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  1. Introducing the SV (ACC ISSC supplier) work
  2. New Staff - Introducing Kim
  3. New System Introduction - CMS
  4. Therapist Hui's Reflection - summary and photos
  5. Advertisement - Therapists & Referrals
  6. Next Annual Retreat Information

Introducing the SV (ACC ISSC Supplier) Work

ACC's integrated services for sensitive claims (ISSC) contract provides therapy to clients that have experienced sexual violence. ACC offers fully-funded support, treatment, and assessment services for survivors of sexual abuse or assault. Shama is one of ACC ISSC's contracted suppliers. Currently, 19 nationwide ethnically diverse therapists support ethnic clients through Shama.
Shama SV Client Support Flow-Chart
Contact the Crisis Team
Contact Joanna Jensen (SV Counselling Manager) or call 021 535 910

New Staff

Hi all, 

I am Kim the National Sexual Violence Crisis Coordinator for Shama Ethnic Women’s Trust. I have many responsibilities- in short, they include (1) crisis support work for referred clients (checking up and triaging them externally and/or internally), (2) delivering cultural safety training for crisis workers for mainstream organisations, (3) carrying out cultural or religious focus groups to identify barriers and to see how we can support their community more and (4) ACC Sensitive claims counsellor matching.

A little about me, I am Malaysian Chinese and a Christian; I came to NZ five years ago to study. I just finished my honours in Psychology at Waikato Uni last year. Throughout university, I had many jobs- both paid and volunteer. I’ve had wonderful opportunities like being a co-facilitator for a support group for those with anxiety and depression, the violence prevention co-ordinator, a wellbeing officer during lockdown, being a friend and caring for an elderly lady with cerebral palsy and behavioural intervention for someone who presents with TBI, ADHD, autism and many more. My long-term goal is to be a clinical psychologist (more study, haha). In my free time, I enjoy playing music instruments, board games, videogames, photography, badminton & swimming, doing church things, DIYs and various artsy things. I love coffee so much that I have a coffee review page on Instagram! 

New Client Management System (CMS) 

CMS is genuinely created for ACC ISSC Suppliers & Providers.  It can smoothly connected triage system (ACC-Shama-Therapists) without much effort.

CMS service includes:
  • Entering Purchase Orders (PO) into the CMS
  • Submitting invoices to ACC
  • Posting payments to the CMS
  • Following up with ACC about any unpaid claims
  • Following up with providers about errors and problems
Through CMS, suppliers have access to billing reports and can import payment information so that providers know when and what has been paid.

Shama has had a change in Client Management System recently to manage our ACC ISSC contracts. It is easy, user-friendly (after training), and has contract service codes. Once you are a provider on CMS, you would be able to add in your availability, populations served, skills, expertise, cultural experiences, modalities and more! Shama-CMS (Kim) will then match you to an appropriate client in your city or other regions if both are happy with online/telehealth! In CMS, you can also see your accepted/waitlisted clients on your home page, upload files, notes and even reminders to submit reports, etc. Once we get the purchase orders from ACC, Kim will upload them, and you can add your billable hours. Our accountant will then bank it into your bank account at the agreed-upon rate when we process it weekly. Shama therapists who have Shama-CMS login can see what approvals have been received and other relevant documentation, including all ACC report templates and other resources.

Therapist Hui Reflection

Shama hosted a professional hui on May 27th. This online hui was for therapists and cultural workers interested in how COVID impacts people in ethnic communities. 

Of the 32 registered participants, 26 attended the hui. The participants were nationwide, including 11 from Auckland, seven from Hamilton, four from Bay of Plenty, two from Wellington, one from Christchurch and one from Columbia.

The Hui topic was Focus on 2022 Covid Effects: New normal and ongoing long-term effects of Covid in ethnic communities. Both speakers are part of the Shama Auckland Network Group. The first speaker – Ying (Ingrid) Wang shared her experiences in which Covid had exasperated hurtful racism encounters. Still, she observed and endured an increasingly harmful perspective to create an original Chinese instrument called’ Guqin’, a beautiful art object. She said, ‘the voice cannot be silenced. By intra-acting with my guqin’s voice, I gained my voice'.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, she carved timber from her hometown to create this beautiful Guqin and became her voice and comforting companion.

Identity Formation Unfolding by Ying Wang

Who are you?
You are not the top expert in the field
And no one would be interested to know you 
Just like the old times
You will always be invisible in this adopted land

I am a therapist
With compassion, empathy and aroha in my heart
I want to offer my voice with all these from my heart
To care and support my people 
My people in this adopted land

Who are you?
You even cannot speak in a perfect English accent
And someone might laugh at you
Just like the old times
You will always be suppressed in this adopted land

I am an immigrant
With trauma, pain but also courage in my heart
I want to offer my voice with all these from my heart
To show and to make a loud statement
To people in this adopted land

Who are you?
With naïve and immature speech
Your voice is worthless and pointless
Just like the old times
Your voice would be heard by no one

I am an immigrant therapist
With an immature voice
With my accent and insecurity
But it is my voice from my heart
It might be worthless and pointless to some
But it will be a milestone for me
The second speaker, Rachana Rizal, spoke about her experiences with Covid and how she deals with anxious moments in her life. She shared her knowledge and skills to cope with Covid-related anxiety.
In Covid, most people deal with uncertainty, worry, fear, guilt, and shame about being away from family, border uncertainty, MIQ ballet, etc.  

Most ethnic minorities living in New Zealand have extended families in their country. During the COVID-19 lockdown, some family members died or became seriously ill, but they could not support and share their grief. Rachana had a similar experience with her mother in India.

Therapists & Referrals

Shama is looking for ethnically diverse therapists who can provide ACC ISSC or willing to apply for ACC registration. Shama will guide you from application to sufficiently practiced training.

If you are planning to be an ACC registered practitioner, please contact Joanna at Shama.
Contact Joanna
If you've experienced sexual violence, or you know someone who has suffered trauma, call Shama or email

All services are free and confidential.

Next Annual Retreat

Shama’s next professional development hui is in October the 27 to 29th at the Waitetuna Retreat Centre. This retreat is for the therapists who are registered with Shama as a therapist. If you are interested in finding out how to join the Shama therapists, feel free to contact Joanna.
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