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Navpadji Ni Puja

Jai Jinendra & Pranam,
We would like to cordially invite Sakal JSGD Sangh to join us for Navpadji ni Puja on Saturday, March 25, 2023 @ 10 AM. We request everyone to join and take laabh.
The puja will be followed by Swamivatsalya.
Please kindly RSVP at Navpadji ni Puja RSVP

2023 JSGD Significant Individual Lifetime Contribution Award “Call for Nomination"

Pranam JSGD Members,

We have many volunteers and unsung heroes who have served the Jain Society and community for years who never worried about recognition, but instead served out of love, duty and responsibility towards the community. We appreciate what they have done, and what they continue to do. Thus, they will not be forgotten and should be recognized as they truly represent our culture at its best.

Starting in 2016, the BOT and EC had decided on the addition of a “Significant Individual Lifetime Contribution Award" to a senior member in appreciation for their services and contribution to our society.  The procedure, criteria and nomination form are listed below. This award will be given during our 29th Annual Fund-raising event on Saturday, 29th April 2023, at The Meridian, Farmington Hills, Michigan. The sponsor should complete a nomination form and email back to Dr. Suresh Shah at before March 25th, 2023.  The selected candidate(s) will be informed by e-mail before April 22nd, 2023. The Nominations received after the deadline will NOT be considered.  For questions, please contact Awards Committee co-chairs Suresh Shah/Hemant Shah.

Previous year’s remaining nominations will be re-considered so their nominations forms are NOT required again.
Click on the link to download the -> Nomination form details.

(Page 2 – Purpose and Qualification of the nominee.
 Page 3 – Nomination form)

Lifetime contribution Nomination Team

Rotary Clubs Host US Ambassador to NATO in Ann Arbor - March 27 - 6 - 8 PM, at Ann Arbor SPARK

Ayambil Oli

Jai Jinendra,
“Ayambil Oli” will be conducted in the temple from March 29 to April 06, 2023. The timing for the Ayambil Oli will be 12.15 pm to 2.15 pm. 
Ayambil Parna will be on April 07, 2023.

If you wish to do Ayambil, please write your name on the sheets provided on the bulletin board in the temple or call Gitaben @ 734-507-9702 or Bhartiben Doshi @ 248-462-5385 at least two days in advance. This is very important as it will help volunteers prepare the food accordingly. Anyone who wants to do Ayambil is requested to bring their own Thali, Vatko, Glass, Spoon and napkin to help volunteers reduce their work.

Members who are working and cannot come to the temple for Ayambil oli, but wish to do Ayambil at home can have a family member take tiffin from the temple during the Ayambil oli hours.

We will also need volunteers to serve the food. Please write your names on the volunteer signup sheet in the temple or coordinate with Gitaben @ 734-507-9702
If you want to sponsor Ayambil Oli (Nakro is $251), please write your name on the sign-up sheet posted on the bulletin board or contact Vinay Shah at (248)-579-6553 or send an email to

Thanks for your support and cooperation.

Mahavir Janma Kalyanak

Details on Mahavir Janma Kalyanak celebrations are as below:
  • When: Sunday, 9-April-2023
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Agenda: Snatra Puja, Presentations with Budget, Swapna Darshan, Aarti, Mangal Divo, Shanti Kalash followed by Swamivatsalya.
Please RSVP for the Swamivatsalya using the following link
"Mahavir Janma Kalyanak RSVP"

Like every year, we have the opportunity for Members to take laabh of Gheebolis. Signup sheets for the Gheebolis will be posted in the temple. 
  Mann # of Sponsors Join in the Temple
14 Swapnas $101 Fixed One Yes
Parna - Mahavir Swami Silent Gheeboli One Yes
Shanti Kalash Silent Gheeboli One Yes
Aarti Silent Gheeboli One Yes
Mangal Divo Silent Gheeboli One Yes

Message from the JSGD Kitchen

Jai Jinendra & Pranam,
It is a humble request not to drop in empty containers in the temple kitchen. If the kitchen needs them for future, we will notify the members.


JSGD WhatsApp Group Information

Jai Jinendra Members,

We have been informed by several members that they prefer using WhatsApp instead of Telegram. To ensure that everyone can join the group without any difficulties, we have decided to make the switch from Telegram to WhatsApp. Our primary concern was maintaining privacy, which will be upheld as only Admins will have access to member information and messaging. Therefore, please share the following link with your friends and family to join the JSGD WhatsApp group.

Thank you,

Jainam Jayati Shasanam

Jain Society Of Greater Detroit
29278 W 12 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48334
Ph: (248)-851-5246

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