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Save Giriraj

Pranam JSGD Members,


A house whose foundation is weakened does not stand long. The same is true for societies and religions. This is the reality that our Jin Shasan is facing today. Our most sacred and most precious Tirths - Sammet Shikharji, Shatrunjay Giriraj and Girnarji - are being threatened by corrupt forces. These Tirths are the soul of our community. Their disrespect is our disrespect. Their destruction is our destruction.


The Reality:

The government of Jharkhand had announced plans to convert the mountains of Shikharji into a tourist destination. There has been illegal mining around Shri Shatrunjay hills as well as illegal consumption of meat and alcohol on the mountain itself. Recently a thief broke into one temple on a nearby hill and broke the Charan Paduka of Shri Adeshwar Bhagwan (see photo). Such grave disrespect of our holiest sites cannot be tolerated by any Jain, living in India or abroad. It is the duty of every Jain to work towards ensuring that every Tirth is safe and secure. If not for us, then for our children and their children.

Recently, the Jharkhand government rescinded their plans for Shikharji. In Gujarat, the government announced a plan to keep a permanent police station with the sole purpose of protecting Giriraj. However, there is still much more work to be done in both places to ensure that no one can threaten them again in the future under any circumstances.


What Can We Do?

The first and easiest step we all can take is to sign the petition created by JAINA. This is the era of Might of Voice, no longer Might of Fist. It is imperative that we make our voice heard all over the world.


Second, when we go to these Tirths, please refrain from using the doli-wala or from eating from the various food vendors that flock the bottom of the mountain. Many of the same people consistently disrespect our Sadhus/Sadhvis and disobey the rules of sanctity of Giriraj.


Third, there are many youth who give their invaluable time and energy for the protection of our Tirths. It is our duty to encourage and support them in any way possible.


Finally - spread this message to all your family and friends!


If I have said anything against teachings of Bhagwan Mahavir, Micchami Dukkadam.


Rishi Zaveri
Jainam Jayati Shasanam!

JSGD - Women's Day Celebration
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JSGD Executive Committee invites you to join us for JSGD Ladies only event to celebrate Women’s Day, a fun-filled afternoon to meet, greet and enjoy a melodious entertainment put together by the women for the women of JSGD

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