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When this began with a big bang, many were happy that a bully was finally getting some resistance. The picture's looking very different now.
Okay, it's an Elinchrom and Red Bull commercial in disguise, still a fun stunt to fly a strobe with a drone
Ever wondered why I love these lenses? Watch this video to get a better idea.
I had no idea Elton John was a passionate collector of modern photography. Never mind the slightly distracting golden frames.. I still want to be locked in…
Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage is at it again. This time he and director Peter Jackson examine the HAL 900 prop from 2001: A Space Odyssey
The companion podcast episode to the "Brace Yourselves" article, elaborating further on my thoughts on how mixed reality might impact photography.
An article I recently wrote, discussing the future of photography in a world of augmented and mixed reality that we're getting closer to as we speak.
Here are some great tips and resources from a drone flying pilot who knows both sides.
A fascinating look behind the scenes of how high-speed crash test videography is done. Hint: MASSIVE amounts of light.

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Hi <<First Name>>!
Calling 2016 a crazy year would be an understatement. It's been one nof the strangest years in a long long time, and from so many head-spinning angles. Many faces that I grew up with have disappeared and the world's politics aren't doing so great either.

While many of us were glued to the TV and kept watching the media with their usual over-the-top sensationalist coverage of events, I have been very lucky (and incredibly humbled and thankful) to be able to meet and spend time with many people in different corners across the globe.

Those encounters will stay with me forever, they are what gives me hope:

There were the ice fishing Siberians who invited us into their Yurt just like that, to show us how they use their oven to keep comfortably warm while fishing through holes in the ice underneath – right on top of frozen Lake Baikal.

There were the people of northern Norway who have been such wonderful and open hosts.

There are the Irish with their deadpan humor and their hearts of gold, opening up the cafe an hour early for us so we could have a warm place to meet in the mornings.

The Inuit in Isortoq, Greenland, who despite leading a very hard life in a barren landscape, gave us strangers the widest smiles.

And the Isa tribe family living in their huts next to a road in Ethiopia who invited us to spent time with them, who told us stories, showed us how they milk their goats and who were just the most open and friendly people.

People all over the world have this in common: they want to lead a happy life. They want to get along with their neighbours. They are curious, sometimes even suspicious, but a smile and an outstretched hand built a bridge everywhere I've been, even when I didn't speak the language.

No matter what your leanings are, what you believe in and what makes you get up in the morning, let's all take a deep breath and work together to make 2017 a good year. Let's invite each other into our lives, extend a smile and a hand.

Let's try to find what unites us, first, before we look for things that divide us.

Thank you!
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*phew* - gardening is done for the year, we've stacked wood for the winter in front of the Viewfinder Villa garden shed for our living room Gemütlichkeit and the holidays are upon us.

We also just returned from our annual German photo show that's mostly about film photography. Lots of amazing old film cameras, also a bit of a listener meeting. Great as usual! I bought a few old large format lenses and for the first time repaired a stuck Compur shutter. I love it when I overcome a fear – in this case the fear to break a shutter and end up with a thousand springs and tiny screws. It didn't happen and I even managed to put it back together in perfectly working condition. HUZZAH!

Next up in the villa: more photo tour preps for 2017 & 2018 (I just added the 2018 Lofoten, Norway tour to the tour site, there might now even be a slight chance that I come to the United States later in 2017). Also a family visit for Christmas and the annual Chaos Communication Congress (33c3) in Hamburg coming up right before the new year.
The Viewfinder Villa from above.


Winter has finally broken and we had our first snow. As I got my new camera (the 5D Mk IV) I had to test the 4k video. Huge files, but it looks really good. If you're interested to see it at best quality, make sure to watch it full screen and set the YouTube resolution to 2160p.
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