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For the third consecutive year, Leadership Montana recently brought together two groups on opposite sides of a polarizing issue for a vigorous discussion. The American Prairie Reserve and United Property Owners of Montana sat down together in Lewistown as part of our flagship session in January. 
Many across the state have observed this issue for several years and recognized deep divides forming around it. Over the years, I watched more and more Montanans become aware of the growing controversy and those deep divisions became more and more evident. Helping these two groups come together talk about their differences has been something that I have been incredibly proud to see Leadership Montana lead and I have personally found great value in facilitating.
An important element of this work is the willingness of each side to get curious with the other. It seems so much easier to just lean away from conflict, but if we want to change our engagement right now, we must remember that leaning into conflict with curiosity, gives us a better chance to understand more than when we hold firm to our certainty.
Conflict surrounds us every day. We face differences that when left unexplored, can easily grow into deep division leaving the very fabric of our society frayed. Sometimes I fear that these frayed edges of our society are beyond mending. Other times, I watch as people engage deeply in seeking to understand difference, using curiosity, and suspending certainty. These times give me hope for our future.

Meeting conflict with curiosity is hard, I know. It’s hard for me every day and yet I know that I am my best self when I use what Leadership Montana has taught me – what you have taught me – about embracing difference, slowing down to engage more closely in conversations, and leaning hard into three very simple words: Tell me more

Be well and lead well,

Chantel M. Schieffer
President & CEO
Class of 2010, Masters 2019

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"It's a perfect way to (re)orient to the principles of Gracious Space and to practice them.  The practice is important and enables us to go home as more skilled leaders."
"There is so much good that comes from a LM session and that I walk away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated."
"The opportunity to make and continue connections.  Live and in person learning."

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Upon graduation from Leadership Montana, alumni are invited to continue their leadership journey through the Masters Class. Established in 2017, the Masters Class is a shorter and smaller class experience allowing participants to dive deeper into their own leadership journey. The Masters Class was born out of requests from Alumni for an additional in-depth experience to continue their leadership journey.

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Our two popular LMT Live virtual series have returned. While we have started to meet together in person, there are still benefits to LMT Live virtual connections. You can get a little bit of LMT learning each month without a long drive, registration fees, or extended time out of the office. We know that good leadership takes a lot of practice, here is a chance to put a monthly practice on your calendar. Registration for these virtual events is open now.

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March 9, 2022, at 10:00 - 11:30 am – LMT Live: Leading through Change with LMT Lead Trainer, Dr. Jerry Evans.

April 12, 2022 at 11:30 am - 1:00 pm - Save the Date -LMT's new Indigi-Talks: During this series we will discuss topics related to Indigenous history, culture, and opportunity. We will hear from Indigenous leaders across Montana.  This is an opportunity to talk about race, culture, and community. Not just talk about it, but learn, grow and engage in positive change in Montana. 

May 19, 2022  at 11:00 am - 12:30 pm. LMT Live: What is your Leadership Philosophy? Getting clear on your leadership philosophy to increase employee engagement and commitment. 


Session 4 | Lewistown, MT

Cohort 1: Tim Guardipee, Class of 2022, Billings

Our time during Lewistown reminded us of our current national situation where ideologically two different sides hold strong to their beliefs and passions. We got to see and hear from a couple of opposing forces that are speaking out and creating action for what they hold dear. What I appreciated about our own discussions, the community conversation, and land issues, we were able to have dialog in a manner that respected views, allowed discourse with no agenda.  When we as a society can respect, and I dare say love others individually even those we disagree with, it lessens the tension, fear, and hate and opens a broader ability to communicate. Not that we have to choose sides but we can view others with a different lens, one at times is hard for us to put on.

I appreciate the opportunity to discuss, learn, evaluate and understand. In Montana, we at times are insulated from the divisiveness that grips certain parts of America. We go about our daily lives putting in the efforts we care about usually in our own localities. We bustle about, we make happen, we innovate, we lead the charge and we care what we care about without regard to the national landscape. 

Being in Lewistown and seeing the vibrancy the town has maintained and feeling the passion adds a sense of hope. Even when hearing about the fires, community concerns, food production issues, and land stewardship, a community can still have hope that what they do matters, especially for future generations. The value in the opportunity to learn and grow as a leader, which has the potential impact on future generations, is unquantifiable. That also gives me hope that we collectively as a group of individuals from all walks of life can be the drops of rain that bring abundant life to all that we have an influence on and care about. 

