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You are the only one who can weave the story of your own life. Do not let circumstance, political winds, or fear distract you from your true calling in the world. Do your work. Write that book. Fight that fight. Love with everything you have. The world needs you, now more than ever!
(Carol Burbank, Storyweaving Coaching and Healing)


Your life matters; your story counts!
F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K

History Calls Us Today to Live the Best Story for Ourselves and Our Nation

November 9, 2016

The US presidential campaign and yesterday's election surprised the world and changed the landscape of of our country. Whichever candidate we hoped would win, we can only do what is ours to do. After you mourn or celebrate, after you take care of yourself in whatever way you need, a moment will come when you ask yourself, "What is mine to do, here and now? What story do I want the future to become?"

The answer must come from within, from your core, where your strength rises to meet the call you hear from the world. Yesterday, history invited us all to step up, and stand for what matters to us and our communities. What matters to you? What do you want the story of your life to be, in the next four years?

When you move from a clear sense of who you are and what you are called to do in the world, you will tap into your reserves of energy and connect with your most resilient and focused self. When we live our calling, challenging situations and extraordinary opportunities open up better possibilities for us and the world.

In the coming weeks, listen to yourself, with the compassion and attention you would give to others, as a mentor, as a parent, and as a fellow seeker. There will be moments when your calling is clear and urgent. Let those insights move you forward into the unknown, into the future you are called to create.

Above all, when the call is muddy and you feel fearful or lost, ask for help. Connect with friends and with the divine (however you understand it). Moments like this are an invitation from the universe to answer the call to adventure. You are not alone. You are strong, and we are here for a reason.

I stand with you,

“No matter how you define success, you will need to be resilient, empowered, authentic, and limber to get there.”  (Joanie Connell)


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