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2017 Figures for English Language Teaching in Malta
Floriana, 15th March 2018
Newly published figures for 2017 show that the English Language Teaching sector in Malta registered an increase of 13.6% in the number of students over the previous year. This was revealed at a press conference addressed by Tourism Minister Dr Konrad Mizzi, National Statistics Office Acting Director General Mr Etienne Caruana, and ELT Council Chairperson Dr Daniel Xerri. 
Dr Xerri spoke about how every year the ELT Council collects data from the 39 private English language schools in Malta and passes this information to the NSO for further analysis. This collaboration manages to shed light on how the ELT sector in Malta is fairing in comparison to previous years, as well as in relation to the country’s tourism sector.
Dr Xerri said, “2017 saw a significant increase in the number of students visiting Malta for the purpose of learning English. The growing strength of the country’s ELT sector is due to the huge investment made by all the schools and the good reputation Malta has as a language learning destination. The efforts made by different stakeholders in the past few years to increase the quality of the services offered by schools are paying off.”
Mr Caruana declared that the top three countries from where students arrived in 2017 were Italy with 29.4%, Germany with 11.8%, and France with 10.5%. The majority of the students were under 18 years of age.
The summer months were the busiest months for the ELT sector, peaking in July with 21,567 arrivals, or 24.7% of the annual total. General English was the most popular course chosen by students visiting Malta last year.

English language students represented 3.8% of the total number of tourists who visited Malta in 2017. The average duration of stay of students was 2.8 weeks. The ELT sector in Malta is also seeing a number of long-stay students. In 2017, students from Colombia recorded the highest average duration at 12.2 weeks per stay. These were followed by South Korean and Turkish students, with an average duration of 9.3 and 7.2 weeks respectively. 
Dr Mizzi described the given statistics as figures which are “extremely interesting and which show how important this sector is for Malta”. Dr Mizzi described the ELT sector in Malta as a “pioneer which helps to add bed-nights especially in the off-peak season”. In conclusion, the Minister thanked all stakeholders and congratulated the industry on the good work it does.
Ms Sue Falzon, ELT Council Chief Executive Officer, stated that the increase in students is partly the result of the regulatory framework that governs the ELT sector in Malta. This sector has turned Malta’s bilingualism and tradition of hospitality into major assets for sustainable growth.
CPD Policy Development
  • Non-ELT or ESP-related training will be accepted, up to a maximum of 35% of the total number of training hours required for permit renewal.
  • Peer teaching will also be considered as a form of CPD on the proviso that such sessions take place under the supervision of a Director of
           Studies or a person in possession of                     Level 7 ELT teacher trainer qualifications.
  • A standardised template has been created for all CPD submissions. One can access the CPD Policy by clicking on the CPD Policy icon below:
CPD Policy
The ELT Council is looking forward to receiving numerous submissions by speakers for workshops to be held at the 7th ELT Malta Conference. Speaker proposals for talks and workshops can be submitted until Monday, 30th April 2018 by clicking on the 7th ELT Malta Conference - Multiple Perspectives in ELT icon below:
7th ELT Malta Conference - Multiple Perspectives in ELT
Newly appointed ELT Council Officers
We extend a very warm welcome to our new ELT Council Officers.
Mr Juan Ellul - ELT Council Officer 

Juan graduated from the University of Malta with a Diploma in Education and a Degree in English language and Communications Studies. After 5 years of working in primary schools, Juan decided to join the ELT council for new challenges and experiences.
He firmly believes that good teachers make great students, and that taking care of said teachers is of the utmost
importance. Juan takes life with a pinch of salt and believes that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.
Ms Romina Azzopardi - ELT Council Officer 

Romina Azzopardi, who has joined the ELT Council as a Council Officer on 22 January 2018, has been working in the Government Service since 1990. 
In 2005 she moved to the Education Department were she worked in the Examinations Department.
Her duty there was that of PA to the Director. She also assisted in various examinations, foreign and local.
In September 2013, Romina started working in the Research Department within the Ministry for Education and Employment and in 2014, she
was appointed Office Management Assistant. During 2017, she was the Logistics Officer for all the meetings that were held within the Ministry for Education and Employment. Her duties also included Managing the Office, HR duties and EU Travel.
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Contact Information
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We would like to inform you that our team will be moving to a new location in the Ministry for Education and Employment. The ELT Offices will be located in Room 317, 2nd Floor, Ministry for Education and Employment, Great Siege Road, Floriana.
We will be operating from the new location as from Monday 16 April. Due to the office move, we will be closed between the 10 and 13 April. You may email us on for any urgent assistance. Office will operate regularly until Monday 9 April.
Ms Sue Falzon
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