Important announcement - 29th Annual Fundraising event website is up

Jai Jinendra and Pranam society members
The 29th Annual Fund Raising Event is almost a couple months away on 29th April and the 2023 Fund raising event team is very excited to host this event.
We have some very unique activities planned this year to kickstart our temple's 25th Anniversary celebrations.
The Fund raising event page is up and running at We request all society members to check out the page and register for the event.
As always no event is successful without the society members participation and support. Encourage your friends, family to attend the event.
Please support our temple, our future by registering and attending the Fund Raising Event.
In a few days you will be receiving the formal invitation to the event via mail.
The Fund Raising team can be reached at visit for further details.
2023 Fund Raising team

Jainam Jayati Shasanam

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