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Re-think Your Drink:
Try water instead of sugary drinks, switch to fat-free or 1% milk!

Milk offers key nutrients such as vitamin D, calcium and potassium. Teens and adults need 3 cups of milk per day, children 4-8 years old need 2 1/2 cups, and children 2-3 years old need 2 cups.

The calcium and vitamin D in milk work together to keep your bones strong and your heart healthy!

Sweetened beverages contain a lot of added sugar with little nutrients. And when you drink them it does not reduce your appetite for food. If you eat an apple, yogurt or crackers before lunch most of us compensate by eating less food at lunch. Get the same calories in a beverage before lunch and we don’t eat less. The liquid calories just don’t fill us up.

If you drink two 12-oz cans of cola every day for a month you would be consuming 5 pounds of sugar and could gain about 2 1/2 pounds! You’d have to walk 100 miles that month to burn off all those calories. Do this for a year, and you could gain a total of 30 pounds!

Make Better Beverage Choices

eb26e694-41a5-4cec-94ee-2d477addd81f.png Is water too plain for you? cc456f7b-440c-4a12-a4cc-7faedcbdd3d5.jpg
Try adding some flavor with fresh lemon, lime or cucumber slices!

Vary Your Veggies!

Fruits and veggies are high in antioxidants which can help keep your body healthy and help to reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Choose red, orange, and dark green vegetables– the more colors the better! Every color helps to keep you healthy!
  • Make half your plate vegetables and fruits at every meal!

Make Half Your Grains Whole

Whole grains contain more fiber, which keeps you full longer and helps lower cholesterol. Read the label! 9c445684-0beb-4b9d-b9a0-c84f36da5890.jpgThe first ingredient should say "100% whole grain/oatmeal/ or brown rice." Or look for this icon on the front label!
  • Choose brown rice over white rice or whole grain bread over white bread! Small changes make a big difference.
  • Half of the grains you eat each day should be whole grains. Look for 100% on food labels.

What’s in season,
Southern Tier NY?


Brussels Sprouts
Sweet Potatoes
Winter Squash


Think about joining a CSA!

Community Supported Agriculture is an affordable way to eat locally grown food year round while directly supporting your local farmer. When you belong to a CSA you buy as much as you can eat for the week and pick it up right at the farm. You can get vegetables and fruits, meats, poultry, eggs and more.

For a list of CSA’s in our area visit

Tip for cutting Winter Squash: Microwave it! After washing the squash, pierce the skin several times to vent it. Put it in a shallow microwavable dish and place in the microwave oven. Heat on High for 5 minutes, now the squash is ready to cut! You can even cook it the rest of the way; after you cut it in half, put it back, cut side down, in the microwave for 5 minutes, then let it sit in there for 5 more minutes.

5 Tips for a Healthier Holiday

  1. Make your first stop fruits and veggies! Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables before making any other stops on the buffet line! Then, choose lean proteins such as white meat turkey, ham, roast beef and beans. You can fill up the leftover space with starches and grains, choosing whole grains when possible.
  2. Bake-over! Try substituting unsweetened applesauce, canned pumpkin or mashed ripe bananas instead of butter. Looking to add flavor? Try spices such as cinnamon, allspice, or nutmeg instead of salt and sugar.
  3. Make exercise part of the day! Did you know that Thanksgiving is the biggest running day of the year? Being active can become part of your holiday tradition. Look for a morning Turkey Trot run/walk, or get your family together for a long walk before or after your holiday meal!
  4. Enjoy leftovers! There is nothing wrong with having leftovers after the big meal. Add leftover turkey to soups or salads. Leftover veggies are great additions to omelets, sandwiches and stews!
  5. Don’t make the day about the meal! Laugh, mingle, catch-up and play games! Focus on fun and the company of others.
Check out MyPlate's Holiday Makeover !
4754bb97-5406-4985-8f3c-913358a6b27d.gifThe Supplemental Nutrition Assistance 2bef88dc-2e1e-4339-b002-373cac862d14.pngProgram (SNAP) issues monthly electronic benefits that can be used like cash to purchase food at authorized retail food stores. Eligibility and benefit levels are based on household size, income and other factors.

Visit and click “Am I eligible?” to check your eligibility for SNAP benefits and other human services program benefits.

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