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Art by A. M. Schaer


January 2021


Announcing Store to Own

Announcing "Store to Own"

It works like this: I will agree to loan you any of the available works for a period of up to 5 years. You can purchase the work at any time during the term specified by the contract. For every 12 months you have the painting, the purchase price decreases by 20%. At the end of 5 years the purchase price is effectively 0 and title to the art passes to you; the catch is that at any time during the 5 year period I may sell the work  to another person, in which case you will be responsible for the costs shipping or delivering the work to the buyer.

The above is a brief summary. Please read the Sample Contract carefully to make sure you understand all the terms.

Larger images of most of the paintings are on my website at If they aren't, or you need additional images, or have other questions email me at Prices listed are the full value of the work. before sales tax is added. Free delivery with 50 miles of Houston; otherwise I will charge for crating and shipping.

Barbie Legs in a Tuna Tin, Variation 2  2018, 27 x 41 in, acrylic on laser cut wooden panel,   $500

Barbie Legs in a Tuna Tin, Variation 1  2018, 20 x 27 in, acrylic on laser cut wooden panel, $270

Trapped: Women's Work Variation 1  2018, 20 x 27 in, acrylic on laser cut wooden panel, $250
Barbie Sardines, Variation 1 2019 20 x 27 in, acrylic on laser cut wooden panel, $270

Another Sort of Superman 2018, 36 x 30 in,  acrylic on laser cut wooden panel, $500

Below are a couple of paintings from my previous body of work. I realize depictions of weapons of mass destruction are not everyone's cup of tea,  but I have a fondness for painting things I fear or despise. I haven't been able to make my demons go away, but I've learned to live with them. Perhaps there's a kindred spirit out there...

I still have available small prints of the digital studies I did for all the works in this series They were made editions of three printed from the actual digital work; they are not photographs turned into giclees. These can be had outright, framed and matted for $150 each, plus applicable sales tax.

Bullets or Lipsticks, Small Version 2016, 24 x 24 inches, acrylic on canvas , $250

B61, Large Version 2016, 40 x 40 in. acrylic on canvas, $450

Quan Yin and the Four Graces 2015, 16 X 24 in., digital collage printed in archival ink on archival paper, mounted to canvas and varnished; THIS IS NOT A GICLEE $175

The New Normal

Tribal Elders Are Dying From the Pandemic, Causing a Cultural Crisis for American Indians

The virus is killing Native Americans at almost twice the rate of whites and its felling the storytellers and shamans who keep their cultural traditions alive.

Artist's Spotlight: Page Piland

72" inch x 48” painting/mixed media - “The Journeyman’s Voyage”

In the artist's own words:

"The vessel or canoe theme keeps appearing over the years in the projects. The old boats and canoes were indeed an integral part of growing up in central Texas in the 1950 and 60s. We dutifully took canoeing lessons at The Boy Scout Camp Tom Wooten and earned our swell “merit” badges. The camp was just outside the Austin city limits on Bull Creek Road fast on the wonderful Bull Creek. We carefully learned the basics of the “feathering” technique and how to right an overturned canoe in the middle of a lake. These life instructions seemed very important to me at the time and not to be taken lightly. 
The canoe/vessel became a symbol of freedom and independence to me. One always yearned to take the great voyage of life as the sole captain of his own ship. However, this meant learning NOT to paddle against yourself OR your mates. And even if it meant starting out in a teenie tiny vessel against all odds. (But that’s another story...) "

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