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Israel Singapore Agri-Food Exchange (ISAFE)

A Padang programme, with Embassy of Israel in Singapore and the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to promote cross-country collaboration.

Here are a few takeaways from the two-day virtual conference connecting the Israel and Singapore ecosystems, involving leading corporations, ecosystem partners, government agencies, and startups:

•  Alternative proteins are gradually achieving price parity, though mainstream adoption and production will still take time. Manufacturing of cell-cultured protein would require a lower-cost medium, while plant-based protein would require space for scaling up extrusion capabilities.
  To enhance yields, the aquaculture industry is embracing innovative vaccine delivery platforms and water treatment systems. When aquaculture is combined with hydroponics, a symbiotic aquaponics system of feeding plants with fish waste presents further potential for land-starved cities.
  Lighting solutions for urban / vertical farming are advancing towards customisation and remote control. Coupled with IoT sensors and climate control logic, the concerns with energy in efficiency can slowly be alleviated.

View recordings of the startup pitches and panel discussions here.

Health Innovation in the Netherlands and Singapore 

A CATALYST collaboration with Netherlands Innovation Network (as part of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Singapore).

Ranked third in the World Index of Healthcare Innovation, the Dutch healthcare system has made successful inroads to eHealth, value-based and data-driven healthcare to cope with the increasing pressure on the healthcare system.

Our key takeaways from the vibrant panel discussion:

• The Netherlands has a very strong primary healthcare network, and Singapore has great determination, for example, when it comes to addressing healthy ageing.
• Getting the medical product or health tool certified is a good first step, but what is often needed is to bring the solution into clinical practice, especially for non-drug innovations. Testing and privacy regulation must be maintained despite rapid innovation.  
•  Organisations like Health Innovation NL and National Health Innovation Centre (SG) can help build mutual trust and collaboration between multiple agencies, in order to tap into already available resources.
•  As healthcare innovations advance, it is important for us to ensure that society is not left behind - educating people at all ages is key. 

See the full livestream video here.

Supercharge your social media game for brands

A LEVEL3 collaboration with Green Park Content.

To continually engage their audiences virtually, brands have to move quickly with Instagram and TikTok. Green Park Content shared tips and insights into how brands can stand out, such as:

•  Creating relevant agile content, by using search and conversation trends;  
•  Using thumb-stopping and value-adding visuals; and
•  Looking beyond Gen Zs (based on the surprising fact that the TikTok user demographic is not just confined to that young generation!)

Watch the presentation here.

City Architecture for Tomorrow Challenge Programme

A LEVEL3-supported programme of Toyota Mobility Foundation (ecosystem partner). 

The City Architecture for Tomorrow Challenge invited global teams to reimagine and design their future city infrastructures through dynamic, intelligent, data-driven and connected solutions.

Toyota Mobility Foundation have selected six startups, that are now working with strategic partners, Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), and data partners, Prasarana, MapIT and Grab.

Learn more about them here.

2021: A Pivotal Year for Food and Nutrition Innovation?

A Bright Science Hub event. 

2020 was a pivotal year in many respects. Locked-down populations reconnect with cooking, focusing on nutrition, and showing increased interest in foods -- both existing and future -- that offer immunity. Yet in all these discussions on the future of food, we must not forget about nutrition.

Join us with Anand Sundaresan, Vice-President APAC of Royal DSM and Barbara Guerpillon, Global Head of Dole Ventures, as we discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the food and nutrition industry, promising new technologies and challenges. Additionally, we will be livestreaming a sampling session of Crunch Cutlery's edible cutlery!


11 May 2021, Tuesday 
5.00pm - 6.30pm (GMT +8)


A Built-to-Last Mentality for Healthcare in the Asia-Pacific

A CATALYST collaboration with KPMG

How can healthcare innovation achieve scale and durability in the Asia-Pacific, in line with broader health system reform efforts?

Join Assoc Prof Tan Hiang Khoon, Senior Consultant at NCCS and SingHealth Duke-NUS Head & Neck Centre, Chairman of Division of Surgery and Surgical Oncology at SGH & NCCS, Ada Wong, Asia Public Affairs Head of Sanofi, Jeremy Lim, Director of LIGHT, and Chris Hardesty, Director of KPMG, in an open conversation on the changes ahead of us and values that must be delivered moving forward in the healthcare innovation space.

6 May 2021, Thursday
5.30pm - 6.30pm (GMT +8)


Customised renewable energy applications
A LEVEL3 member


RPRE is a B Corp, only the tenth company in Singapore to achieve this certification. It was recently recognised as one of the Champions of Good by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Center (NVPC).

The RPRE team has a good understanding of many energy-related problems faced by industries in Asia. It is collaborating with UNDP Indonesia to supply green electricity in Sulawesi and Bunaken in Indonesia. Learn more here

Digital therapeutics for mental health 

Mobio Interactive is a digital therapeutics company that develops and commercialises clinically validated and objectively quantified software to prevent, measure, and treat mental illness. Learn more here.

Mobio has developed Am, a clinically validated app that delivers performance enhancement and resilience training as part of a fun and personalised experience.

Don't Put a Digital Expert in Charge of Your Digital Transformation

A digital guru may understand how to create a digital business from scratch without the constraints faced by an established business. But they will often fail in a real company setting simply because they don’t understand the business, as this article by Harvard Business Review asserts. By contrast, insiders with little digital experience who were placed at the head of digital initiatives succeeded about 80% of the time.

Ultimately, digital transformation is as much about organisational change as it is about technology.

A New Way of Building Tech Companies

Big Tech used to be built by coders. The process is now inverted - a tech-empowered company starts with a business model and races to fill in the space with code, as it grows exponentially.

Read KrAsia's insightful analysis and interviews of people who worked at Grab in pivotal moments of its growth trajectory, to understand what it took for Grab to become what it is today, and ponder what that could mean for tech innovation in your organisation.

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