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Art by A. M. Schaer


February 2021


A Mini FotoFest, of Sorts

February would have been FotoFest month, so I have decided to do an all photography edition of the newsletter, starting with 2 of my photographs that got in Emergence 2, a virtual exhibit put on by the Glasgow Gallery of Photography.

The first is part of a series I call "Old, Dead, and Ugly?" which I began during the height of lockdown; taken with a Pentax S2, with the lens screwed in backwards, which is a cheap way to make macro photos. The second is an accident that happened when I was using my cell phone to take some reference pictures of my hand reaching for the the back of my head. It took a hell of a lot of finessing in Photoshop to make it halfway presentable.

Thanks to my father's patient teaching I learned about F-stops and shutter speeds as a child, but up until now the camera has always been more of a tool than a means of expression in and of itself. It has been an interesting experiment, but I am not going to exchange my paintbrush for a camera any time soon. I need the physicality of paint to convince me I've actually made something, and anyone who knows me is aware how much I love making a mess. Photography, especially the digital kind, is too clean. In photography it is also harder to stand out as an individual than in any other medium. At lease with paint, you can count on your brush marks being unique.

The New Normal

These aren't what they look like. They are finger cots, which I have found incredibly useful in getting plastic produce bags open, now that finger-licking is a no-no. I can't remember who I bought these from, but there are numerous varieties available on Amazon

Artist's Spotlight: Gary Watson

Film is not dead. Watson still makes images the hard way, with vith vintage film cameras  and a darkroom. You can see more of his work at

Title: Angel of Light/Angel of Darkness
Image size: 8" X 12”
Medium: 35mm B/W negative (Kodak Tri-X) printed on Ilford Multigrade Fiber-based Classic Glossy paper Gelatin Silver Print
Camera: Canon AT-1
Lens: 100mm Canon 

Also if you want to draw from a movie
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