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Getting to the Core of It
And Why It's Important
If you have taken class at Hilliard Studio Method, it may seem like your trainer says "core" every other word! We talk about it often because engaging and strengthening your core is not only the foundation of our method, but it is also vitally important for your overall health. 

What is your core?
When we say "core" we are referring to the group of muscles at your midsection that run from your pelvis to your rib cage that wrap around your spine. The muscles include your transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis and your internal and external obliques. 

Why is it important?
Simply put, a strong core makes you feel good! When you learn to engage your core to strengthen the muscles, you are setting yourself up for better posture, good spinal alignment and a safe foundation for movement. With an engaged core, you will notice improvement with lifting weights, running, picking up your kids and even loading groceries in your car! Read more about the benefits here. Plus there is a great side effect of a toned, taught tummy ;)

How do I train my core?
The core is at the center of every single Hilliard Studio Method workout. From bicep curls to overhead presses to lunges at the barre, core engagement is key. It isn't just the plank and push-ups or ab-specific series that sets your core on fire, but it is the entire class!

Do something for your health today and drop into a 60-second plank! Your core will thank you. 
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Starting February 1, we have some changes to the class schedule:
The Method

The Essential Method
Monday at 12 noon
Tuesday-Friday at 10:45 am
Tuesday at 5:15 pm
Saturday at 11 am

Sculpt Flow Method
Alternating Thursdays at 8:15 or 9:30 am

Small Studio Classes
The Essential Method Monday at 8:15 am
Bands + Gams Monday at 9:30 am
Bands + Gams Wednesday at 9:30 am
The Essential Method Friday at 8:15 am

The Express 45-Minute Method
Wednesday at 5:45 am

Save the date for our Girls' Night Out Hip Hop Class! The next class is on February 13 and sign ups will open on Thursday, January 30. 
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Classes App
*The nutritional information contained herein is based upon information Hilliard Studio Method® reasonably believes to be accurate. We are not responsible for any adverse effects related to following this information.
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