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June 2018

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A Note From Coach Mark

Summer is almost here!! As much as I love the competitive cheer season, I share equal excitement for the summer months. Like many of you, the summer allows extra time to spend with family and friends and the warmer weather and longer days make everything seem easier.

I also enjoy coaching during the summer months because the athletes have less on their plates and seem to have more energy. This is the perfect time to focus on tumbling - fix bad habits and learn new skills. The tumbling schedule this summer will remain the same (with the exception of the Black class on Mondays) and we encourage athletes to take advantage of the extra time in their schedule to tumble as much as possible and advance skills this summer. With that said, I would like to take a minute to explain a common misunderstanding: often athletes get frustrated after a tumbling class where they feel like they did not make any progress "stuck in drills." Drills are just as important - if not MORE important - than coach spotting. Technique is so important in gaining or mastering a tumbling skill and the fastest way to attain this is via drills. For example, a perfect handstand into forward roll is the basis for a punch front. Parents, please help me remind your athletes that the coaches are never wasting their time - all drills lead to progress.

We hope to see our tumbling classes full this summer but more importantly, we hope you have a wonderful summer full of friends and family!

Coach Mark

June 7          Prep and Allstar Cheer Parent Meeting at 7:30pm

June 8          Prep and Allstar Cheer Team Reveals will be emailed no later than 7pm

Reminder: Infinity will be closed July 1-July 8.
Please note that My Skills Chart is temporarily disabled. We will be switching to a new tracking system for tumbling that is tied to the parent portal. It's free and will be easier for parents to check progress. We are currently working on the transition which requires data transfer and will announce when this has been completed and provide instructions. Thank you for your patience - we anticipate this in July.
A Nutrition Tip from Wellness Babe...
Would a car work if you put water in the gas tank? No, because that’s not the proper fuel it needs to run. When it comes to properly fueling the body before cheer practice or tumbling, many athletes are missing the mark. What exactly should you be eating before you step into the gym? (Hint: It’s not McDonalds)
Fats, carbohydrates and protein are the three macronutrients that you can chose from to act as fuel for your work out. Fats (like McDonalds, potato chips junk food or other fast food restaurants) take super long to digest and will leave you feeling full, heavy, sluggish and they will not provide you with the proper energy sources that your body needs to perform. Protein is also slowly digested but it will help to stop your body from breaking down muscles when it needs another source of energy. Carbs are the perfect source of fuel but you will either need to choose complex carbs or simple carbs depending on how long you have until practice starts.
You’ll get the most out of the food you chose when you eat 2-3 hours before practice. You’ll want to eat a meal containing all three macronutrients.  Grilled chicken and veggies, oatmeal with fruit and almonds, or an omelet would all be great options! This meal will provide you with an excellent supply of energy to get you through practice. The key is to choose complex carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes or quinoa. These will provide the slow burning energy that you need to make it all the way through conditioning at the end of practice!
If you only have an hour or less until practice, get some simple carbs with a little bit of protein; like the apples and peanut butter mentioned above. A banana, dried fruit, protein power balls, or a couple bites of cheese will also work.
You will definitley see a difference in how you train when you give your body the correct fuel.

Expand Your Cheer Vocabulary
Stunt Prep vs. Extension.
A stunt group consists of two bases, a back spot and a flyer. The top image below is the Prep position whereas the bottom image below is the Extension position. The difference in positions is the extension of the back spot and bases arms.
Coach Mark
Coach Mark is an Owner of Infinity, so as you can imagine, holds the roles of bill payer, strategic planner, tumbling coach, cheer coach, employee motivator, janitor and everything in between. Coach Mark started his cheerleading career because one of his college buddies said "they needed more guys". He cheered at West Virginia University for four years and then went on to cheer with Basics Superstars on their open team, which beat World Cup at Nationals in Myrtle Beach in 2003. (Worlds and Summit did not exist when he was involved in allstars as an athlete.) When he retired from competing, Coach Mark was working on Doubles! Coach Mark coached summer cheer camps for COA all over the country and has been coaching ever since. He spent nine years coaching before opening Infinity, so he's been coaching for 19 years! Coach Mark lives in Avon with his husband Stephen and three dogs - Briley, a Beagle; Berkley, a rescue with A LOT of feelings; and Beaux, the baby Boston that has stolen the hearts of EVERYONE at the gym this Spring.

What is your favorite movie?
The Greatest Showman - for SO MANY REASONS!

Name something you can't live without daily.
I can't live without my support system daily - Stephen and my dogs lift me up each day. The families at Infinity motivate me to be better each day. My kids (your athletes) give me energy and inspiration to keep going. I ALSO have to work out in some way each day (running, yoga, spinning, bike ride) AND I need Starbucks before any social interaction.

Where is your favorite city to visit?
My favorite city to visit (besides Union City, which is where my family's cabin is) would be Chicago. I LOVE Garrett's Popcorn and there are A LOT of really cool places to eat and shop.

What is your favorite season?
My favorite season is Summer! I LOVE being outside. I LOVE the energy of all of the athletes during the summer months, and I LOVE the feeling of starting off a new CHEER season.

What is one of the items on your bucket list?

One item on my bucket list is to visit Santorini, Greece, and I WILL do it sometime.

Do you ever sleep?

I do sleep - most nights for 8 full hours.
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