Cohort 2: Leslie Southworth, Class of 2022, Lewistown

Our 4th gathering brought everyone to Central Montana under the clear blue winter skies, a truly beautiful setting to dive deeper into our conversations about gracious space. I am of course biased being born, raised, and residing in Lewistown. I was especially eager to dive into listening and learning about gracious spirit. In today’s world where it feels like the challenges are overwhelming and never-ending, it seemed many of us are seeking a way to have better conversations both in our work and those we interact with within our personal lives. 

I couldn’t help but think about the background for our conversations on Cultivating the Spirit of Gracious Space. Central Montana is surrounded by the Judith, Snowy, and Belt mountains yet also borders the edge of the Montana prairie, a backdrop representative of vast geographic differences. It was in this setting where both cohorts of the current Flagship class were able to witness the power of gracious space and experience it firsthand as two organizations with opposing views shared the same space for a conversation. The conflict in values between those in the conversation was intense, yet we learned as they listened and responded to one another. We learned about the organizations and the land, witnessed masterful moderation, some enjoyed it while others did not, but we all learned something and that is the beautiful thing about this experience.

It is only through this amazing organization, Leadership Montana, these organizations trusted enough to share in the most vulnerable way so we all could learn. Amazing! The experience lent deeply to our conversations the next three days about intention, compassion, and curiosity. About the responses or behaviors, we display when our values are in or out of alignment and how our difference in values are often the root of conflict. Although there were big conversations in the room about important topics such as diversity and wage gaps, it was a conversation about cowboy hat etiquette that perfectly reflected the lesson on conflict.  Curiosity about the other led to understanding amongst the group. Be curious, as there is so much more we all could learn.


Session 2 

Kelly Cresswell, Helena, Class of 2006, Masters 2022

Our second Masters Class session provided real-time opportunities to practice the lessons of The Leadership Challenge:

  • We Challenged the Process when COVID challenges required a change in plans. Originally, we were planning to meet in Miles City, in person. However, quite a few class members expressed that they would not be able to meet in person that week. Jen Davis took the initiative in anticipating and responding to this challenge, and instead, delivered an excellent session over Zoom. Jen Doty and Katie Dasinger further challenged the process, by meeting together in Sidney for the Zoom session.
  • We Enabled Others to Act by actively listening to diverse points of view among our class members, and treating one another with dignity and respect. Zoom breakouts provided an opportunity to develop cooperative relationships among class members, and the virtual delivery provided all of us great freedom and choice in deciding where we wanted to be during the class session. In fact, it allowed Mary Walks Over Ice to be with her new granddaughter, Uma, during our session. Mary shared pictures, and Uma is adorable!  
  • We Encouraged the Heart throughout our three days together, continually recognizing one another for contributions to class discussions, and sharing ideas and experiences. Jen facilitated a great activity, randomly assigning a classmate’s name to each of us. We then identified three qualities we see in that person, and shared them with the class. This was a simple, powerful example of recognizing the uniqueness of each person, and publicly recognizing him or her. We celebrated Rachel Buswell’s new job, and shared our concern for classmates who had recently experienced losses. Even though we were virtual, we still deepened our connections.

We are looking forward to meeting in Helena – in person – in April, and quite a few members of the Masters Class of 2022 will be at the Red Lodge Confluence in March. Will we see you there?

Masters 22, “You’re the best! You’re the best! You’re the best!”

Applications for annual Alumni Awards are open until April 15.

The Barbara Braided Hair Alumni Leadership Award recognizes a Leadership Montana Alumnus who has had a significant impact at the local or state level. The recipient should demonstrate outstanding leadership in keeping with and expanding the Leadership Montana philosophy in his or her community or the state.

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Our gratitude this month goes to Crowley Fleck. We are honored to have several Crowley Fleck partners and attorneys participate in Leadership Montana and remain engaged alumni over many years. We deeply value this partnership. Thank you to all your team members for all that you do to help build a better Montana! We are thankful to you and all of our supporters!

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EVENTS - Opportunities to Listen, Learn and Build Connection

March 9, 2022, at 10:00 - 11:30 am – LMT Live: Leading through Change with LMT Lead Trainer, Dr. Jerry Evans.

March 13-15, 2022, The Confluence, Red Lodge. Registration is open.

April 12, 2022 at 11:30 am - 1:00 pm - Save the Date -LMT's new Indigi-Talks: During this series we will discuss topics related to Indigenous history, culture, and opportunity. We will hear from Indigenous leaders across Montana.  This is an opportunity to talk about race, culture, and community. Not just talk about it, but learn, grow and engage in positive change in Montana. 

May 19, 2022  at 11:00 am - 12:30 pm. LMT Live: What is your Leadership Philosophy? Getting clear on your leadership philosophy to increase employee engagement and commitment. 

June 2-3, 2022, Celebrate Montana, Bozeman. Tickets are available.

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