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What do I do with a "sprinter" in my preschool class?
If you've ever taught a preschool gymnastics or recreation class, you know what we're talking about. The one child who is full of energy, and wants to be everywhere at once! They are a joy, but also sometimes hard to wrangle. We've asked some of our experts in the industry how they handle situations like these. Click here to read this article.
Balance 180: A new Model for Gymnastics
This past month I spoke with Julie Foster at Balance 180 Gymnastics and Sports Academy, a non-profit gym in Gainesville, Florida. Just minutes into our conversation I knew this was a special program that needed to be shared with our gymnastics community, especially for those interested in starting their own adaptive classes. Click here to read this article.

Understanding Your Role in the Athlete Triad

Upcoming Events: AOTA 2017, March 30 - April 2
How has your gym become more inclusive for athletes with special needs?
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