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2023 JSGD Significant Individual Lifetime Contribution Award “Call for Nomination"

Pranam JSGD Members,

We have many volunteers and unsung heroes who have served the Jain Society and community for years who never worried about recognition, but instead served out of love, duty and responsibility towards the community. We appreciate what they have done, and what they continue to do. Thus, they will not be forgotten and should be recognized as they truly represent our culture at its best.

Starting in 2016, the BOT and EC had decided on the addition of a “Significant Individual Lifetime Contribution Award" to a senior member in appreciation for their services and contribution to our society.  The procedure, criteria and nomination form are listed below. This award will be given during our 29th Annual Fund-raising event on Saturday, 29th April 2023, at The Meridian, Farmington Hills, Michigan. The sponsor should complete a nomination form and email back to Dr. Suresh Shah at before March 25th, 2023.  The selected candidate(s) will be informed by e-mail before April 22nd, 2023. The Nominations received after the deadline will NOT be considered.  For questions, please contact Awards Committee co-chairs Suresh Shah/Hemant Shah.

Previous year’s remaining nominations will be re-considered so their nominations forms are NOT required again.

Click on the link to download the -> Nomination form details.

(Page 2 – Purpose and Qualification of the nominee.
 Page 3 – Nomination form)

Lifetime contribution Nomination Team

JSGD Telegram Group Information

Greetings Society Members! 

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Telegram group for our Society. This platform will allow us to stay connected, share updates and events, and newsletters. 

Our goal is to create a fast messaging platform that will allow the EC & BOT to send messages on time. We invite all members of our Society to join the group by clicking the link provided. 
To maintain the privacy and also the history, we have chosen Telegram over WhatsApp as we can hide people's phone numbers and we can limit the messages to come only from the Administrators of the Group.

The link to join the Telegram Group is:
You will need to download the Telegram App from 

Apple App Store: 
or from 

Google Play Store:


JSGD - 29th Annual Fundrasing Event announcement

Jai Jinendra and Pranam society members
The 29th Annual Fund Raising Event this year is on 29th April and the 2023 Fund raising event team is very excited to host this event.
The Fund raising event page is up and running at  We request all society members to check out the page and register for the event.
As always no event is successful without the society members participation and support. Encourage your friends, family to attend the event.
Please support our temple, our future by registering and attending the Fund Raising Event.
You should have received the invitations via postal mail, if you did not receive the invitation then please reach out to the Fund raising team.
The Fund Raising team can be reached at, please visit for further details.
2023 Fund Raising team

JSGD - Women's Day Celebration
(JSGD Ladies only event)

Jai Jinendra and Pranam!

JSGD Executive Committee invites you to join us for JSGD Ladies only event to celebrate Women’s Day, a fun-filled afternoon to meet, greet and enjoy a melodious entertainment put together by the women for the women of JSGD

Event is on Sunday, March 19th, 2023 at JSGD Social Hall

Please RSVP by March 8th, 2023 - JSGD Women's Day RSVP

We look forward to see you all.

Thank you,
Executive Committee

Jain Alert Group Message- Sparsh Book


We are excited to announce that you can now order Gurudev Acharya RatnaSundar Surishwaraji Maharaj Saheb's 400th book, Sparsh, in Gujarati, Hindi, or English to your doorstep in the USA.

The mind is a troublesome character. Whenever it is faced with anything undesirable, it quickly gives up. It becomes paralyzed with disappointment, discouragement, and depression. This book contains various techniques which will plant the seed of encouragement and excitement in the hearts of readers beset by such a mind. The reader will experience a blossoming, feeling of enthusiasm to be able to overcome any situation in life.

A good book is like a work of art, it is meant to be shared with others. You are encouraged to use this book to discuss various life situations with your peers, kids and grandkids. You can also use the book in Pathshala as a course to teach Marganusari Jivan (Ethical Way of Life) to youth.





The book has been translated into 16 other languages. If you would like to receive it in any other language, please use one of the above links to order and write to us at If you are also interested in having a special edition to distribute to your friends and family, contact us at


Jai Jinendra,

Jain Alert Group

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