© Robin Edmundson, 'Cloud & Hayfields' watercolor, 10 x 14 inches. 
Framed to 16 x 20 inches.  $375

Hello lovely friends!  

Are you doing OK?

So many of my conversations these days include discussions of being patient.  We try to be patient with people, with new regulations, with new situations, with our families, with ourselves.  We're doing just fine...until suddenly we aren't.

Patience is a lot like meditation; it's almost impossible to be constantly patient, but when you're mindful, you catch yourself when you drift and you bring yourself back to center again.  We keep on moving in a positive direction.

As many of you know, I homeschooled my kids all the way through school.   I never planned on doing it, it just worked out to be the thing my kids needed and I've never been sorry.  My personal mantra during those years became:  Stay Calm; Stay Positive; Think Creatively.  Best mantra ever. 

I find that mantra works well now also.   [Truthfully though, sometimes it becomes: Return to Calm; Look for something [anything!] Positive; Think Creatively again, wait- again, one more time, yeah again, ok maybe one more time.]  It has been an exercise in patiently deciding which things to pursue and which to let go of. 

Artistically, it's been a goal of mine to jury into the Watercolor Society of Indiana juried show each year.  I always try and sometimes I get in, sometimes not.  I keep painting and trying to improve my craft and then I try again next year. 

Another show that I try to get into is the Hoosier Salon.  It's a different jury, where media of all types is considered, so the playing field is much, much larger.  Each year I choose what I think are my best pieces and then I patiently wait for the rejection letter. I have no expectations of getting in.  I'm supporting the arts and the process helps me stay objective about my work, to learn to see it as someone who doesn't know what I was trying to do or say in the piece. That helps me be a better painter.

My patience has paid off and this year I have been accepted into both the Watercolor Society of Indiana Juried Member Show and the Hoosier Salon.  The show dates are almost concurrent and both shows are at museums in Indianapolis, so I hope you get a chance to see them.   The paintings, dates and locations are below. 

My current solos show, Ramble, has been extended until August 31 at the Venue in Bloomington, Indiana. [114 S Grant St.]. You can see the virtual exhibit on my website: 
I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon and in the meantime I'm sending you a big virtual hug!  Be patient with yourselves.

On the blog...

I've been painting a lot of haybales.  Actually, the same five haybales, over and over again, in different light and colors.  You can check them out on the blog out HEREHERE and HERE. [I assure you, there will be more].  Tap here to read all of my recent posts.  

Calendar Highlights

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July 3 - August 31, 2020


'Odd Man Out', Watercolor, 10 x 14 inches.
Framed to 16 x 20 inches. $375


EXTENDED!  Solo Exhibit: Ramble


The Venue
114 S. Grant St.  Bloomington, Indiana 

See the show online here:


August 9 - September 27, 2020


'Bluebell Wood, Just Starting to Bloom'
Watercolor, & ink, 10 x 14  inches


Watercolor Society of Indiana, Juried Member Show

Juror: Keiko Tanabe


Indianapolis Museum of Art 

Directions and hours:



August 29 - October 25, 2020


'Midwinter Sky & Birds'
Watercolor, 18 x 24  inches.


96th Annual Hoosier Salon


Directions and hours:  Indiana State Museum 


See the show online here: TBA



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