July 24, 2017 – Lady Participate 039
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Jennifer May Reiland's paintings string together her "personal experience and historical reality." She is currently a resident artist of Open Sessions at the Drawing Center in New York City and her latest project, The Arena, is her first venture into animation. She will have work in a group show at The Drawing Center opening on August 3rd. 

Name: Jennifer May Reiland    ::    Occupation: I'm a painter and I work in a travel bookstore    ::     Age: 27     ::      City: New York City    ::     Instagram: @jennifermayreiland    ::    Astrological Sign: Cancer

When you're not creating: When I'm not creating I get really stressed out about the fact that I should be in my studio! But I like to go dancing at Bossa Nova Civic Club or my boyfriend and I have been hanging out all the time at this Chinese restaurant called Wei's near my apartment that's open all night. We have dumplings and red wine there. I am basically a morning person who wants to be a night person.

End of day unwind: Drawing. I get antsy if I don't have enough alone time to work on my art.

Currently reading: I am currently reading La Belle Otero et de La Belle époque by Marie-Hélène Carbonel and Javier Figuero which is about Caroline Otero. She was a Spanish dancer who came to Paris in the 1880's and became a famous courtesan. She was the mistress of many kings and apparently drove six men to suicide. I am doing some research about her and other famous demi-mondaines of the Belle Epoque because I want to make some paintings about them soon.

Current obsession: I'm really into following professional bullfighters on Instagram. It's a really interesting blend of performative macho masculinity and this sort of traditionally feminine attention to self-presentation and appearance. Fascinating.

Favorite interview you've done: This was one of the first interviews I ever did, and it was at the restaurant at the Grande Mosque in Paris. Me and the writer, Chantel, ate these little fried dough pockets full of eggs and drank tea. It was great, and we became friends after. Now we both live in New York.

What's next: I am going to be in two shows at The Drawing Center in Soho, one this fall and one this summer. I just finished up an animated video that I wrote, did all the paintings for, and animated. I am also working on a book project which I can't really talk about yet but which I am very excited about.

Ladies we should know: I like to listen to podcasts while I draw and two of my favorites are hosted and written by women. They are You Must Remember This (hosted by Karina Longworth) and Science Vs. (hosted by Wendy Zukerman).Some female artists working now that I like are Jenna Ransom, Aurel Schmidt, and Jenny Morgan. I also love this Spanish photographer Barbara Vidal.

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Forgotten Black Women of Early Hollywood Take Center Stage at CAAMKCET (July 12, 2017) 
Monday, July 24th, 7:30pm 
Fierce Women in Fiction Panel
Books Are Magic: 225 Smith Street, Brooklyn, New York 11231

Thursday, July 27th, 7:00pm
Susie Bazaar
New Women Space: 188 Woodpoint Rd., Brooklyn, New York 11211

Friday, July 28th, 8:00pm
LAWL: The Femme Comedy Lab
New Women Space: 188 Woodpoint Road, Brooklyn, New York 11211

Friday, July 28th, 8:00pm
Tough Mary Journal Rooftop Launch Party
Our Wicked Lady: 153 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11237
Tuesday, July 25th, 7:00pm
Talk:Stephanie Barron Conversation w Meret Meyer & Bella Meyer
LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art: 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90036

Thursday, July 27th, 7:30pm
FeM Synth Lab
Women's Center for Creative Work: 2425 Glover Pl, Los Angeles, California 90031

Saturday, July 29th, 8:30pm
Waxahatchee at The Regent Theater
The Regent: 448 S Main St, Los Angeles, California 90013

At California African American Museum
Center Stage: African American Women in Silent Race Films
Open through October 15, 2017
Tuesday, July 25th, 6:00pm
Ladies Who Celebrate: Chicago
Rent The Runway (Chicago): 710 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60611

Thursday, July 27th, 6:00pm
Performance: Isabelle Olivier—Music for Gauguin
The Art Institute of Chicago: 111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60603

Sunday, July 30th, 2:00pm
Rosy Simas: Free Dance Workshop
Chicago Cultural Center: 78 E Washington St, Chicago, Illinois 60602

At Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Woman With A Camera 
Open through January, 17, 2018
Chicago Works: Amanda Williams
Open through December 31, 2017
Tania Pérez Córdova: Smoke Nearby 
Open through August 20, 2017
Joyce Pensato: Felix and Lincoln 
Open through July 30, 2017
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