismo : Odyssey of an Italian Ritual
Tarantismo : Odyssey of an Italian Ritual
FLEE Project 002 

Female hysteria, exorcism, and music as a cure. In front of Chiara Samugheo (Pier Paolo Pasolini's photographer)’s lens, the suffered ones take on a fictional charm of the Neorealismo, yet the suffer is true. Tarantismo : Odyssey of an Italian Ritual dusts off the almost terrifying elements to Pizzica, the antique music used to heal people suffering from a mysterious disease, by presenting a contemporary attempt to reflect on this extraordinary phenomenon involving frenetic rhythms and maniac dancing.

Stable Vices
Stable Vices
Stable vices is a term used to describe unpleasant, abnormal animal behaviors, which may be caused by boredom, discomfort, or confinement. In the book, artist Joanna Piotrowska photographs the (re-) actions of one woman in conflict with an unknown, absent subject in a similar way the hysterical women are portrayed in Tarantismo. The metaphor of disease and its invisibility expand into sources of female insecurities within the context. 

A more recent poignant documentation that shares same roots with the ritual music: agriculture in Puglia.

Also made in Italy: San Fratello's very own, Benedict the Moor, patron of the city; a black, enslaved, African saint that is praised yet invisible. 

Editor: Sixuan Tong

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