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How Many Sculpture Studios Have a Chandelier?

It's a side effect of having once been the master bedroom. Time for a different sort of creativity. The junk man hauled off the last of the un-needed furniture on Frday and I dug out some shelves and my old sculpture stand out of the garage . Its finally ready to work in. .
Lack of suitable space is part of the reason I haven't been very productive lately. The other is that I am finding it a real struggle to get clay to do what I want. I took a workshop at Glassell for the express purpose of working larger and improving my craftsmanship and it  pretty much ate my lunch for seven weeks.

As you will see from the photos below, the piece required me to work with considerable precision. You wouldn't below how many times I discoverved an angle wasn't "square", despite measuring repeatedly and using a carpenter's square. . Although you do have to plan for heat warpage, when you weld metal it stays welded unless you really, really, really screwed up. Not so with clay. Even though the individual slabs were put together at the "leatherhard" stage, the joints still had a tendency to move ..Metal at least puts up an honest fight!. Clay is sneaky and subversive, collapsing and sagging like a wet  noodle. I am not going to tell you how many times I ripped portions of those letters apart or started them over entirely.
Things like this happened, despite repeated mesuring, despite repeated measuring. Into the recycled clay bin you go.

Peace, approximately 24 x 12 x 18, 2022, pitfird clay
Finally, it's done. It There was supposed to be a second version of this piece which I intended to bisque fire at TXRX Labs. Unfortunately, I just learned that I will no longer be able to trade volunteer services for access to the ceramics lab. That was the last straw in what had become an increasingly dysfunctional relationship. After 9 uears. I have canceled my membership, I am actively looking for cheap firing services and also someone with a table saw to cut some plywood panels for pedestals. I will do all the measuring and provide the wood. . If you have any leads, shoot me an email at
Detail of center section


I just became Exhibitions Chair for the Visual Art Alliance. I am seeking suggestions for art friendly exhibition spaces that can accomodate  50-70 artworks The space needs to be available to a nonprofit for free, since bulk of our exhibitions budget is earmarked for awards and a veruy competitive juror's honorarium, which is why we have able to get some very high profile jurors. If you now of any possible spaces, please shoot me an email at

Artist's Spotlight: Alessandra Albin

What the hell?" 2021 .plaster, paper, fabric, resin, glue, marble powder, paint., Large life size
The work shown above was in the same Visual Art Alliance show I was in recently. I was immediately impressed when she brought it in for installation. You can see more of her worrk at :  

Silver Street Studios
2000 Edwards St. Suite 322
Houston, TX 77007
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