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And because this might be the last time you hear from us, we wanted to leave you with some updates from #TeamKnit and a little preview of what 2020 looks like for Knit Marketing. 


Hello! It’s been a while, I am now in my third year of college!! I can't believe how fast time has gone, I joined #TeamKnit when I was barely finishing my senior year in High school! I am excited to be done with undergrad but also extremely nervous about my future, so if you have any advice for me, let me know! Although, I am anxious about what awaits, I am really trying to live day by day and enjoy every moment possible. Right now I am really looking forward to volunteering more. Also, I had a great winter break, my favorite adventure was going hiking to the Griffith Observatory! I know it's something small, but I am learning life is about the little things! Going out for a walk or having some sort of self-care is extremely important, if you are reading this take some time for yourself this weekend, if you don’t have time, make time! Nothing is more valuable than taking time to slow down and enjoy life! 🙂

Lastly, happy 2020! I hope this year brings all of you great productivity, good memories and lots of love! 


For the past few months, I've been juggling working as a Case Manager at Brilliant Corners, working directly with the probation population to help their transition back into society be as smooth as possible by providing housing assistance and job readiness skills. I've also been working as an Operations Associate at MedMen, a marijuana dispensary with locations in DTLA, West Hollywood, LAX, Long Beach, and Las Vegas.  

In addition to all of that, I've been continuing to pursue music, by regularly writing songs, and working on mixing songs once they're recorded. The goal I've set for myself is to release at least one song a month in 2020, and to put out at least 6 videos in the year. It's been challenging keeping all of my priorities afloat while trying to level up in each area of my life, but I've never been one to back down from a challenge!


My name is Borjas. Diego Borjas. I’m the new intern over here at Knit Marketing. I come from a large hispanic family, with grandparents who crossed over to America for a better future for themselves and their family. I’ve grown up in the same small city in the same yellow house all my life with my 2 younger siblings, two pitbulls (one deaf), two birds, and one iguana. In this small city, found in the South Bay portion of Los Angeles, I’m attending an even smaller high school covered by the student planted vegetation. 

As the final year of high school dwindles down, I’m able to look back and view my numerous accomplishments, such as: becoming the head of fundraising, captain of the volleyball team, a member of the Arab American Union, and even creating and submitting my own short film to a UCLA film festival. Along with these extracurriculars, I’ve been able to further engage in my community and learn about the social, economic, and environmental issues that we face. 

One topic in particular that has motivated me to write an extensive research paper and engage in numerous civic actions are the issues that parallel with student loan debt. As I researched more about this topic, I was also able to find a career aspiration, and enter the world of politics. When I’m not stressing over school, I find myself scrolling through Netflix in search of a good movie I haven’t already watched or creating playlist with the songs that I love. All in all, I’m a friendly person that enjoys engaging in a conversation and I hope I’m able to grow some of these skills within Knit Marketing.


Wow it's been awhile! Did you know that Knit Marketing is almost 4 years old?! Knit was my first baby, which I birthed right after grad school. In the years since opening, we've hired 9 teen #kninterns and 1 operations manager (Adewole). I know this little bio is supposed to be about me, but Knit is a big part of what I've been working on and devoting my time to over the past 4 years. I love working with my team and watching team members, like Yesenia, who's been with us for almost 3 years, grow into confident brilliant young adults. I'm also excited that we've shifted our focus to be the main education marketing company in Los Angeles and we'll be making big moves to earn that place in the market this year. 

In personal life updates, I had a 2nd baby in August, 2019 (Knit being the 1st if you didn't catch that). Leonardo Manuel Rodriguez Borough has been the joy of my and my family's life since he was born. We are so in love and enjoying every moment of his growth, curiosity, and laughter. My family also moved to central Mexico, where I've been working remotely and enjoying countless tacos and quesadillas. 

Being a full time mom and a full time business owner comes with challenges and rewards, and I'm looking forward to seeing the growth in both Knit and Leo in 2020!

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If you made it this far, you must be a true friend, so we'll let you in on our 2020 vision! This year for Knit Marketing is all about becoming LA's #1 education marketing agency. We love helping schools and educational organizations tell their stories through original content, social media management, and digital campaigns. So if you know anyone who might need our help, we'll gladly take the referral - and to say thanks, we'll treat you to a donut!

Thanks amigos! Here's to a fruitful 2020!
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