May 2019

News & Updates

While the PBEA-PLC project may be winding down, new and amazing things are still happening for participants who have been working within the program: 

1.  Dr. Retallick and Dr. Levings will be meeting a team in Uganda in July as part of AGRA's efforts to scale project and share information about IMCDA, PBEA, and PBEA-PLC. 

2. A survey about the PBEA-PLC project has been created to collect data about the impacts of the project and to submit in a final report to the Gates Foundation. When you receive this survey via email, please respond with it and any other evidence of the impacst of the Professional Learning Community to Judy and/or Mike.

3. Dr. Julia Sibiya has been working on sabbatical in Thomas  Lübbersted’s laboratory with Siddique Muhammad-Aboobucker on gene editing using CRISPR-Cas 9 technology. She is also participating in the research on characterizing a maize stigmasterol mutant that is required for signaling responses to abiotic and biotic stress. She also recently had a very informative 3-day visit to Corteva Agriscience in Des Moines, Iowa

The PBEA-PLC Impact 
The Plant Breeding E-Learning in Africa's Professional Learning Community has celebrated many milestones in the form of workshops, symposiums, and campus faculty exchanges. The work that has been put in by faculty and graduate students on campuses in Africa and Iowa has led to  collaborations and friendship that will continue long after the program ends. Take a look at this at what you, our universities partners,  had to say about the impacts of the PBEA-PLC project, funded by the BMGF.
Many of you will see yourself in the video and those that don't know that you also provided us with great input that will be included in future reports. Thank you all for your contributions, especially AGRA for so many of the nice photos!

The link to the PBEA-PLC website can be found at

Please share this link about the great work you have done with all of your colleagues and plant breeding friends!

You Wanted to Know...

Poster Presentations 

A poster presentation is a fun way to visually represent a topic and can be used to communicate with colleagues at professional meetings and is used to share research, educate peers, and report on projects. 

Designing a Good Poster Presentation

To create a quality poster, the researcher follows a set of steps to ensure that the work is impactful and interesting to the audience.

1) Select and organize your content
2) Distill information and share key points
3) Use computer software to create a design layout 

         - Google Slides
         - PowerPoint
         - Adobe Illustrator
         - QuarkXPress

To create a successful poster presentation, the presenter can attract attendees through enthusiasm, quality content, and an attractive design. 

For more information about creating a great poster, the Iowa State University Center for Crops Utilization Research has a simple and clear visualization of the qualities that make a good poster for presentation vs. a bad poster. Take a look here:

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